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Top 5 Best Nerf Target – Picking Shooting Targets for Nerf Guns (Wisely Picked)

Getting nerf shooting targets can be easy and hard. It actually depends on what level of a fanatic of nerfing you are. Now also this does not mean you won’t be able to pick the best nerf target set out there if you’re not that much connected with this activity. It’s just that, you need to go through a few factors, know a bit more about nerf target sets features, and browse through the available options to find the ultimate best for your case.

Let’s help you on that today as we have around 5 fabulous target set recommendations waiting to be uncovered. Keep on Reading…

Reviewing 5 Best Nerf Target Picks

And just like that, we will be starting with the 5 recommendations that we want you to know about, of course with their reviews. Enjoy!

1. UWANTME Electronic Shooting Target Scoring Auto Reset Digital Targets – Best Build for The Price.

An affordable, exciting and realistic feel providing UWANTME Shooting Target can be a smart pick if you’re willing to invest in a solo plus multi-mode option.

best nerf target for value

Highlighting Specs:

  • Compatible with many blasters and guns.
  • 4 targets in total.
  • Solo mode included.
  • Multi-mode included.
  • 3 LCD screens.

UWANTME Shooting Target is definitely an interesting toy that is compatible with many guns and blasters, even from other brands from Nerf. Among them, it could be the best option for nerf machine gun targets.

It’s not a monotonous target style, instead pretty fascinating in features. A total of 4 targets equipped setup seems pretty decent for this price. Also, there are 3 LCD displays for the countdown and other things.

Both solo and multi-mode works perfectly. And so, it’s meant for personal shooting practice as well as family or friend included fun.

With gunshots, you’ll see a flashing light to keep up with the realistic feel, which is awesome. Also, a 10-second countdown accompanies multi-mode to allow players to get ready for the battle.


  • Easy but challenging.
  • Fun to play with.
  • Amazing design.
  • Sounds are fun.
  • The flashlight feature is fabulous.


  • A huge screwdriver should have been included for battery installation.

2. NERF Elite Digital Target – Best Firing Practice Pick.

To be able to get your aim on point with amazing team play benefits, it won’t be a wrong decision to opt for the fabulous looking Nerf Elite Digital Target.

Best Firing Practice Pick

Highlighting Specs:

  • Blue and orange design.
  • 9.25” LCD included.
  • 3 built-in gameplay modes.
  • Comes with a digital scoreboard.
  • Needs 3 AA batteries.
  • Meant for 8 years and more old players.

The UWANTME Shooting Target is a genuinely good-looking option for perfecting aims. Both team and practice modes work wonderfully.

The simple battery functioning is easy to adapt to. Also, there are stand-alone and wall-mounting features. The UWANTME Shooting Target needs AA batteries, 3 in total and those are not included. So, one needs to make a separate purchase.

Both for team and solo play, there’s a scoreboard that digitally works for the entire game. Not to mention the included instruction manual that’s super simple to understand.

It’s compatible with maximum Nerf options out there. And also, recyclable packaging is a big yes for those who love tiny environment-friendly efforts.


  • Very interactive lights.
  • Play modes are fun.
  • Perfect dimension.
  • Instructions are clear.
  • Packaging is easy to open and recycle.


Sometimes recognizing target hit gets delayed.

3. SUNCOO Running Shooting Targets – Best Electronic Scoring Option.

With a convenient electronic scoring setup coming along, the Suncoo Targets serves with quite a few good notes that make you want to get it.

Best Electronic Scoring Option

Highlighting Specs:

  • 2 play modes.
  • Three targets.
  • Move on track targets.
  • Automatic spring after 3 seconds.
  • Auto-reset mechanism.
  • Hilariously fun sounds.

The design of Suncoo Targets is impressive with a design new touch and two play modes exactly. It comes with 3 targets as well as a moving distance of 20.2 inches. Kids will find it simple to operate as well as challenging enough to keep the fun alive.

Fast-paced trick shots are also easy to practice with the Suncoo Targets. And it really helps with hand-eye coordination skills.

The motor starts itself right after three targets are pushed down. And then those would spring up automatically after three seconds. This reset feature really sounds amazing for children’s plays.

Also, each hit-coordinated sound is amusing as well as fun to enjoy for the overall game experience. It’s a fun option for both kids and adults.


  • The realistic sounds are fun.
  • Target automatically resets.
  • Affordable option
  • Helps to improve eye-hand coordination.
  • Impressive design.


A timer could have been an efficient inclusion.

4. STOTOY Electronic Shooting Target – Best Light & Sound Effect Target.

A competitive pick is STOTOY Target that comes with an electronic targeting mechanism as well as wonderful light sound effects to make it one of the worth-it nerf target sets.

Best Light & Sound Effect Target

Highlighting Specs:

  • Auto-reset.
  • Two strips included that are anti-slips.
  • Suits single and multiple player modes.
  • Lound sound effects.
  • Uses 3 AA batteries.

So, the STOTOY Target is a fabulous choice for 5 years and older children that comes with fascinating light sound effects too.

It’s meant to work for single-player practice as well as be a part of multi-player targeting fun. There’s a scoreboard included that digitally works. With all three targets hit, the score is displayed. They come back to position after 3 seconds.

Flashing light, gunshots, and broken glass gets accompanied together to make a wonderful game experience.

There are also two non-slip mats provided to avoid any slipping while using. Making it a safe choice for 5 years old kids.


  • Comes with anti-slipping properties.
  • Great solo and multi-playing modes.
  • Uses AA batteries.
  • Easy to use.
  • Auto-reset is effective.


Some don’t prefer the size.

5. Dreampark Bullet Darts Target – Best Easy Setup Option.

The creative setup flexibility of Dreampark Target doe makes it an interesting option for kids who love to be fed with amusing concepts.

Best Easy Setup Option nerf target

Highlighting Specs:

  • Creative setup possibilities.
  • High-grade construction.
  • Safe to use.
  • Bullet target type.
  • 24 pieces in total.

The Dreampark Target is a massive setup-focused option you can avail and enjoy around 24 pieces that opens the opportunity of setting up in quite a few ways.

It’s made of high-quality EVA material that’s also soft. The material choice also ensures fabulous anti-pressure and durability. Also, these are shockproof and anti-skid.

Kids can play with it and you can be assured of their safety as these are well made but not hard to hurt. the bullet target types are fun to engage with.

It’s also convenient enough to store anywhere without a problem. Carrying it along with you for a picnic or kids’ play party is also easy thanks to that.


  • Portable enough to store or carry.
  • Durable material involved.
  • Soft foam design to assure kid’s safety.
  • Does not harm the furniture too.
  • Easy to play with.


Accidentally stepping on the foam can damage them.

Short Pointers That Help in Choosing the Best Nerf Target

Here are a few things you’d want to consider when picking a nerf target set, it truly helps…

  1. Brands of different target sets and nerf guns come up with their own selling unique points that you need to be aware of. These are usually the main factor that tells you which one can be an ideal nerf gun target for your case.
  2. The targets have a certain set of features that combinedly should sound something useful to you. Maybe there are one or two things that you don’t like about it, but most of the features are in favor of what you’re looking for. That’s when you can consider that pick as something buyable.
  3. Always have a look at the specifications provided. So that you know exactly how powerful it will work as well as its many functions.
  4. It’s always a good idea to check what previous users have to say about the particular target set. Those who have already tried it and know how things perform will be able to distinct better than you. So, pay attention to the reviews of wherever you’re buying it from.
  5. The targets should be able to work with the nerf gun you own. So don’t forget to check the compatibility of the model.
  6. You want to have a few handy features in it to make the target practicing fun and effective. Such as auto-resetting of the target, an LCD display showing the scores, moving targets, and similar things.
  7. And finally, never compromise the quality or reliability of a model just because the price seems less. You don’t want to make a continuous purchase but get something that will last an expected number of days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scoring system of targets?

Usually, it’s given in the instructions of the set you are buying. Basically, the rule is to hit all three or four targets, and then a score will be counted. If there’s an auto-reset benefit then the targets would spring up automatically. And you can see the tracked scoring right on the LCD screen.

What’s the difference between running mode and static mode?

If the targets are capable of moving from left to right or vice versa, it’s basically called running mode. While the targets that don’t move at all follow static mode operation. And that’s pretty much it for the difference between these two common target modes.

What are the different types of targets?

Traditionally there are many designs for targets. But the most common ones are three. There are soft foam targets that look like cans and you can stack them for targeting. These are lightweight and easy to get broken. While there are also the typical round center targets that are designed to be placed somewhere while you aim at them. The popular type is standing targets that come in quite a few pieces. These are not typically round but more like a square shape. Also, you can find them in different modes, some can move while few stays in place.

Wrap Up

And on that note, we are quite done with today’s theme on finding the best nerf target set for oneself. Were we able to help you, hopefully, you’re nodding your head? Also, don’t feel intimidated or overwhelmed with this many options being available on the recent market.

It’s quite okay to get confused about which one to pick for a fun targeting session. But the main point that you absolutely need to concentrate on is prioritizing what sort of targeting benefits you are looking for with a nerf target set. And then making a final decision on a certain option. Hope You Got Our Point!

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