How to Win a Nerf War

Learn How to Win a Nerf War by Improving Your Strategies

It getting really competitive with nerf wars as everybody is so hooked up with their blasters and guns to play the match and give their best. And as someone who is very new to the concept, you would easily lose patience among all the good players in the team telling you about how to win a nerf war and sharing their success stories of winning again and again.

Well, you can try on your own by gathering such knowledge and improving in secret. And your constant improvement with the knowledge you grasp behind the curtains will soon catch your attention in the game earning you some fabulous praise from the other team member. Well, let’s get you started on that by talking about the basics and advanced nerf playing concepts to brush your skills and make them perfect.

The Short Checklist on How to Win a Nerf War

  1. Base establishment, weaponry setup and attach responding ideas understanding
  2. Getting ready to enter the war with fundamental preparation hacks.
  3. Skills to know when under attack.
  4. And finally, nerf tactics that contribute to making legendary nerf players.

Phase 1 – It’s All About the Base

To start fresh, you want to first figure out base establishing, setting up the weaponry, and then attach responses. So, you will look for space or clearing for example a cave that would work as a good defence spot with a fire lookout.

This is your base!

Then plan all the proper structuring aspects of that base by placing important stuff on the rear such as ammo magazine. You want to be sure the GPS and base are coordinating well. And one person who forms the team should be the all-time present here.

Next, you need to be picking a weapon for the base defending. A bigger-range weapon works better for outdoor field matches. On the other hand, normal-range guns work best for indoor wars. It is all about how you’ll use the weapon that was also chosen carefully.

Now for the base attack responses, you need some good observation on incoming attaches to decide the response. The primary gun works best for attaching from a distance. While if it’s a surprise hit from the enemy, he or she is in a better place.

And so, it’s best to collect as much as you can inside your backpack and run away from the base. Find yourself a secure spot where you can take your time to contact other squad members on the walkie-talkie.

Let them know about you abandoning the base. At this point, you also want to make a new base if possible. Don’t forget to let your teammates know about the new base. Seizing back your old base can also be an option. If you can call the other team members for help when attempting such a size can work out well.

Phase 2 – Entering the War

Before you head out for war, it’s important to sectionize the team and make members play some role for the overall strategy to work.

All members will be divided into three squads basically!

There’s the main fighting squad that uses GPS, walkie-talkies, and pistols called rapid-fire gunners. The second squad members carry pistols and work with convenience shots, called snippers. And finally, two pistol-carrying squads that work for scout and infiltration functions, known as pistol-armed men.

It is important to walk through the woods to maintain a sustainable pace. The team must wait for every 100 meters to watch out for movements. Also resting is important while priming the gun. At the sight of the enemy, trapping him or her is the next important thing. Two persons from your team need to take alternate directions for trapping the enemy. Slow movements only, don’t try to run.

Turn the gun on only when the target is within 10 meters at least. Strike with as many bullets as possible next. You don’t want to shoot your teammate so be careful. And if the enemy is not hit, he or she will try to escape.

You need to collect your ammo and stay there, avoiding running behind the target. After collecting all of those, then you can follow the direction that your foe ran towards.

If your teams are under attack, on the other hand, the situation needs all of you to load and prime completely. Then fire all you have once the target comes within 10 meters. In the secure areas, you can collect the bullets.

Clearing out soon is your first priority if the enemy is still in that space. In case of a surprise attack, clear out from that spot quickly. Get out of range by dodging bullets in zigzag formation. You can stop when the gun is no more in your sight.

And that basically sums up the war phase where you are directly in a fight with the foe team. But during this phase, you can do better by implementing some tactics, and that’s exactly what we’ll talk about in phase three.

Phase 3 – Nerf Tactics That Basically Are Key to Winning

And during this phase, you start adapting nerf tactics that are super prominent for making your team the pro one who has better chances of winning. Here are a few of the most crucial ones explained shortly.

  • Learn cover fire providing for an obstacle or barricade existing movements. Moving towards a better spot while fellow teammates keep on constantly firing at the enemy is all cover fire basically.
  • Crossfire is another tactic where two players stay at parallel opposite angles while firing at the enemy. It becomes harder for the foe to return fire in such a situation.
  • Another method called Blitzkrieg allows a heavily packed squad with strong blasters and dense firepower to attack the enemy prominently. And then surround them to call for a melee battle.
  • The funnel strategy is another fabulous nerf tactic where two parts of the team play as offence while three parts are maintaining the defence role. It’s a great method for surrounding foe team and hanging them without cover. And in case the plan fails, recovering is easy due to a better forward position.
  • Fewer routes including smaller battlefields can be a great choice for solid nerf battles using Blading tactic. It’s an enemy-entrapping way that works for recovery and also can prove to be sometimes not effective.
  • Hit-N-Run is a daring strategy where a kept player runs towards the enemy bunker to fire at close range. Usually, to run back and cover at the right time, one is able to shoot once or twice at most.
  • The spread-out strategy is often great for defending from Nerf grenades. Instead of being close together and increasing the chances of getting hit by a solo grenade, spreading out will make the loss less harmful.

Wrap Up

And now you have successfully read through three crucial phases of nerf battles and learn the basics of how to win a nerf war. You can practice with your homemade nerf gun but when you’re good enough it’s best to invest in a real one.

Also, just reading about these things won’t be enough. You need to participate in those games and get used to the scenarios. It’s usually better to learn by practically involving in battles. What you’ll learn from the direct engagement will be far better than any research.

However, it’s also equally important to brush your elementary before entering the battle. Nobody wants to be proved a fool at the nerf field by showing they know nothing. Hopefully, you were able to know much about the basics of winning the game. See you soon on some other Nerf Fun chat.

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