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The 5 Best Nerf Scopes & Sights With Buying Guide [Updated 2023]

Ever played with a nerf gun as a child? Do you still enjoy it? Fun fact: it was between 1935 and 1940 when the first rifle scope was designed. Since then the scope has evolved to have what it is right now.

These scopes nowadays are used to provide nerf guns with the modern rifle feel that only a real battlefield could provide. If you are interested in knowing more about the nerf scopes, this article will cover all the queries that you would need before you can buy them.

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying a Nerf Scope

If you want a better tactical combat experience from your nerf gun, one of the most important things that you will need to do is modify the scope. 

However take heed that even if you install a scope with the best zooming sight, it might not be the best fit for your nerf.

So if you want to have the best experience with a modified gun with a great scope with magnifiers, you must have a grasp of the factors that makes the scope worth your money. Below you can take a glance at these factors before deciding on the scope of your preference.

Day and night vision: Have you ever played Call of Duty? If you did you should be familiar with the thrill of shooting in the dark. With nerf night vision scopes you could have the same feeling and experience that you get from Call of Duty. Even better is the fact that it is all real-life combat.

These scopes come together with laser-based pointers, infrared lights, or flashes. You could use the features provided by the scope to easily find your opponent and flag him when he least expects it. So if you are going to play with your friends in the dead of the night, a nerf gun equipped with a night vision could be all you will need.

Do take heed that night vision scopes do not have daylight capabilities. So whether you are going to buy night or day vision scopes completely depends on the setting that you play in. Of course, you could also choose to buy nerf modulus scopes that offer both, but they usually tend to be more expensive.

Magnifying effect: If you have used a scope before, you might know that not all of the scopes that are installed into your nerf gun have a magnifying glass. Often these scopes are merely for show-off and don’t serve tactical advantages other than providing a clear view to an enemy in the smallest radius.

If you go for larger radii with more visibility, scopes with magnifying sights will be more than just handy. With a magnifying scope, you will be able to snipe enemies that are far away from you, zooming in and out whenever it is necessary.

With a scope that offers magnifying sight, you will be able to aim at your target with a more precise vision. However, do note that not all the magnifying scopes are the same. They came with different categories of magnifying power. If you are a serious battler, we recommend that you chose a scope that offers 5 times the magnification compared to regular scopes.

Anti-refectory lens: Most scopes nowadays come together with an anti-refectory mode. If you want to know whether the lens of scope will be able to provide the best performance, you need to check whether its anti-refectory mode should be able to meet your demands.

This mode helps you gain a clear and precise point of view of the target while the scope is stable. In addition, it also helps block the extra light from sunlight that could produce a glare hindering your vision.

If you want scopes to provide you with a great focus, the anti-refectory mode will play the biggest role in this. As a matter of fact, if your scope provides night vision, there is a high chance that it will come together with an anti-refectory lens which will aid the red LED dot to gain a perfect alignment with your target.

The material that makes the optical scope: You must always remember that it is the optical lenses inside the scope that make sit what it is. Whether you want to keep using the scope for a long time, or whether you intend to use it for some time before you will have to replace it depends completely on the type of material that is used to make the lens.

As nerf gun is a toy and that’s why most of the scopes and other accessories are made of plastic. One of the main reasons that manufacturers have chosen plastic to be the main manufacturing material is because it does not have much weight and will even provide the right stability to the gun. In addition, plastic is cheap and with the right formula can be made to be durable.

Of course, different plastic scopes have problems that differ from each other. These flaws range from not having enough life span to being so light that there is not enough balance. If the scope is too heavy, then the entire nerf gun still feel like holding a dumbbell.

So if you want the perfect combat experience check out the scope along with its weight and material before you can buy it. Or else you might be dissatisfied with the service from the scope in the long run.

Tactical rail: If you have used scope lenses before you should be more than aware of what role the tactical rail plays. Tactical rails are attaching rails in a nerf gun that is used to hold the scope in place.

Not all tactical rails are the same. So before you can buy any scopes you need to check whether the scope can be attached to the rail. Only if the scope can attach to the gun will you be able to use it.

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Top 05 Nerf Scopes to Buy

Here is the review of the top five best nerf scopes and sights that will enhance your capability to target and win the nerf war against an enemy.

1. Nerf Modulus Day/Night Zoom Scope

best nerf scopes & vision overall

If you are looking for something that would give you both day and night visions then we have the perfect scope for you. The Nerf Modulus scope comes together with 7 unique LED lights which are powered with infrared. So it doesn’t matter if there is a lack of any light, as long as you have this scope you will be able to find your target through the witching hour.

You could also easily switch to daylight mode without waiting for long. It also has an anti-refectory shield which is used to prevent the glare from the sunlight from creating any distortions, when you lock on your target while making sure that there is ample light to support a smooth precise vision.  

Do be prepared to buy 4 AA batteries, before you can use this scope since they don’t come together when you are going to buy the product.   


  • Infrared LEDs provide night vision.
  • Easy to switch between night and day vision.
  • Controllable magnifier.
  • Comes with an extra tactile rail


  • The field view of the scope is of low resolution and range.
  • Doesn’t come with any complimentary batteries.

2. Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit

best nerf scopes

  The first entry on our list does leave a lot of things desirable in the form of scope with better resolution and far more range. That is exactly where the second product on our list proves its worth.

  The Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops kit comes together with a 3-in-1 kit which can be used to modify your gun to be upgraded beyond its current capabilities. The kit includes a magnifying scope barrel for greater proximity, a pivot grip for greater stability, and a red dot sight to help you focus on your target.

  While the best point of this scope is the fact that it has a zoomed sight within scope, it is disappointing that you cannot control the amount of magnification. Of course, if you are okay with this, you can also use the red line sight to find and focus on your target before shooting him from the back.

  In addition, it has an attachable tactile rail, which can be used to attach it to your gun with the least effort or positional modifications.


  • Comes with a 3-in-1 set.
  • Provides great balance and stability.
  • A retractable tactile rail to fit your gun.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • Not possible to toggle the magnification.
  • Lacks shielding from the sun.

3. Nerf Modulus Targeting Light Beam

nerf modulus targetting light beam

While this scope is mainly for bigger blaster nerf guns, it would be worth your investment because of all the features that it comes together with.

Since it is meant to fit bigger guns, it is made of plastic with the right amount of rubber in places so that it can provide enough balance and keep your posture stable.

In terms of night vision, this scope might not have much to offer. However, it has a green light point which works great in dimmed light as long as the area is not completely void of any light. 


  • Made of lightweight plastic.
  • Has a great and accessible tactical rail.
  • The lens provides a clear and precise viewing.


  • Lacks any magnification whatsoever.
  • The night vision feature is slightly questionable.
  • Not compatible with smaller nerf guns

4. Scope Sight for Nerf Gun, Plastic Detachable Tactical Scope Sight Attachment for Modify Toy Kids Gift 

best nerf scope

If you were waiting for something that is both high quality and cheap this might be the best product that you could choose to purchase. This is made from reinforced plastic which ensures that the product is sturdy and durable while being lightweight as well.

The scope has a strong enough magnifying sight with which you could have a vision of your target from different angles before deciding to shoot. You could toggle the magnification as per your preference.  

In addition, it has an up-to-date anti-refectory function which keeps the glare to a minimum while ensuring that you have enough light in your vision to shoot. This makes the product a great scope if you are thinking of using this for daylight combat with your friends. It also has a great and compact design which would fit anyone’s aesthetics.


  • The magnification can be toggled as per your need.
  • Cheap and long-lasting.
  • Easy to install in your gun.


  • No night vision.
  • Not easy to detach the scope from a gun once it has been fit.

5. Nerf Modulus Long Range Targeting Upgrade Kit 

The fifth entry on our list is yet another kit. However, the greatest benefit of this kit is that it comes moderately cheap while packing in 3 different auxiliary tools that every nerf battler would need.

The best part about this kit is that it is compatible with any nerf gun. Even if you do not have a love for nerf guns, if you can install the kit into the gun, you will surely fall in love with equipment modelling. The gun comes together with a proximity scope, a rubber grip for greater stability, and a night red light vision support.


  • Comes with a retractable tactile rail.
  • The handy grip provides balance.
  • Night vision.


  • No magnifications.
  • The plastic quality isn’t of the best kind.

Additional scope: Bonus One

While we have already mentioned five of the top-selling scopes, there is one more product that we had to mention.

NERF Rival Red Dot Sight

If you have enough cash in your wallet and happen to look for only the best of the best scopes, the Nerf Rival red sight could be the best gif that you could give yourself on any occasion. It has great anti-refectory features for the day and a red light laser pointer for the night.

While the red light might not be much efficient, it is worth getting your hands on this scope because of the easy-to-mount mechanism.


  • Adjustable red dot night sight.
  • Easy to mount and un-mount.
  • Compatible with all nerf guns.


  • The anti-refectory feature has a lot to be desired.


Do nerf scopes help you aim better?

Nerf scopes provide a fixed line of sight so that you can focus on your target whenever the target falls on that sight. This makes shooting easier from a distance.

Do all nerf scopes magnify your sight?

Not all nerf scopes provide the zooming feature. In addition, even if the zooming feature is still there, it might not have a great resolution.

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