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Top 10 Best Laser Tag Guns & Sets Review + Buying Guide

Reducing the screen time for your kid is a big challenge right now and if there are games that make that happen, there’s no way you won’t take the chance. The flexibility to play literally anywhere both inside and outside makes laser tag one fantastic fun activity to route for. Just need to find the best laser tag guns & sets to do that and after that, it’s all amusement & chill.

Now when it comes to looking for the best laser tag sets, the tons of options available will be enough to make you all confused about which one to get. And to make sure that doesn’t create an obstacle for you to deciding on a good one, we are here with 10 recommendations plus a buyer’s guide that’ll help in choice making. Enjoy!

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2 Starting with Reviewing 10 Best Laser Tag Guns & Sets

Don’t Know How to Choose the Best Laser Tag Guns & Sets – Check These Factors!

Keeping your kid away from the addictive Facebook feed or other screen activity is going to be hard. And you need a solid replacement. So, no wonder your approach to choosing a well-worthy laser tag gun will very much matter. In this part, we will share some thoughts on how you can do that…

With or Without Vest?

It actually depends more on personal preference than which one is better. Because playing without vests is often a choice to feel comfortable while running. And this allows the player to target directly on the gun rather than the vests.

Unlike professional laser tag games, these cheaper alternatives meant for home play come with a less comfortable vest. And that’s why some choose options without a vest.

But then again, the absence of a vest means you need to aim at the gun. And this can prove to be counterintuitive sometimes. Because as a natural playing instinct, players aim toward the body more often. However, if the included laser tag guns come with the proper sensor, then this can still be not a big problem.

Total Number of Blasters Included

Different sets come with a diverse number of included blasters and stuff. Now the majority of the sets include two or four blasters. You need to consider the fact that usually how many players are supposed to play with it? And then decide how many sets you’ll need.

Suppose you want sets for eight kids to play with it. Then you need to grab four 2-player sets of a similar brand. There are also blasters available with solo play mode. And it can be used for single practice needs.

Look for Fun Sound Effects

Sound effects are really helpful to set the mood for kids and keep them busy with the game for hours. However, there’s definitely a limit to this and you don’t want anything that will go overboard.

Some laser tag guns and sets are super loud. To the point that it becomes difficult for kids to continue as the loud repeated sound starts getting annoying. The sets that include the feature of turning off the sound will be good to go for. There are also options that enable adjusting the volume.

Never Forget to Check Shooting Mode

Shooting modes and settings are wonderful features to have in laser tag sets. As these will make the game far from getting boring any time sooner. The feature literally helps to stay engaged with the game for many more matches.

Also, it adds a strategic implementation opportunity for kids to practice their motor skills. As they will use their brain and idea to decide to switch to which mode will work best for a match situation.

Too Complicated Designs Ruin the Fun

Too complicated designs are not always appreciated by kids. Now, this does not mean you must go for a limited feature including a super basic option. But also, don’t go for something obviously lacking ease of use.

You want to seriously ponder on the age of players in this matter. Will they be able to adapt to the designs and mechanism, or is it too complicated? This is something you should consider before grabbing a set.

Something Solid Enough to Last Long

And finally, you want to ensure the laser tag set involves material and engineering that ensures durability, robustness, withstanding quality, and value for money. It should not be however too heavy, as tiny players won’t be able to freely play with it.

Starting with Reviewing 10 Best Laser Tag Guns & Sets

The options we have gathered for you need a clear review for you to understand why these can be the ones you’re looking for. In this segment, we basically tried to do this. Hope It Helps!

1. ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set – Best One Overall with Tons of Incredible Features.

best overall laser tag gun

Why do We Recommend It?

With the authentic feel of the laser tag game, the ArmoGear Laser Tag Set is a solid purchase for those who need incredible features such as invisibility mode, a voice guide for direction, a fantastic 150 feet shooting range & more.


  • Includes 4 laser tag blasters.
  • 4 target vests are included.
  • Invisibility mode.
  • 150 feet shooting range.
  • Suitable for 4 teams.
  • Safe for the child.
  • Total of 24 batteries are required.

ArmoGear Laser Tag Set is suitable for playing inside one’s home as well as in the backyard. It comes with lots of useful features such as voice-guided directions, invisibility mode, a flashlight for night use, and a target vest.

Also, it comes with an incredible 150 feet of shooting range. A total of 4 teams can join a game to have fun together.

The ArmoGear Laser Tag Set can switch in to multiple weapon modes. It can give you switch into a rocket, machine gun, shotgun, and also pistol.

To provide a solid grip, it comes with a very ergonomic design overall. So even kids will find it easier to hold. Except for the strap in the midsection. It’s not very nice for kids as there’s no way to adjust.

It needs a total of 6 AAA batteries. Three for each blaster and another three for each vest. This means the whole set will need around 24 AAA batteries.

Keep in Mind – that Lithium Rechargeable batteries are not included. Also, you need to buy separately.

The ArmoGear Laser Tag Set provides some tactile vibrations for effective plays. Also, the shooting sounds are very close to real life.


  • Made very sturdy.
  • Tons of sound fun.
  • Using is easy.
  • The nigh-play-supported flashlight is good.
  • Weapons changing ability is nice.


  • Strap on midsection lacks adjusting for kids.

2. The Adventure Guys Deluxe Lazer Tag Gun Set – Best for Friends & Family Battles with Designer Case

best laser tag gun for friends and family

Why do We Recommend It?

The most suitable gun set for family battles when having the best time in yard parties and picnics. It serves with realistic sound effects, vibrations, and handy flashlights for a perfect tournament-like feel.


  • Includes Designer Case.
  • 1-on-1 or 4 team play supported.
  • 100% safe for the child.
  • 4 laser guns included.
  • 4 firing mode.

The Deluxe Lazer Tag Gun Set comes with guns that can work with 4 firing modes in total. You get to switch between pistol, rocket launcher, machine gun, and shotgun.

The whole set includes a total of four high-quality blasters. These are the infrared laser mechanism ones that can easily target around 150 feet shooting distance.

There’s also a unique Beetle Bug feature that shows some thrilling crawling action whenever the laser gun hits. And this is a fantastic feature that adds extra fun to the game.

Suggestion – Utilize the interactive beetle bug feature for target practising as it greatly helps.

Also, the Deluxe Lazer Tag Gun Set includes a beautiful, classic and designer-level custom case. This will hold everything in the spot and maintains organization. Spare batteries can rest inside and even with constant throwing for travel, the case keeps everything in good shape including itself.


  • Pretty durable option.
  • Looks very look & fun sound effects.
  • A separate chest target is not necessary.
  • The provided suitcase is very handy.
  • Withstands accidental wall hits well.


  • Less functional in sunlight.

3. AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Toy Blasters – Best Blaster Set for Face Off.

best nerf laser tag for face off

Why do We Recommend It?

The AlphaPoint blaster comes with two beautiful and powerful blasters that can heat up face-off battles with heavy ammo capacity, the fastest reload button, handy indicators, and more.


  • 2-pack blaster.
  • Single-shot IR burst.
  • Health status is available.
  • Ammo capacity is displayable.
  • Quick reload button.
  • Beam ups to 68 meters.

The main focal point of AlphaPoint blasters is their capability to work wonders for face-off fun. Two players face off engaging live-action with laser battles will need nothing more once this blaster set enters the chat.

Suggestion – You should consider customizing with the Nerf Laser Ops Pro app and for this, you’ll need to separately get the smart device.

With every trigger pull, these blasters are well capable of firing solo IR burst shots. And this includes the realistic feel with a fabulous light and sound action involved too.

There’s a light on the rear that shows the health status. And also, it displays the ammo capacity. For easy supply replenishing, the quick-reload button really helps.

Keep in Mind – The AlphaPoint blaster needs batteries and you must make a separate purchase for those as it’s not included.

Firing beams up to a distance of 225 feet and that’s huge. and this is true for both of the included blasters.

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  • Quite a good accuracy with aiming.
  • 30 feet of the range is the average distance.
  • The sound and lights work very well.
  • Solid plastic is made to survive abuse.
  • Perfect starter blaster kit.


  • Sensitivity is a bit annoying.

4. Squad Hero Rechargeable Laser Tag Set -Best Rechargeable Laser Tag Set.

best rechargeable laser tag gun

Why do We Recommend It?

There’s nothing nicer than having a laser tag set so simple, that each family member can join and have fun. And the Squad Hero Set is such type of option with many benefits that makes it a comprehensive set to try.


  • Comes with 4 guns and 4 vests.
  • Includes charging station.
  • Each charge provides 8 games.
  • Status checking LCD on vests.
  • Range up to 150 feet.
  • 4 weapon modes.

The Squad Hero Set is so far the most innovative one in this list that comes with 4 guns, 4 vests, and a charging station for the rechargeable components.

Changing 12 to 24 batteries for game action is not something to worry about when the recharging feature is there. And that’s why Squad Hero Set stands out from the crowd in a good way.

Keep in Mind – with one complete charge, there can be 8 games maximum.

Also, with these sets, you don’t have to remember any score. The vest and gun have an LCD for that and data will automatically sync to it. You can check the status between a battle without any problem. And this declines the need for any light or audio.

The Squad Hero Set offers 4 weapon modes, rocket, laser, automatic, and pistol. Other notable features are its night flashlight, stealth mode as well as 150-foot shooting distance.


  • The overall feel is great.
  • Does not look or feel cheap.
  • Included LCD is handy.
  • No need for swapping batteries is awesome.
  • The charging stand keeps things sorted.


  • The vest isn’t visible with the player’s body being sideways.

5. Nerf Official Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-pack – Best for Playing with Multiple Modes

Best lazer tag for Playing with Multiple Modes

Why do We Recommend It?

No matter if it’s 2 player match or one with the whole gang, the Phoenix LTX Tagger can be a perfect set to grab that offers unique realistic sounds, vibrations, and lights to make those plays memorable.


  • Needs 6 AA batteries.
  • Red receiver dome included on top.
  • Light is included in the handle.
  • A green laser sight is included.
  • Solo game mode available

Phoenix LTX Tagger set comes with basically two blasters and so it’s meant for multiplayer matches. However, these are well interchangeable as well as compatible so more than two can also play if you purchase enough sets for the group.

The fighting arena can be anywhere, both inside and outside. Until it’s enough spacious for players to spread around, the location won’t matter.

With very catchy and mind-stimulating sound effects, the Phoenix LTX Tagger also comes with lights and vibrations. And so, it’s well made to match with real-life laser combats.

Each time anyone is tagged, the vibration will let you know. The shooting sounds of laser hitting are also a total mood setter. And the ammo reload feature is very fabulous too.

This one can work not just for kids and teens but also adults. And for that reason, the Phoenix LTX Tagger can be a perfect different play setting included an option to go for a complete family match.

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  • Resetting a gun activates a loud countdown to avoid cheating.
  • Solid and durable feel.
  • The lights and sounds are awesome.
  • All modes are fun to play with.
  • Smooth reloading.


  • Needs 6 batteries each, that’s a lot.

6. Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 – Best Set to Go Vest-Free.

Best lazer tag Set to Go Vest-Free

Why do We Recommend It?

Being able to choose between a Rocket, Submachine Gun, Shotgun and Pistol, makes the Kidzlane Laser Tag Set a thrilling choice already.


  • 4 weapon modes.
  • Cool lights and sound effects.
  • No vest is needed.
  • 9 lives each game.
  • Team green, red, blue, and white.
  • 130 ft shooting range.
  • Safe for kids.

Not only will the player be able to choose between different shooting ranges with each gun mode, but also there will be super cool thundering sound effects plus lights and vibrations.

With the Kidzlane Laser Tag Set, you get a total of 4 different gone modes. These are Rocket, Submachine Gun, Shotgun, and Pistol.

There’s the built-in receiver and so, the need for wearing a vest nullifies. And you can simply let the gun act as a target. You can see the remaining lives of each game on the gun’s Live Bar.

Keep in Mind – There are only 9 lives for each game.

The Kidzlane Laser Tag Set works well for a 4-team match. Teams are white, green, red, and blue colour-coded.

It is capable of providing a shooting range of 10 feet plus there are various life bars, available shots, and sound ranges with each mode.

To play vest-free, the Kidzlane Laser Tag Set can be overall a perfect combo to grab for the whole team and enjoy the matches fully.


  • Usage is simple.
  • Different team setting is easy.
  • Even 4 years old can play with safety.
  • Modes are fun.
  • Well made.


  • Accessing the battery is tricky.

7. HISTOYE Large Laser Tag Sets -Best Looking Design for Large Laster Tag Set.

Best Looking Design for Large Laster Tag Set

Why do We Recommend It?

The unique design of the HISTOYE laser tag blaster set gives a sci-fi feel to battles held with it and there are more than enough features with it to call the set appropriate for up to 4 team plays.


  • Less than 1mW emissions.
  • 130 ft shooting range.
  • 4 team playable.
  • Needs 4 batteries.
  • Team size can be unlimited.
  • Booming sound available.
  • Life bars of different ranges.

The HISTOYE laser tag blaster set is famous for being one advanced combo to grab for a not-s high price range and that’s awesome.

It comes with lights and vibration that are super satisfying plus the 130 ft far shots are really awesome. There are various ranges of shots, sounds, and life bars with all the available gun modes.

A total of 4 teams can engage in the game with the team size being as much as they want. The whole design is super promising and something that helps to provide a strong grip without being too uncomfortable to feel.

The HISTOYE laser tag blaster set includes no actual laser beams and so, it’s pretty safe for kids to enjoy their time with it.

With the outlook, the item reminds science fiction movies as the gun has that similar feel. Also, the switching of different modes is easy and involves zero obstacles the majority of the time.

The batteries are not included, so one needs to separately purchase them. For each gun, 4 AA 1.5V batteries are necessary. And for the vest, the same battery type will be suitable but will 3 of them.


  • Suitable for all-size players thanks to the adjustable straps.
  • High-quality making of gun that is also durable.
  • Light up and vibrate for a realistic feel.
  • Fantastic for both outdoor and indoor games.
  • Value for money set.


  • The accuracy is somewhat lacking.

8. Kidpal Infrared Laser Tag – Best Laser Tag for Safe Play.

Best Laser Tag for Safe Play

Why do We Recommend It?

Having your child’s safety ensured with an infrared signal emission feature will make you happy to have the KidPal laser gun set that also lacks less in most useful features.


  • 12 preloaded shots with pistol mode. 
  • 6 preloaded shots with shotgun and machine gun modes.
  • 1 preloaded shot with a rocket.
  • 4 team actions were supported.
  • The dark mode is available.
  • Required 4 batteries for each blaster.
  • Requires 3 attires for each vest.

The KidPal laser gun set comes with colour coding as usual so that it is easy to identify teams. Reloading is simple with it and pretty fast.

The whole laser game experience is quite funny and will keep children away from the computer or tablet screen for a good amount of period. The designs really evoke kids to hold and play with it, so claps on that.

There can be matches in the dark as the laser blaster includes a flashing light. And the vests are well designed to easily figure out the enemy’s location even in less light.

The game includes enough tactile vibrations and sounds to keep it engaging and fun. And the fact that it includes Infrared Signal Emission that is not more than 1mW for child safety makes it an even better pick.

The KidPal laser gun set involves quality material too for making. And these are also environmentally friendly. For each vest, 3 AA batteries are required. Each blaster however needs 4 AA batteries.


  • Quite a few handy settings are available.
  • When hit the vibration notifies.
  • Cool sound and light effect.
  • Long-range is fun.
  • Easy to use plus set up.


  • A carry case should have been included.

9. YOFIT Set of 4 Lazer Tag Toys, Infrared Laser Tag Set – The Best Vest Included Laser Tag Set.

The Best Vest Included Laser Tag Set

Why do We Recommend It?

With a very solid grip and tons of useful laser tag game features, the YOFIT Set also impresses with tactile vibration, 4-mode guns, and multi-player benefits.


  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Solid grip included.
  • 4 colour lights are available.
  • Flickering lights included.
  • 4-gun types.
  • Multiplayer.
  • Made of non-toxic plastic material.

The first thing that comes to attention with YOFIT Set is its design value. It’s very ergodically planned and the grip is solid but not so robust that feels uncomfortable. And that’s a key good thing as the toy will be used by kids majorly.

It comes with vests like quite other sets on the list. But the quality of the provided vests in the YOFIT Set is somewhat very nice and it does receive a hit better. The live remaining will be also indicated in the part.

The light intensification with tactile vibrations does make the whole game more realistic. And also, the booming sound is very captive to keep kids motivated for more than one match.

With 4 types of gun modes to choose from, the whole experience will be far from boring no doubt. This includes a pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket launcher mode.

Also, the YOFIT Set uses non-toxic BPA plastic. And that’s very environmentally friendly. Not to mention how well durable the material is. The surface and edge feel smooth plus the curves aren’t harmful to kids.


  • The design is great.
  • The grip feels solid and nice.
  • Vibration and sounds are handy.
  • Gun modes are fantastic.
  • Safe for children.


  • Volume adjustment should be included.

10. ComTec Laser Tag Sets with Gun and Vest – Best Basic Design but Wholesome Feature Laser Tag Set.

Best Basic but Complete Laser Tag Set

Why do We Recommend It?

With a simple design and the most common useful features, the ComTec Laser Tag Set includes enough guns and vests for a satisfying family match.


  • 4 teams can play.
  • Suitable for any place.
  • 130 feet shooting distance.
  • A built-in infrared sensor in the vests.
  • 100% safe for children.

The ComTec Laser Tag Set will work fantastically for a 4-team match. There’s colour coordination for teams and these are blue, white, green, and red.

It comes with eye-catching visuals. And so, parents looking for Christmas gifts or birthday presents will find the ComTec Laser Tag Set very appropriate.

There are also multiple gun-type modes coming with this ComTec Laser Tag Set. The switching process of the rocket, shotgun, submachine, and pistol is very simple.

Depending on the type of gun one uses, the damage to the opponent will vary and that just adds a thrilling feel to it. Also, the shooting distance with ComTec Laser Tag Set is around 130 feet.

The ergonomic and well-planned design provides a comfortable grip that’s also solid. And kids won’t find it too difficult by any means too.

Provided vests come with a built-in infrared sensor. And these come with a vibrating feature each time there’s a hit.


  • Easy to understand controls.
  • Loud sound quality.
  • Value for money set.
  • Accuracy is pretty fine.
  • Made well with quality material.


  • The Gun and vest need 6 batteries total.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the lasers harmful?

The lasers used for tag sets are very low-powered and so, these are safe. Quite similar to the infrared television remote operating. But it’s still recommended to never point the laser directly towards the eyes.

How to play with the laser tag?

One player’s laser hitting another one’s sensor means defeat for the second person. It can be played in teams as well. The hits cannot be more than a designated number. And once it hits that many times, a person gets terminated. This way the game continues. 

What to wear for playing laser tag?

Stretchy and comfortable clothing is best for playing laser tags. Also, with darkroom playing, clothing needs to be dark as well. So that it’s easy to blend in. Open-toed shoes or heels are best to avoid.

Where should one play it?

It’s suitable for anywhere playing. At the house or even in your backyard. Just make sure there’s no clutter in the playing zone. Otherwise, there’s a chance of someone getting hurt due to the clutter.

Wrapping Up

It’s really a blessing that the world of technology is full of creative people who love to make such cool games that can take place indoors as well as outdoors. Having the enjoyment for many hours ahead isn’t a very easy thing to happen unless the activity is actually fun and interesting.

And that’s why so many people are interested in getting the best laser tag guns & sets. Not only this but the fact that this game can be played in multiple ways says why it’s so much popular worldwide, especially in America.

It can be a mood setter on family picnics as well as your kid’s friends getting together party. And the best part, you don’t have to do any serious cleanup as there’s no mess to worry about.

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