Best Fully Automatic Nerf Gun

Top 10 Best Fully Automatic Nerf Guns Review with Buying Guide

There’s no hassle of paying extra attention to cocking, pumping, or any manual function. Your entire attention will be well served to make the best out of those nerf-wrecking few seconds that decide whether your team wins or loses to the opponent.

And that level of flexibility, as well as freedom, is loved by seasoned pros out there. Finding yourself the best fully automatic nerf gun is definitely one crucial decision you ought to make if missing those almost-there victories is something you terribly hate.

To help you get yourself one such worthy nerf gun, we have shortlisted around 10 best motorized nerf gun options that are definitely going to hold you in a better position than an opponent who’s working manually. Keep on Reading…

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Reviewing 10 Best Fully Automatic Nerf Gun Picks

Let’s jump right into the complete reviews for these ten best motorized nerf gun picks that we have gathered for you to choose from. Go through their breakdowns below and hopefully you’ll be able to decide for yourself which one seems to be more worth your time, money and attention.

1. Nerf N-Strike Elite Rhino-Fire Blaster – One of the Best Nerf Machine Guns That’s Fully Automatic

The Rhino-Fire is a badass machine gun blaster that you’d love to have in your office arsenal with fabulous motorized blasting due to its 2 alternating barrels.

Best Fully Automatic Machine Gun Style Blaster

Highlighting Specs:

  • Detachable tripod included.
  • Comes with 50 elite darts.
  • Uses 6 D batteries.
  • Needs a separate purchase of batteries.
  • Two 25-dart drums.
  • Instructions included.

From the first look, you’ll notice that the Rhino-Fire is pretty weighty. However, it’s not a very typical old-style run with the gun design you may be thinking of due to the weight. Because the nerf gun requires six batteries in total, the weight is automatically on the higher side.

Keep in Mind – You do need to purchase the batteries separately as those are not included with the whole package.

There’s a detachable folding tripod coming along too. And so, you can be carefree with a swivelling stationary-style weapon usage. The rear-provided handles are there for making shots as stable as possible.

Also, the trigger is a two-stage style that pairs up with a total of 50 fully automatic darts. The Rhino-Fire is also surprisingly good for long-range performance.

The only thing a player needs to be careful of with Rhino-Fire is avoiding the ammo run-out situation at all costs. It’s for sure a fabulous pick for a fully automatic-style machine nerf gun to make a high score at fulfilling expectations.


  • Even when unmodded, very long-range.
  • Ammo capacity is no joke.
  • It got a thrilling design concept.
  • Well made.
  • Easy to shoot.


  • Rev-up is quite slow.

2. Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon – Best Automatic Nerf Gun with Easiest Maneuverability.

The Mega Mega Mastodon is quite famous as it’s the first-ever motorized blaster that’s completely ready with an outstanding rapid-fire capability. The massive body may not make you believe but it’s actually surprisingly super easy to manoeuvre too.

Best Automatic Nerf Gun with Easiest Maneuverability

Highlighting Specs:

  • Included a 24-dart drum.
  • Shoulder strap included.
  • Uses Mega whistler darts.
  • Huge in size.
  • Require D batteries.
  • Includes 24 whistler darts.

Mega range’s superstar the Mega Mega Mastodon is definitely super huge in shape and the monster-like design would make you enter the battlefield with style no doubt. It comes with more firepower strength compared to accuracy worries. And If you prefer blasters like that, then Mega Mega Mastodon is a sure keeper.

The motorized drum can hold up to 24 darts and that’s massive. After loading you do not have to worry about proper aiming with Mega Mega Mastodon. It basically falls under the spray and prays style of blasters that are rather more concentrated for intimidating foes.

Now the fact that Mega Mega Mastodon is quite heavy may make you believe, it must be a bit hard to manoeuvre. But nope, the blaster does a wonderful job at being quite easy to manoeuvre with. And that makes it an incredible option to play for long hours.

Keep in Mind – The weight is still quite heavy, and so, it’s not the best for absolutely small children.

The blaster accompanies 24 whistler darts which are a fantastic choice of darts for blasting. You’ll need a total of six D batteries for it to operate.

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  • Fully automatic design.
  • Fires fast.
  • Easy to load ammo.
  • Kid & teen-friendly design.
  • Easy to manoeuvre.


  • Could be too heavy for small kids.

3. Nerf CS-18 N-Strike Elite RapidstrikeBest Rapid Fire Nerf Gun Pick

With a lightweight design and more focus on executing missions through easy mobility, the RapidStrike shines very brightly in the crowd for rapid-fire capable excellent nerf guns.

Best Rapid Fire automatic Nerf Gun

Highlighting Specs:

  • Lightweight design concept.
  • 18 elite darts included.
  • Meant for max mission mobility.
  • See-through clip.
  • One pull trigger.
  • Motorized.
  • Rapid firepower mode.

The RapidStrike is a motorized blaster that comes with a fabulous rapid firing capability. You can use the dart firing action that serves for a distance up to 75 feet, pretty much enough.

With the RapidStrike, it feels easy to move around and get ready for attack, thanks to the simple and lightweight design concept. It’s meant to be great for mobility purposes and makes it easier for both defence and attack needs.

It is a blaster that comes with 18 elite darts. There’s of course a see-through clip provided. You need to insert the darts inside this clip and then attach the clip with a blaster for action. Holding down the acceleration trigger will provide power to the motor.

And then all you need to do is pull the launch trigger. The darts will be flying in the air fast for the next movement. It’s definitely a real powerhouse-style blast that enables fabulous fast-firing fun.

The darts go really well with RapidStrike to keep on maintaining an impressive rapid-fire performance. And so, your foe will be busy running and hiding from your attack when playing against RapidStrike.

The distance is surely something you want to take full advantage of when playing with RapidStrike. The see-through clips make it simpler for players to keep a check on how many darts are left. Overall, it’s a great deal to crack.

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  • Superb distance.
  • Easy to load and fire.
  • Fast firing.
  • Well made enough.
  • The see-through clip is really helpful.


  • There can be jams if the motor is not on at least 5 seconds prior to shooting.

4. Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster – The Best Battery Powered Nerf Gun.

When it comes to finding a great pick for office warfare arsenal, the NERF ECS 10 Modulus can make you all settled. It comes with a very appealing outlook plus some wonderful nerf features that make it a wonderful pick no doubt.

Best Battery Powered Motorized Nerf Gun.

Highlighted Specs:

  • 30 setups.
  • Storage stock and dual-rail barrel included.
  • Ten darts included.
  • Comes with a banana clip.
  • Includes targeting scope.
  • Sturdy.

The NERF ECS 10 Modulus is definitely a wonderful approach of the brand that wanted to show some love for the foam-firing dominance going on by giving something bold and beautiful to the nerf fanatics.

The potential 30 combinations are wonderful and let you enjoy a versatile performance no doubt. The NERF ECS 10 Modulus comes with a drop grip as well as a targeting scope.

Not only this, but the latter package also included a banana clip and ten darts for it. The storage stock, as well as the dual-rail barrel, is also there.

So, you see, it’s pretty well packed with lots of stuff going on. The NERF ECS 10 Modulus however will need you to buy four batteries separately. In a package that includes so many things’ batteries were also expected actually.

Keep in Mind – You need to use AA batteries for the NERF ECS 10 Modulus.

The large body of this fabulous blaster is definitely very appealing. It’s surely going to grab you quite a bit of attention on the battlefield.

The white darts come with a red tip. Once you squeeze the trigger, they come out and travel a very decent distance. Accuracy is also fine but doesn’t expect too much with NERF ECS 10 Modulus. With ten darts, you’ll be running out of them quite quickly.


  • Modular option variations are wide-ranging.
  • Very decent looks.
  • Notable extras are appreciated.
  • Very well made.
  • Easy to fire.


  • Accuracy is somewhat lacking.

5. Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster – Best Standard Blasting Experience.

The gorgeous design implemented by Nerf Ultra One is a good standard for dart blasting that comes with some phenomenon distance, accuracy, and speed benefits.

Best Nerf Ultra One Motorized Blaster.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Farthest flying darts.
  • The drum holds 25 darts.
  • Includes lightweight & flight tips including darts.
  • One dart at a time firing.
  • Aerofin technology.

In terms of proving excellent speed, accuracy as well as distance, the Nerf Ultra One does a quite promising job for maximum time.

The darts that are known to be groundbreaking for travelling the farthest distance come with an innovative tip to perform well. These are also known for using the Aerofin technology as well as Nerf ultra foam.

So not to mention, both the darts and blaster can conveniently work for the best of any nerf enthusiast. By the way, the distance the darts can achieve is up to 120 feet.

With the blaster, you can trigger and fire one dart at a time. So, finishing over two dozen of darts will take you a long and that’s amazing. Nerf Ultra One also enables on board storage facility for carrying backup firepower.

Also, the Nerf Ultra One is a complete motorized style blaster. It comes with a drum which is pretty high capacity. The drum can hold up to 25 ultra darts and lets you work with only the Nerf Ultra Darts.

In terms of letting, you have a high level of self-assuredness in tough battles to give a superior feel throughout the whole game the Nerf Ultra One definitely impresses with a very stylish outlook and feature list.


  • Very versatile design.
  • Easily fits in short hands too.
  • Front-loading type.
  • Dedicated ammo type.
  • Drum capacity is great. Cons:


  • Wrong assembly can cause the tabs to break easily.

6. Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K – Best Advanced Acceleration Mechanism.

With a fantastic full motorized design and 200 round holding capacity, the Prometheus MXVIII-20K is one of the finest options out there with an advanced acceleration system.

Nerf Rival Prometheus MXVIII-20K Automatic Gun

Highlighting Specs:

  • Each second 8 rounds.
  • Rechargeable battery.
  • 200 rounds holding.
  • Includes 200 rounds.
  • Per second 100 feet distance.
  • Team flags included.

Being able to fire up to 8 rounds, too in one second is definitely a fabulous part that we need to appreciate about Prometheus MXVIII-20K. It comes with an advanced acceleration system that allows the blaster to achieve such a feature.

Also, there’s no need for you to buy and stock on batteries when it comes to using Prometheus MXVIII-20K. This toy blaster uses a rechargeable NiMh battery. All you need to do is use the provided wall charger.

There’s also a hopper coming along with Prometheus MXVIII-20K. And it can hold up to 200 Nerf Rival rounds. It is for sure a very easy-to-load and high in the capacity hopper that makes everything better.

Not only this, the Prometheus MXVIII-20K includes 200 high-impact rounds. These are made of foam to achieve an entertaining result when firing. Aiming is the only thing a bit problematic with Prometheus MXVIII-20K, as some can find it hard.

But apart from that, it’s definitely a price-worthy, fabulous blaster to have that comes with this many unique and outstanding features.


  • The rate of fire is unmatched.
  • Velocity is fabulous.
  • A rechargeable battery makes it easy to use.
  • The overall look gives a monster vibe.
  • Rounds are high-impact types.


  • Aiming is a bit hard.

7. NERF Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS-6 Motorized Blaster – The Best Prolific Blaster.

Carrying the reputation of being one of the reputation most regularly modified blasters to exist, the Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS 6 is definitely a blessing to the modern-era nerf situation.

 Best Prolific Motorized Blaster

Highlighting Specs:

  • A motorized mechanism.
  • Includes 12 darts.
  • 6 dart clips included.
  • Detachable scope included.
  • Tactical rails are 5 in total.

The Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS 6 is one of the best electrics nerf gun options to go for if you love built-in customizing flexibilities.

It comes with 5 tactical rails as well as barrel attachment points to make it easier for you to customize according to mission or battle. Also, there’s a stock attachment point.

It’s a great blaster choice for each strategy that involves games as well as the ones that demand high tactical performance from your end.

In a row, the Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS 6 is capable of firing six darts. And there’s a clip included for all 6-dart holding. You need to turn the motor on before firing with the trigger and one dart should pop out easily.

Keep in Mind – You should hold the acceleration button downwards to turn the motor on.

There’s a detachable stock included with the blaster as well. And you get a total of 12 official to nerf darts that can be used half for firing and another half for backup firepower.

Suggestion – While playing with the Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS 6, wearing proper eyewear is highly suggested.

The Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS 6 also needs batteries that are not included with the blaster itself. So, you need to make a separate purchase or that.


  • A weight that’s easy to hold with both hand operations.
  • Good trigger function
  • Quick swapping rails.
  • With attachments, barrel and stock ready are great.
  • Easy jam fix with the chamber.


  • There’s no off switch included.

8. NERF Ultra Two Motorized Blaster – The Best Blaster with Easy Loading.

Anyone who loves a quick reloading mechanism, fabulously working darts for nice distance, further speed and more would really appreciate the Nerf Ultra Two Blaster.

Best Motorized Blaster with Easy Loading

Highlighting Specs:

  • Aerofin technology darts.
  • 120 feet flying distance,
  • Uses Nerf Ultra darts.
  • Motorized style.
  • Rear open cylinder.
  • 6 dart capacity.

The advanced design of Nerf Ultra Two Blaster is definitely something that comes to attention in terms of speed, performance, and accuracy as well.

It uses the Nerf Ultra darts that are made from foam and come with an innovative flight tip to help to travel a better distance once you shoot. Also, the darts implement aero fin technology, another focal point on why these are super popular.

According to tests, the darts are capable to fly up to 120 feet. Which could be less due to certain playing conditions. As performance-wise the results are always varying.

There’s a cylinder on the rear side of the Nerf Ultra Two Blaster which can be opened for reloading darts. it can take up to 6 darts at one time. And it makes reloading very simple as the part is facing the player.  With the blaster, you’ll get a total of 6 darts included.

The Nerf Ultra Two Blaster is considered a gold standard for nerf wars, battles, and even solo plays. It comes with the farthest flying dart compatibility as well as a reloading mechanism that makes using the blaster the best for firing in comfort.


  • Easy to reload.
  • Trigger super-fast to operate.
  • Quick firing.
  • Well-made body.
  • Looks appealing.


  • The motor makes noise.

09. NERF Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster – Best Fortnite Inspired Automatic Blaster.

Those who are fanatics about Fortnite will fall in love with the AR-L blaster that comes with a motorized mechanism as well as flip-up sights.

Best Fortnite Inspired Automatic Blaster

Highlighting Specs:

  • Fortnite blaster-inspired look.
  • 10 dart blasting capability.
  • 20 darts included.
  • Motorized mechanism.
  • Acceleration button included.
  • Hollow tip and foam construction for darts.

The AR-L blaster comes with a 10-dart clip for holding the darts. Official nerf elite darts are coming along with the blaster, and these are twenty in total too.

And so, you get to have backup firepower of 10 while being able to use the clip’s ten darts. This makes nerf battles convenient and less likely to get short on ammo.

The motorized blaster also provides the Fortnite-inspired blaster outlook for making the player’s reputation on the playing field become even more prominent. And that excitement you get by holding this powerful piece of nerf beauty in battles is a one-of-a-kind feel.

There’s an acceleration button coming along that basically is in charge of turning the motor on for firing. As well as a couple of sights included and both are the flip-up style.

There’s the access door coming along with the AR-L blaster that you need to ensure is fully closed.

Keep In Mind – The clip needs to be inserted completely. And only then the trigger and acceleration will let a blasting action happen.

Overall, the AR-L blaster is an excellent Fortnite video game-inspired pick that comes with the handiest features for a challenging nerf battle.


  • Looks really powerful.
  • Comes with two flip-up sights for aligned shots.
  • Darts are high quality.
  • Reloading is simple.
  • Easily accessible batteries.


  • The Jam window is confusing to use.

10. Nailbiter Nerf Zombie Strike Toy Blaster – Best No-Prime Fast Firing Blaster.

The Zombie Strike is an easy for fast firing option that does not even require any priming to start with. The easy reloading, customization flexibility, as well as overall outlook for a perfect zombie-style battle, makes it a wonderful pick to opt for.

Best No-Prime Fast Firing Motorized nerf Blaster

Highlighting Specs:

  • Includes 8-dart clip.
  • Stock & barrel extension attachment points included.
  • Tactical rail included.
  • No priming.
  • Includes 8 Zombie Strike darts.
  • Indexing style clip.

The most notable part of using the Zombie Strike is how flexible it makes the whole fast-firing function. Because there’s no need to go for a priming session, the player will be able to both attack and defence even when there’s less time to take an action.

Also, it comes with an indexing clip. This style of clip is not just great for holding darts but also enables automatically indexing the next dart for firing. The one that comes with Zombie Strike can hold up to 8 darts at a time.

The blaster also includes a zombie strike that darts it. You get a total of 8 official darts included with the blaster itself.

There are also attachment points for stock as well as a barrel extension. And the Zombie Strike comes with a tactical rail as well. So, there are some customization opportunities going on.

Also, the Zombie Strike is a pretty popular component of the widely loved survival system blasters and accessories. It’s definitely something that makes zombie-style nerf battle scenes even more thrilling and nail-biting.


  • Interesting design concept.
  • Darts are very well made.
  • Easy to fire, also really quick.
  • Included clip automatically prepared next dart.
  • No need to prime makes it simpler to operate.


  • Only one tactical rail is included.

Choosing the Best Fully Automatic Nerf Gun Needs You to Ensure These Factors!

Nobody said it was going to be easy for you to find that ideally best motorized nerf gun that you’re looking for. And yes, you need to spend a bit more time with us because we are now going to talk about a few really important pointers that can be your guidance on finding that perfect weapon you are aiming for challenging nerf battles in the future. Stay focused we are almost there.

Of course, Recommended Age Check is Important

Nerfing is supposed to be a fun thing to involve even kids but here we are talking about fully automatic nerf guns. And these are undoubtedly quite powerful. Anything this serious has a good risk of bringing potential harm to players who are under recommended age.

So yes, it’s very important you check the model’s age warnings. If you are buying it for an 8-year-old kid, then definitely a model that claims to be ideal for 14 years or older won’t be something you’ll want to get.

The Type of Darts

When buying an automatic nerf gun, you’ll want to purchase the ammo as well. And usually, nerf gun models will provide recommended dart types, the official versions ideally, you still want to check the dart type. Because sometimes the problem with a gun is the dart or ammo it uses.

The player may have a certain ammo category that feels tricky for him or her to handle. In such a case, you definitely don’t want to end up buying an automatic blaster that is only compatible with a dart type you’re not comfortable playing with.

Also, the overall performance will not just depend on how well the blaster is formulated but also on the darts that are going to work with it.

The Dart Capacity of Blaster

Automatic guns are more likely to be quicker in firing. And because of this fast-firing characteristic, you are more likely to get out of ammo quickly. So, dart capacity is a very critical factor you do want to pay extra attention to.

Buying a blaster that comes with a very poor capacity may mean being out of firepower very often. And if you are not quite good with fast reloading, then this can be a disaster for battles.

The Ease of Firing Mechanism

Mostly the fully automatic nerf guns come with no priming need feature. And this means you don’t have to spend more time priming the blaster and firing the dart will be quick. That’s definitely good news as you’ll be able to surprise attack the foe even when on the run.

As well as its highly functional for defence purposes due to the sudden movement of the opponent. However, you do want the acceleration and trigger buttons to be well placed for you to quickly access. Usually, a good firing mechanism will need you to turn the acceleration button on and then move by pulling the main trigger to discharge the flying darts on your enemy.

Speed, Range & Accuracy Concerns

Shooting speed and range are two important features you must check with any nerf gun, not just the automatic ones. Some automatic guns are capable of working with high-impact rounds at a rate of each second 100 feet distance shots.

While some long-range automatic guns can achieve the same 100 feet range as darts. In both cases, you should be aware of the shooting range as well as speed before deciding if to get it or not.

Accuracy is also a matter you need to be sure of. If you are not a very veteran player, accuracy would be hard to achieve even with pretty good aiming nerf guns. So, make sure you are not grabbing something hard to aim with. Try to have the ones that come with shot-stabilizing gears or features.

Single Darts VS Multiple Darts Per Shot/Second

There are both variants available with automatic nerf guns. You can choose the ones that shoot multiple ammo with each shot or second. Or chose the one that will shoot a dart with each trigger.

Actually, it depends on your playing mechanism mostly on which one to opt for. If reloading is not something you find difficult to achieve within a short time and keep on with the game pretty well, then the multiple darts per second options will be super suitable for your style of play.

However, if losing ammo too quick is something you don’t want to happen, then the ones with one dart per trigger will work well with your style. Or maybe get a blaster with extremely good ammo capacity.

Battery Related Checking

There are nerf guns with fully automatic functioning that works on battery. Now if you find it hard to stock the necessary batteries at home difficult or too bothering, then the rechargeable ones can work well.

These are also easy to operate but then again, you’ll have to stop in the middle of the game for letting it charge. While the ones that need you to reserve batteries won’t be demanding such things.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it important to wear any protection with automatic nerf guns?

It’s always better to stay safe than to be sorry. No matter what nerf gun type it is, the best practice is sure to have proper safety glasses on. And when we are talking about powerful fully automatic nerf guns, definitely the need becomes even more exact. So yes, the player should maintain proper safety and get eyewear to wear during playing.

Does an automatic nerf gun makes lots of noise?

Usually, nerf guns are not super noise-making. The trigger sounds, few clicks, and clacks are pretty normal things with a regular nerf gun. However, some very powerful automatic nerf guns have a motor that creates disturbing noise.

It is not to the point that your neighbours will feel disturbed. But maybe the teammates and opponent members can find it annoying along with the players themselves. Motorized blasters are however prone to making a whirring noise and that’s a drawback that exists in return for a motor that gets up to speed.

Are the back-loading automatic blasters better than front-loading ones?

It may be a good choice if the blaster you are referring to needs quick reloading. Because when the loading is completed in the rear area, it makes things easier for the player. As loading in the back is apparently less time-consuming with it facing towards the player.

Are rechargeable battery automatic blasters better than the regular battery-operated ones?

This also depends. If it’s a blaster that comes with pretty high firepower, something like 8 rounds each second, then there’s no doubt it needs more power to operate smoothly. In such scenarios, a rechargeable battery pack compatible blaster will be more user-friendly. As with regular ones, a frequent replacement can seem too costly.

Wrapping Up

And that was basically our point of view on the whole best fully automatic nerf gun matter. As you can already tell, there are more than just a few picks deserving to be called the best motorized nerf gun. But it does not matter because the one that sounds just perfect for your friend can be something you don’t prefer playing with. And vice versa.

So personal preference as well as playing style are two of the really crucial factors that you must give the highest priority to when choosing a nerf gun for yourself or anyone else. And along with that, try to ensure factors that assure the blaster is well worth your time and money.

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