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Top 10 Best Nerf Sniper Rifle Guns Review 2022 + Buying Guide

Being a very popular activity for both kids and adults, Nerf Blasters has made a special place today for each of those involved with it. The fact that there are more than just a few varieties existing already tells how highly admirable the fun chore is.

And today we will be emphasizing one specific variety that has a huge fandom for sure. It’s a sniper-style rifle. Now the long blaster shape is not the only focal point that attracts so many players toward it. The professional-like feel plus exceptional accuracy, speed, and firing modes are also included in the list.

Let’s talk about 10 of the best nerf sniper-style blasters that you can include in your collection and never be disappointed.

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Determining the Best Nerf Sniper Style Blaster with Crucial Factors

As you can already tell by now, the market is packed with so many options. And you cannot help but get confused when trying to make a choice out of so many picks. But some careful consideration can get you through the difficulty.

And maybe you’ll end up buying something pretty close to what you’re looking for. Some factors that really need to enter your mind for ponderation are what we’ll include in this segment specifically.

1. Look for Something That Shoots in Long Range

Struggling with hitting the opponent will be the last thing you want to experience with a sniper-style blaster. And so, try to ensure the long-range performance of your preferred blaster is moderately good.

Because without that you will have a hard time taking over your enemies. Go for something that can at least go 75 feet and more if possible.

2. Including Scope is a Sign of Good Sniper Style Blaster

Good shots are the number one requirement for hitting an aim. And that becomes simpler with options including a well-working scope. So, look for such inclusion. Chances are the most affordable and pretty quality ensuring option will provide you with a good scope with the blaster itself.

And if you cannot for some reason stop favouring this one blaster that just doesn’t include a scope, maybe buy an additional one that works well. As long as you have the money to buy a scope separately, it should be fine

3. Going for Moderate Capacity Mag is Fine, High-Capacity Mag is Best

Always needing a reload to shoot darts can be a bit irritating when you want to go sniper style. And so, when looking for a blaster make sure the magazine capacity does not fail you. At the very least, it should be able to hold 6 darts.

Otherwise, the hassle of reloading, again and again, will surely take the fun out of this game. Also, a magazine storage slot can be a problem-solving feature to have. You’ll be easily extending the mag and carrying more darts will be nothing to worry about.

4. Built-In Features That Help In Aiming

Looking for options that have built-in aid is also a very key piece of advice people often miss. You want to have that bipod stand to ensure stabilizing is a piece of cake. The marking included pop-up sights are also cool with additional built-in support that greatly helps. So, look for such included benefits to improve your performance and practice sessions.

5. Customization Capability is Key

When going sniper-style with Nerfing, you will need some time to adjust to your playing. And your style will improve, and change. Gears that help your blaster will be necessary to add. And that’s when customization will come in handy and will feel very crucial actually. So, go for a rifle that allows you to easily customize it and make the most out of its existence.

Keep in Mind – Affordable is Fine, But Too Cheap Can be a Trap

Don’t be too conscious of the price tag. Yes, of course, you want to buy something affordable and skip the expensive ones as these are after all barely toys. But you are spending money. And if you end up giving it for something that proves to be low in quality and hardly usable after a few plays, then things will be super disappointing.

Make sure the features provided are justifying the price you pay. Something too cheap to be good should not be in your shopping cart, even if the brand claims it to be. And also, you don’t want to go out of your budget to get something too fancy. Stay in between, believe in balance.

6. Shape & Size That Benefit

Larger guns will be able to hold more ammo. And also, the bullets will be going far and fast. But then again, the player may find the huge thing hard to hold. And that’s when the slightly small one will work great. Maybe go for an option that allows detachable parts. So that you can remove some components and move faster with efficiency.

7. Automatic is Better Than Manual – Or Vice Versa?

With snipers that run on battery, you don’t have to prime, and also there’s less trouble with jams and errors. But then again these are pretty loud usually and run out of power quickly. The rapid-fire options are fast shooting and can use more darts at a time. Manual ones are then better for long-time play. Know your priority to decide whether to go for automatic or manual operation.

Reviewing 10 Best Nerf Sniper Style Blaster

To determine the performance of the 10 recommended blasters, there’s no better route than reviewing. And this segment is all about that. Keep on Reading…

1. NERF Star Wars Rogue One Imperial Death Trooper Deluxe Blaster – Best Overall Snipper Style Blaster. 

A fantastic wholesome packaging and an awestruck exterior look do make Imperial Death Trooper Deluxe Blaster look like a legit option to try, let’s find out what’s is within it.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Includes shoulder stock and scope.
  • Uses 6 GlowStrike darts.
  • Given clear instructions.
  • Needs three batteries for operation.
  • Already installed.
  • 3 darts in a row are firing.
  • Sound effects included.

The first thing to note about the Imperial Death Trooper Deluxe Blaster is its pump-action blasting feature. This allows you to go for shooting 3 darts in a row. And the experience is pretty fun overall.

It also includes a special lighting technology called GlowStrike. As this is involved, the user will see a light effect as well as a glow with darts. And so, using it during the nighttime, when lights are off, will be not hassling at all. In fact, this can lead your kid to fully get on sniper mode while shooting those darts in the dark.

Keep In Mind – You get a total of 6 darts with the Imperial Death Trooper Deluxe Blaster.

The sound that you get to listen to after blasting is also a solid way to enjoy a match to the fullest. As that grabs the original shooting scenario feel.

And kids love that feel for sure. You also get a nice targeting scope with the blaster. So that making shots on a target can be easier.

Plus, there’s a stock included. Now the good thing about it is that you can remove it. And so, the blaster can be easily minimized in size making it easier in certain shooting scenarios.


  • Comes with customization benefits.
  • Very fun to use.
  • Durable enough.
  • Stock detachability makes it even smaller.
  • Darts are visible in dark.


  • 6 darts get used too soon.

2. Longstrike Nerf Modulus Toy Blaster – Best Rifle Style Sniper Feel with This Blaster.

Getting your missions accomplished with a full-on rifle-style Longstrike Nerf blaster can make the whole experience delightful and fun. Here’s more on its good and bad sides.

Highlighted Specs:

  • No battery requirement.
  • 6 darts in a row blasting.
  • Includes 3 six dart clips.
  • Includes 18 Official Nerf Modulus Elite Darts.
  • Fast reloading.

With Longstrike Nerf blaster, you will have some customization scope and that’s amazing. You can get it even better for any battle by simply adding the bipod and scope. There’s also a barrel extension for modifying.

A total of 18 official darts also come with this fabulous blaster. Also, there are 3 six dart clips you get with the package.

You get a shoulder stock that can hold the remaining 2 clips that gets unused for the movement. And the other clip can be loaded easily on the Longstrike Nerf blaster. This makes reloading simpler and effective.

The firing performance is also pretty fine with the Longstrike Nerf blaster. There’s a row firing option for all 6 darts. And, this is due to the bolt action feature. The packaging is also recyclable making things good for environment lovers. Overall, it’s a simply awesome sniper-style rifle to go for.


  • Kid-friendly foam flinging ability.
  • Improved performance.
  • Includes important accessories.
  • Need no hassle of modding.
  • True sniper-style rifle design.


  • A bit expensive.

3. Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 – Best Nerf Sniper with Easy Mechanism.

Super simple mechanism with easy trigger and reloading capabilities makes the Longshot CS-6 appropriate for anyone above 10 years old age.

Highlighting Specs:

  • 2-in-1 blaster.
  • 3 feet long height.
  • 35’ away range.
  • Launches foam arrow.
  • Targeting cope provided.
  • Quick reload clip included.

So basically, Longshot CS-6 is a two-in-one blaster that comes with a body being 3 feet in height. It can shoot those foam arrows 35 feet away and that’s amazing.

There’s also a targeting cope coming along. And so, you get to experience better accuracy, maybe not pinpoint but good enough. It will depend on the surroundings and game as well.

There’s also the quick reload clip included. This can help with holding 12 Streamline Darts. It also includes a bi-pod with fold-down ability. So, the aim is also to get extra stability for shooting.

Close-range shots are pretty quick. The parts with this blaster are detachable. And so, you get better freedom to hold the blaster with one hand. Making the close-range shots fast enough.

On that note, it’s easy to trigger, beautiful-looking, and fun blaster to try that comes with more benefits than cons.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Moderately good range.
  • Includes a clip for reloading.
  • 2-in-1 fun.
  • Huge in size that feels like a serious gun.


  • With constant usage, there are jams noticeable.

4. Star Wars Nerf Episode VII First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster – Best for Slam Fire Action.

Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster brings up many adventures with snippier style nearing as the thing comes with a bunch of good-looking features to praise.

Highlighted Specs:

  • Clip-fed design.
  • The scope is removable.
  • 65 feet range.
  • Instructions included.
  • 12 darts are provided.
  • Includes scope and stock.

You can have a pretty much fury feel with the blaster. As it includes a clip to hold a dozen of darts. Of course, you can shoot only one at a time. However, there’s no need for reloading. This means a better speed of shooting.

There’s also a slam fire benefit with the Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster. And, you get a shoulder stock included in the packaging. This makes it easier for the user to have stable shots all the time. And the darts that fly in the air can go up to 20 meters.

Suggestion – you can use another stock for a fuller length extension usage.

Not only this, but the Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster also includes a removable scope. So that targeting can be simpler and stress-free. There’s also tactical rail coming along.

There are a total of 12 foam darts included with the Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster. And the instructions are also very decent to understand.


  • Blaster seems shorter due to magazine placement.
  • Trigger and promising handles are quick to access.
  • Simple to understand instructions.
  • Darts are well made.
  • The clip can hold 12 darts.


  • Stock is not extendable.

5. Nerf Centurion Mega Toy Blaster – Best Blaster with Bigger Darts.

With being 1 meter long in height, the Centurion blaster comes with a clip that can hold 6 darts at one time. And so, you can have pretty good nerf battles with this capability.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Includes folding bipod.
  • Provides 6-dart clip.
  • Bolt action.
  • Official Mega Darts provided.
  • 100 feet of shooting range.

The Mega darts provided are 6 in total. Pretty powerful they are as the name says. You can have better shots even if stability is missing. Because with Centurion blaster you get a bipod that is foldable. So, the shots are well stable once you set up the blaster using the bipod.

Keep in mind – there’s a tactical rail for attaching the folding bipod.

The Centurion blaster also comes with a shooting capability of 30 meters. This means the darts after being fired can reach a max of 30 meters. So, it’s a pretty good distance for kids and teens to enjoy nerf battle with.

There’s no need for batteries for operating the Centurion blaster. Also, the long-range shoots are powered with a priming that includes bolt-action capability.

With official Mega darts that have flexible hollow tips and nice environmental packaging, the Centurion blaster does not only impress with its nerfing capabilities.

More Details: One of The Most Anticipated Nerf Centurion Reviews


  • The packaging is recyclable.
  • Flexible hollow tips with darts are great.
  • Personal modification is possible.
  • Far shooting ability.
  • Darts are powerful.


  • Accuracy is a bit tricky to achieve.

6. NERF Fortnite BASR-R Bolt Action Blaster – The Best Fortnite Inspired Blaster.

If you are a fan of Fortnite, then you’re already going to recognize and love the design of the BASR-R blaster. As it was inspired by the blaster inside the Fortnight video game. The look is that’s why super capturing.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Bolt action.
  • Removal clip.
  • 6 official darts included.
  • 3 free-standing targets were included.
  • Scope detachable.
  • One dart at a time firing.

With a nice bolt-action feature included in the BASR-R blaster, you also get the fun of clip-fed blasting. Not to mention the clip that holds 6 darts at one time is actually also removed.

The official Nerf Elite Darts are included with BASR-R blaster and there is a total of 6 of them. For practising better aim and targeting, you get 3 free-standing bush targets.

Suggestion – Include the removable scope too for better targeting. Also, buy eyewear for blasting with this nerf gun.

The blasting simply needs you to load the 6 darts inside the clip. Then there’s a priming bolt located that needs pulling.

And the blaster should be prepared for you to start blasting. You also need to load the clip. Then push the bolt to continue pressing the trigger. And one dart will be set to fly.

The bolt can move both backward and forward. Something you need to do for firing the next dart. It’s pretty easy to use. There’s no need for batteries and also you should wear eyewear with it.


  • The clip is removable easily.
  • Targeting is simpler.
  • The scope is detachable.
  • Works without batteries.
  • Easy firing.


  • The bolt bents after too much use.

7. Best Choice Products Kids Foam Dart Blaster – Best Blaster with Built-in Safety Mechanism.

The Best Choice Dart Blaster is a lightweight, kid-friendly, and easy firing feature that included nerf gun that can get your kids to pass a long-time having fun with nerfing.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Includes load cartridge.
  • Made of plastic and steel.
  • Needs separate purchase of 4 AA batteries
  • 8 years old and more can play.
  • 3.8 lbs. weight.

The Best Choice Dart Blaster involves a magazine that can hold up to 20 foam darts. And so, it’s quite high in capacity. The low impact but fat speed concept works well with this blaster for this reason.

Suggestion – You can use Nerf Darts as these are compatible.

With an electric motor included for powering, the Best Choice Dart Blaster also includes a 20-round drum. And it’s automatic for preparing the next dart once you are done with the previous firing. The squeeze, reload and squeeze once again formula that’s why works best for flying darts.

The Best Choice Dart Blaster also has shown some promising performance with long-range shooting. There’s also a quick chamber switch function included with it.

The hatch provided is a built-in type that works for anti-jamming. This also helps to prevent any chance of open firing so that kids can play safely.

You need to use 5 AA batteries for Best Choice Dart Blaster to help the electric fan get powered for function.


  • Comes with a great rapid-firing feature.
  • Drum automatically prepares.
  • The long-distance range is pretty fine.
  • Prevent accidental firing.
  • Easily accessible batteries.


  • The fan makes some noise.

8. Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster – Best with More Customizing Combination.

Modulus ECS-10 Blaster is an arsenal feel justifying piece that also allows you to bring on so many customization combinations and allow it to adapt according to the user style of nerfing.

Highlighting Specs:

  • 30 combinations flexibility.
  • Includes dual-rail barrel.
  • Drop grip and targeting scope included.
  • 10 darts.
  • Instructions provided.
  • 90 feet range.
  • Batteries are not included.

Modulus ECS-10 Blaster comes with a lot of gear upgrading flexibility. So, you can add gears and make it into something comfortable for your playing style.

The package includes a drop grip, storage stock, dual-rail barrel, and targeting scope. These are super simple to configure for a satisfying blasting experience.

Not only this, the Modulus ECS-10 Blaster allows a total of 30 combinations. So that you can have more than enough playing compatibility with this one.

Also attaching the grip and scope are super simple and quick. So, with the situation changing, you can reconfigure in no time with Modulus ECS-10 Blaster.

There’s a banana clip also coming along with Modulus ECS-10 Blaster as well as 10 darts. You simply need to load the clip for attaching with a blaster.

And then the acceleration trigger will allow the darts to fly up. Here a distance of 90 feet is achievable according to the manufacturer.

The instructions that are provided along Modulus ECS-10 Blaster are also written well and will get you started by checking easily.


  • Targeting cope is very helpful.
  • Value for money item.
  • Includes quality darts.
  • Instructions are simple to understand.
  • Gear adding is easy.


  • The safety feature is not mentioned in the manual.

9. Nerf Modulus Regulator -Best for Fire Mode Switching Play.

A lot of things together will catch your attention when it comes to Nerf Modulus Regulator including the upgrade kit, darts, and accessories, and of course, the high-action-like feels for performance.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Stabilize shots with a swivel handle.
  • 2-barrel scopes included.
  • Comes with storage stock.
  • SwitchFire Technology.
  • 3 modes for firing.
  • Customizable.
  • Indicator included.

The Nerf Modulus Regulator includes a total of 3 modes that you can choose from for firing. This is the SwitchFire technology and it helps a user to have a firing mode that best fits his or her shooting style.

You get single shot, burst fire, and continuous fire modes that are all well worthy to improve any nerf lover’s mood. The flexibility to shoot one dart with one trigger pull is what single fire mode is about.

Then there’s the burst fire mode that gets more than just one dart going out with trigger pull. And finally, if you switch to the continuous fire mode then a speedy dart unleashing story gets revealed that’s super fun for sure.

Keep in Mind – You get a total of 24 Elite Darts with Nerf Modulus Regulator without making any separate purchases for them.

There are two clips with 12-dart holding capability each. You can have both clips loaded. However, when using one clip can be inserted for instant shooting while the other stays on storage stock. This literally gives more power and time-saving benefits for nerf players.

Whenever the clip is empty, the included indicator light will let the user know about it. Another fantastic feature for sure. Also, there are pretty well-customizable options with it.

You get 2 barrel scopes as well as a swivel handle with the Nerf Modulus Regulator. Stabilize shots and easy targeting are two of the fantastic things that players will get to enjoy because of that inclusion.

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  • The Elite darts are really good quality.
  • Enough darts are provided.
  • Easy to press the accelerator button.
  • Fire mode switching is simple.
  • Shots are stabilizable.


  • Cleaning debris from the gear chamber is hard.

10. NERF Fortnite BASR-L Bolt Action, Clip Fed Blaster – Best Designed Fortnite Inspired Blaster.

Another Fortnite-inspired blaster is the BASR-L blaster which comes with a list of promising features making it a part of today’s listing.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Bolt action.
  • Clip loads 6 darts.
  • No batteries are required.
  • Includes detachable scope.
  • 12 Nerf Darts are provided.

The BASR-L blaster comes with a very conformable design that only not looks cool due to the Fortnite-inspired concept but also feels nice to hold with an ergonomic and comfortable-to-use body.

The structure is solid. And so, you feel zero tension with the assembly of parts, which are basically cylinder heads and bolts.

Talking about the shots, those are powerful enough that also somehow give an impactful reaction. Fortnite fans will enjoy this feeling.

The modification will also be a good option to go for with the BASR-L blaster. As it comes with a lot of firing capacity and internal components are also approving of that idea.

From price and appearance-wise, the BASR-L blaster definitely looks like a mouthwatering deal to crack, and literally, no big error is there to exist that will make you think twice about its fantastic performance.


  • An affordable piece of fun.
  • Ergonomic design overall.
  • The structure is pretty rigid.
  • Shots are powerful enough.
  • Appearance is really cool.


  • The bolt mechanism can be tricky to use.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Are there any safety requirements to follow with Nerf Sniper?

Yes, there are quite a few tips you should be aware of. For example, not looking down on the barrel. As there’s a chance of it hitting the eye. Also, keep your finger at a safe distance from the trigger, this is to avoid an accident shoot. Wearing proper eye protection is also very important. Unloading the gun after the play is another key tip to follow. And finally, never jokingly aim at someone.

2. How can one make accurate shots?

To improve accuracy with nerfing you need to simply practice and play a lot. A Bipod inclusion can make the shots stable and that increases the chance of accuracy too. Scope or sights are also fantastic additions you can go for if accuracy is your main concern. There are also darts available that are meant to work well for accurate shots, get those.

3. Are single-fire snipers any good?

With a single fire setting, you get to experience better control no doubt. Also, there are typically more shooting modes with this type. But then again being able to shoot only one dart at a time can feel limiting. While some actually like that flexibility to work with one dart at a time. It all comes down to personal playing style and preference.

Wrap Up

After exploring 10 of the best nerf sniper-style blasters and sharing some thoughts on choosing the right one, we are almost by the end of today’s conversation. There are tons of information online and you might want to research a bit more before finally making a choice on a certain nerf sniper. And actually, that’s the right thing to do.

Get your all confusion sorted out through research and only buy stuff when you believe it’s going to be a purchase worth it. At the end of the day, that’s usually how it works best for those who make a wise choice.

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