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8 Best Nerf Gun to Modify & Take the Game to Another Level

If you’ve been into the Nerf Craze then you probably know there are so many routes to take when the need to mod and make it even fun becomes crucial. As a diehard nerf enthusiast, having such a wish and dream is pretty likely. But that’s not likely if you decide on a random Nerf gun to modify without taking your time knowing about a few things that are necessary to make a non-regretting choice.

And by that, we mean having information on the popular picks renowned as the best nerf gun to modify at the moment. Today let’s help you with that as we have managed to gather around 8 such phenomenon picks. Also, a buyer-friendly guide will be there to take you on the right route. Keep on Reading…

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Let’s Start by Reviewing Best Nerf Gun to Modify ­- Total 8 Recommendations.

The list is heavy with options that hold a pretty solid set of features that helps specifically those who want to go for modifying. This segment is all about the complete reviews of those picks but first, have a look at the list given below to identify which one works best for what.

1. Nerf N-Strike Maverick Gun – Best Value for Money Blaster

Best Overall Value For Money Blaster to modify

With a standard packaging and astounding outlook, the whole feel and value of Maverick become visible from the very first impression.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Air powered.
  • Quick firing.
  • Barrel rotates.
  • 6 Micro darts included.
  • Easy flip loading.
  • Pullback mechanism included.

The Maverick comes with a rotating barrel. And so, you will have to not stress overloading with the easy flip benefit and rock most blasting targets in moments.

Keep in Mind – The loading mechanism is simple but it does take some time.

Also, it’s capable of launching action that is very rapid. And this works in your favour for intense battles that need high accuracy and the right speed.

The Maverick includes a total of 6 micro darts. With the pullback mechanism, the fun of NERFing turns out to be even better.

To modify the Maverick, you will need some super simple dissembling job. It’s also very easy to paint on it thanks to the shape. Also, consider that the weight will increase after it goes through modification.

Not to mention the auto-advancing feature for a barrel that helps in nerf battling to ease the handling and increase performance benefit.

The separately sold unity power system can very well snap with the Maverick. If aiming for top-notch nerf games, then this scheme can also be an interesting one.


  • Feels very solid.
  • Quick to shoot.
  • Decently accurate for quite a fair distance.
  • Moderately affordable.
  • Loading is easy.


  • The slow loading can be a hassle for intense battles.

2. Nerf N Strike Scout Ix-3 2-pack – The Best Whistler Darts Compatible Blaster

When it’s about the Scout IX-3, the two words that attract the most about it, are precession and power, at least that’s how you’ll feel from day one with this iconic blaster.

Most Suitable Blaster to modify for Whistler Darts

When it’s about the Scout IX-3, the two words that attract the most about it, are precession and power, at least that’s how you’ll feel from day one with this iconic blaster.

Highlighting Specs:

  • 6 whistler dart clips included.
  • 2 packs of the blaster.
  • Includes instructions.
  • Suitable for 8 years and older.
  • 12 darts included.

Included darts with Scout IX-3 are the famous whistler ones and you get a total of six of these. The darts are known to work wonders for those who need precision shots in most cases. Also, the launch is very powerful.

It’s a 2-pack blaster and so playing a match with a friend in your group is no more limited to one not having his or her blaster. Not only this, but the included darts are also 12 in total for two people easily playing.

Suggestion – To fire, insert a dart, pull the slide back & simply fire.

The overall design of this toy gun is fascinating and kids love such cool outlooks. Also, the material used for Scout IX-3 is top-notch.

With Scout IX-3, you’ll be able to achieve cosmetic mods. Also, the dart distance can be improved by simply detaching the air restrictor.

So, there are zero doubts about construction and durability for the most part. And thanks to that, you also get an assurance of quality.


  • Well shooting darts.
  • Cocking is simple.
  • Powerful launching.
  • Withstands well with a solid built-in.
  • Small and portable.


  • Manual reloading can be painful.

3. Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Nite Finder EX3 – Best Blaster to Play in the Dark

Ultimate Play-In-Dark Blaster Model to modify

It won’t be a lie to call the Nite Finder EX3 one of the best plunger blasters out there even with its simple-to-understand mechanism and other nerf-friendly features.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Targets in dark too.
  • Tactical rail included.
  • Suction darts included.
  • Built-in red light.

Not every kid loves having a nerf battle during broad daylight. Some love to play it cool when the surrounding is pitch dark and they adore the snipper feel.

With Nite Finder EX3, you can let your kid have that experience as it comes with targeting benefits even in dark.

There’s a tactical rail coming along too. It allows for better customization and modification with accessories you purchase separately.

Keep in Mind – The rail is compatible with only most N-strike accessories.

Now for modding, the Nite Finder EX3 has to be one of the finest blasters out there. Because you barely need to go for pretty less effort. Due to the AA batteries provided, adding LEDs can be a great call with this nerf gun.

Also, the distance of the dart can be improved to 10 feet or so. And this will simply need you to remove the air restrictor for modification.

Also, Nite Finder EX3 comes with 3 suction darts. Being a genuine direct plunger blaster, you get the most basic features coming along.

The red light built-in also serves a great purpose and works with half pulled trigger. Longer shots become very easy due to their presence.


  • Quite a power pact performance.
  • Accuracy is on point maximum time.
  • Value for money blaster.
  • Does good in range.
  • Aiming is simple.


  • Single-shot blaster.

4. Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Dart Blaster – Best Ammo Capacity Battery Powered Blaster

Editor’s Favorite For Best Ammo Capacity to modify

Who does not enjoy a value-for-money blaster that can rock and roll with some iconic battery-powered blasting benefits, we are talking about the Vulcan EBF-25.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Foldable tripod included.
  • Tripod is also detachable.
  • Fully automatic.
  • 25 darts capacity.
  • Includes ammo box.
  • The 25-dart belt was provided.
  • Includes 25 whistler darts.
  • 3 darts each second firing.

The Vulcan EBF-25 includes a well-made tripod and it’s detachable too. The thing can fold easily and this makes transporting simple.

The blaster itself is pretty powerful.  The massive body feels thrilling to hold and run with for a sniper-like feel in games.

With the included adjustable stock and tactical rail, most types of betterment through modification are possible to achieve. However, after modification, the Vulcan EBF-25 may need more batteries.

It’s a completely automatic blaster as well. And it ensures around 25 darts holding capacity. The Vulcan EBF-25 can very well shoot three darts each second.

This one is also meant to work wonderfully for both large and close-range targets. The only problem could be the tripod that takes more than usual time to connect. Other than that, it’s an easy-to-carry and pretty user-friendly option to route for.


  • Suitable for close-range targets.
  • Heavy blaster gives a realistic feel.
  • Very user-friendly.
  • Looks quite attractive.
  • The shotgun mode is awesome.


  • Tripod connecting is not easy.

5. Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 – The Best 2-in-1 Blaster

Best 2-in-1 Blaster to modify

A long thrilling two-in-one blaster that comes with fun foam launching up to 35 feet away and a bunch of other nerfing features, we are referring to the Longshot CS-6.

Highlighting Specs:

  • 1 clip included. Quick reload type.
  • Targeting scope provided.
  • 35 feet range.
  • 3 feet long blaster.
  • 2-in-1 mechanism.

With Longshot CS-6, you get to enjoy pretty long-reaching shots, almost 35 feet away. The foam arrows pop really well to fall such far and keep the game interesting. And that feels awesome to have as a feature for this budget.

Also, it’s a two-in-one blaster that does fairly okay at accuracy and power performance. Settings are available with the stock and it’s adjustable too. The accuracy can be even better with extension adding though.

Keep in Mind – You can have only 2 settings to adjust from.

The Longshot CS-6 works with Streamline Darts. It can hold up to 12 of those. You get a bi-pod too and this one is a fold-down type. So, the aims are pretty stable.

Coming to mod needs, you can go for a spring replacement with the Longshot CS-6. And this will allow it to perform well up to 100 ft ranges.

With the removable parts, it’s easy to go for one-handed mode and still do fine in the shooting. And that’s another great comfort feature to clap about.


  • Easy assembly.
  • Really nice outlook.
  • Powerful enough.
  • Locking is simpler.
  • Realistic weight.


  • Extension adding is important for accuracy.

6. Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster – Best Blaster with 4 Built-in Configuration

Ultimate 3 Built-in Configuration Blaster to modify

It’s not easy to be this good-looking outside and so well-made inside with an outstanding range that emphasizes from the very beginning unless it’s Elite Retaliator we are talking about.

Highlighting Specs:

  • 4 built-in configurations.
  • 90 feet away from firing range.
  • Top & bottom tactical rails.
  • Compatible with N-strike accessories.
  • Stability handle included.
  • Includes stock.
  • Includes instruction.

The Elite Retaliator is a spring-powered blaster and it needs no battery that’s why. With 4 configurations coming along that are built-in, the nerf gun is pretty user-friendly too.

It can shoot darts and make them reach almost 90 feet. To help with steady shots, there’s a stock that is easily detachable. A flip of a switch is all it takes.

Suggestion – Too fast firing can cause a jam, so that’s something you should try to not do with Elite Retaliator.

With Elite Retaliator, there’s also a stability handle and barrel extension included. It also comes with a quick reload clip and a total of 12 Elite darts.

With the stability handle, it’s easy to experience better mobility with Elite Retaliator. Customizing is also relatively simple with attachments.


  • No need for batteries.
  • Spring-powered design.
  • Greta to customize.
  • Very solid performance.
  • Useful sight.


  • The handle could have been better.

7. Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster – Best Easy-Build Blaster.

Most Preferable Easy-To-Build Blaster to modify

Want to build your own blaster according to the mission or battle? Well, ECS-10 Blaster is one of those picks that makes that easily possible even for kids.

Highlighting Specs:

  • 30 combinations supported.
  • 90 feet dart launching range.
  • Includes targeting scope.
  • Provides drop grip.
  • Storage stock and dual-rail barrel included.
  • Banana clip provided.
  • 10 darts in total.

The ECS-10 Blaster is a motorized blaster that allows multiple gears adding to match up with a certain battel need. From achieving power to shoot at long distances to enjoying accuracy with target scope, it’s easier to customize with ECS-10 Blaster.

There are a total of 30 combinations possible with it. This fantastic-looking option also includes 2 extra tactical rails with the dual-rail barrel. And there’s also the regular 4 tactical rails. The ECS-10 Blaster works wonderfully for individual battles as well as missions

There is a banana clip and 10 darts with the ECS-10 Blaster. You can easily hold the acceleration trigger provided.

It’s a flexible option that includes a dropping grip as well as many detachable parts to give the ultimate freedom for customizing.


  • Greta’s range and precision.
  • Thick plastic construction ensures solidity.
  • Fast shooting for long-distance.
  • Easy to fire.
  • Astounding design.


  • Disappointed slightly with the back extension.

8. Nerf N-Strike Elite Delta Trooper – Best Blaster for Slam Fire Action.

Best Slam Fire Action Blaster to modify

Nerf battles are nothing special if it lacks the right attitude, proper energy, and the excitement to carry a cool-looking blaster in hand, with Elite Delta Trooper all of those sounds just very much possible.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Comes with a barrel extension.
  • Includes stock
  • 12 dart clips included.
  • Comes with 12 darts.
  • 90 feet firing range.
  • Instructions provided.

There’s separate stock as well as barrel extension coming along with the Elite Delta Trooper. So, users can opt for different configurations without zero trouble. And that makes the game very engaging.

The stock helps in stabilizing shots with barrel extension working best for distance targeting. Attachment points are also there for you to enjoy customization.

In a row, Elite Delta Trooper can shoot around 12 darts. Its firing mechanism is pretty simple and needs less time too. So kudos on that part too.

Suggestion – after loading the clip, prime with moving the slide back and forth and then pull the trigger to pop 1 dart out.

The Elite Delta Trooper also provides slam-fire action. With this mode, the player can unleash all 12 darts very fast and attach the opponent strongly.


  • Durable body.
  • Rapid firing speed.
  • Pulling back is easy.
  • Accurate shots mostly.
  • Great functions.


  • Sometimes after loading, shoots don’t reach more than 8 feet.

Want to Choose the Best Nerf Gun to Modify but Don’t Know How? (Mind These Factors!)

Getting a specific something will always need you to consider a few things related and directly connected to the item. And when it’s about a nerf gun that you’re buying to modify, a few factors cannot be treated less than very important if making a sensible purchase is your ultimate goal.

And at the same time, you cannot also miss out on the basic functions or features that are must-haves and makes a blaster, a good blaster. Those highly mattering factors altogether are what we’ll talk about in this segment.

1. Space You’ll Battle in Plays a Role

Plenty of nerf battles take place indoors. While some are good to arrange in the garden. Now the size of this playing space will matter when you want to grab a blaster. The point of where it will be stored is also something to consider.

A long-firing range blaster won’t be an ideal choice to take inside a small garden. Bullets will be lost too soon and you’ll be forced to disturb your neighbour to find them as those hit their front door.

2. Figure Out Its Features in Depth

Being aware of what batteries the blaster uses, the type of bullets it needs and the included parts inside the packaging are all very necessary. Because the price you are paying is not for the blaster itself but the features coming along.

If you get a blaster for a cheap price and later discover it needs expensive and hardly accessible batteries, the scene won’t be very nice. And so, it’s important to gravely look inside the feature list and find out about it deeply.

3. The Right Choice Needs You to Consider Weight, Size & Age

Most probably you’re getting the blaster for your kid. It is important to consider your kid’s age, size, and also weight before deciding on a certain model. An eight-year-old kid will have difficulty holding a heavy blaster but the same one will work just fine for a kid aged 13 years old.

Guns with foam bullets are usually preferable for tiny players as they don’t like reloading again and again, but this may not be a very important feature to have for a bit older kid. And that’s how things keep changing depending on the player you’re buying it for.

4. If You Looking for Dart Modification

The removal or addition of components to the dart is usually what the whole concept is about. You want to make sure the blaster you’re looking for allows such alteration. As there are options that won’t work with such change. Increasing the range or speed of the dart is the common goal here. Some even do this for augmenting the stopping force.

You can use some hot glue tips, fishing sinkers, and foam of specific size to make homemade darts that may or not work with the model you’re willing to get. Make sure it does.

5. Heavy Weighted Guns Are Not Good for XLR Disc Mod

Usually, this type of modification needs you to work on the disc’s bottom area. Here you simply add a tiny plastic BB. Each time you fire, there will be constant BB rotation. And this additional weight of XLR discs can help with Centripetal force. Leading the disc to fire further than it originally could.

Now with a blaster that already weighs a lot, such an addition can lessen ease of use. While playing it’ll be hard to handle so much weight for hours. So, you need to pay attention to the fact.

6. To Try Painting, Blasters with Certain Shape Works Best

Getting the blaster rock in a camouflage pattern could be your preference. Or simply the whole black look is what you want to go for. Now both of these can be possible with paint jobs on the blaster. But there are two things you want to be careful of.

First, some areas consider such paint alterations illegal and you can get into trouble for trying something like this. That’s because it can cause confusion between a real firearm and a toy blaster.

Second, the shape of the blaster will matter in deciding if it’s paintable or not. Some designs don’t support the whole idea and that can be an issue. Some go for integrating blasters and hiding the epoxy putty, paint modification seems the next thing they go for.

7. Customization Opportunities

A blaster that allows customization basically gives the player room for turning it into something they’ll like to use more. Having barrel extensions, clips, tactical rail and shoulder stocks with detaching benefits is the way to go for such concerns.

Blasters come with clips such as flip-clip or banana-clip and even ten or six dart clips for giving the flexibility of using darts. Having tactical rails means you can add accessories such as grip blaster, distance scope, dart storage, blast shield, red dot sight, folding grip, targeting scope, tactical light and so many other things to enhance the overall user experience.

There are also barrel extensions such as long-range barrels and dual-rail barrels that add usability. Not to forget the Missile launcher stock or blaster stock that are easy to remove if necessary.

In short, your choice of blaster must also come with your preferable customization opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions & Queries

Does the Hasbro Nerf N-Strike Nite Finder EX3 shoot with blue elite darts?

You can use the darts but they won’t be as powerful as the official compatible darts. It’s designed to work with the suction-cupped model.

Can 3-4 years old kids play with these guns?

That’s a pretty young age for playing with basters. Because the ones with cocking mechanisms will be hard for kids of this age range to handle. For example, the Maverick is something you cannot hand a 3–4-year-old. Maybe if you pull back and cock it for the kid then it’s possible.

Is it okay to take off stand from blaster?

Most models such as Vulcan EBF-25 will allow you to take off the stand from the blaster. But it’s best to not do it as this can live you without any mobility support.

How can one mod a nerf gun?

First and foremost, learn about how blasters work and their various types available. You also need information on what tools are necessary for the modification. And then there are tutorials to follow for the specific aim mod you want to go for. For beginners, going for a springer mod usually works better. The more complicated electric mod can be a bit tricky for a noob, so it’s best to avoid that for the time.

What tools are necessary to have for the mod?

The tools that help in nerf blaster modding are pretty basic and simple. Also, these are easily accessible quite anywhere. These are epoxy putty, sandpaper of various grades, pipe cutter, hacksaw, rotary tool, and also glue gun. Working with any hardware, glue, or power tools are definitely not okay for children unless you are there to supervise them.

Is it illegal to mod?

Changing or modifying any nerf gun feature can be illegal depending on your local rulings. And so, you must check the local policies regarding nerf gun modification. Making the nerf gun better and enhanced are good wishes to have. But you must follow up with your safety authorities to make sure there’s no legal obstacle that can cause problems later.

Wrapping Up

The concept of nerf guns has been better than ever right now and you can see those incredible changes in models available these days. Finding the best nerf gun to modify isn’t the main issue if you have a pretty good idea about the critical features that these need to come with.

Customization is a key feature to look for when it’s about upgrading and improving blaster. And that’s possible with quite a few affordable options thankfully. You just need to take some time looking for them and make a wise choice with careful consideration. Good Luck!

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