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Nerf Centurion Reviews in 2023 | One of The Most Anticipated Nerf Guns

Whistling through the air and making a huge entrance with huge mega darts, that’s what comes to our mind we think about the Elite Centurian Blaster. This spectacularly huge nerf gun that is also surprisingly not very bulky comes with a bunch of good notes that make it a fantastic choice for nerf battles. The key point has to be the mega darts, almost like you can scare a regular-sized dart opponent with its powerful impact. And that feeling is fun!

Let’s figure out more about this beautiful orange nerf possession in one of the most requested nerf centurion reviews.

Starting Off the Nerf Centurion Reviews with Feature Pointers

nerf centurion reviews

What are the treats that get available with this mega beast Nerf Centurion Mega Toy Blaster, let’s find out about that.

  • Of course, the highlighting 1-meter-long mega darts with included clip to hold.
  • Stabilizing shots are assured with a bipod that is also foldable.
  • The maximum range of 100 feet with bolt action priming.
  • There’s no need for batteries.
  • The construction and quality of darts and clips are test-proof.
  • Comes in recyclable packaging that is easy to access.

1. Assembling Is Needed Even Though It Seems to Be a Solid Single Unit

So, the Elite Centurion Blaster basically shows up in two parts. One is the main blaster body. And then a barrel extension. The barrel does need assembling. It locks together for you to have a hard and sturdy unit to enjoy.

And once you are done assembling, it’s very hard to tell that the part is assembled. A few users even stated that once you put the barrel extension on, the removal seems not very easy.

Overall – The setup is simple and there’s no trace of assembling once the barrel extension is on.

2. A Grip Easing Detachable Bipod is There That Feels Not Bulky at All

Inside the box, you should also find a bipod that is detachable. The thing nicely slots onto the tactical rail. This part basically stays on the barrel’s underside. There are two legs and both are foldable upwards. So, you can easily bring them closer or far from the operator easily.

This feature helps to allow an ample amount of room for one to grip the barrel by hand. The bipod is very impressive overall. It makes the snipping blaster seem legit and real. Also, there’s no additional weight. So, no bulky feel when you hold the Elite Centurion Blaster.

Overall – The grip feels nice due to the ample space providing the bipod with no extra bulkiness.

3. Mega Darts are Pretty Mega, The Large Clip Accommodation is New Too

nerf centurion reviews

Here’s something new with Elite Centurion Blaster. It comes with six mega darts. However, there’s also a new huge clip. And this works to accommodate those darts. These mega darts are two times bigger than regular elite ones.

And because of that, you can very well reach the 75 feet distance range. Usually, some blasters provide a max range and fail to prove the claim even at half of the stated one. But not with the Elite Centurion Blaster.

Keep In Mind – If you hit a foe standing in close range, it’s still capable enough to leave a mark. So a little bit of carefulness is highly encouraged.

About the darts, these are comparatively very soft we must say. The tip made of rubber is very spongy to feel.

Overall – Impressive Mega Darts That Wins The 75 feet Distance Range.

4. Mag Capacity is Slightly Off with Accuracy Being as Expected of a Huge Dart Blaster

Coming to the magazine’s holding capability. It can hold up to 6 darts. These are pretty huge and also, you can notice the hugeness clearly. In terms of the rate of fire, it’s not as fast as the battery-operated nerf guns. And so, in repeated shots, ascertaining the accuracy can be a bit tricky.

Suggestion – If you need spare darts, buying a few is an option that exists. It’s always best to have a lot than too few.

When using the Elite Centurion Blaster, you need to do some bolt pulling. It should come 2 feet backwards. And then you need to resight yourself. The accuracy is reasonable but not perfect. And balancing the thing can feel tiring too.

Of course, not when you rest the Elite Centurion Blaster on the sofa’s back. You can also use the bipod on the floor for this task.

A more magnified outcome is expected with tiny movements. Especially when compared to the shorted blaster. This is because the barrel end is further away.

Overall – A reasonable amount of accuracy with the huge 6 darts which is also the magazine’s holding capacity.

5. Safe Playing of Kids with a Nerf Gun That’s a Bit Much in Travel & Resistance

Now the Elite Centurion Blaster comes with a clear allowance of 8 years old kids to enjoy the nerfing without any problem. But as a parent, you want to be a bit careful. Maybe seat at one end of the house, keep them on the watch.

The darts are huge and close-range shots can be hurtful. It’s good to avoid any bizarre experiences. Don’t get too intimidated by this small piece of advice by us.

We just want you to know, even if the Elite Centurion Blaster is very well suitable for a child 8 years old, it’s still good to keep things under safety. The action of the bolt has some good travelling and resistance action. And our thoughts are coming from this point.

Overall – Allow smaller kids to play with the Elite Centurion Blaster under check.

6. Users’ Opinions

According to several users, Elite Centurion Blaster is a lot of fun to use with wild inaccuracy with very far shoots. It’s easy to catch attention when surrounded by NERFers, and many have shared that this feels awesome. The loading and priming need precise handling or there can be a noticeable jam. It surely gives a snipper vibe when holding hands.

7. Pros & Cons

What We Liked About Elite Centurion Blaster:

  • The tips are hollow and flexible.
  • Foam construction is top-notch and durable.
  • 100 feet dart firing capability with moderate accuracy.
  • The included 6-dart clip is nice to have.
  • The bipod is very useful for stability.

What We Don’t Like About the Elite Centurion Blaster:

  • Repeated jams on bolt action are a bit annoying.

Overall Thoughts

And one of the highly wanted nerf centurion reviews is now coming to an end. We went through its lot of features and seems like the Nerf Centurion Mega Toy Blaster definitely will be a great purchase.

The sheer size can feel a bit daunting and too much at first. Thinking about a kid wielding it may make you creep about the whole thing. However, it’s not that heavy in reality and any kid who is pretty into NERFing won’t have much trouble as the included bipod is also there.

The range is nice, the build seems super solid and overall, the ammo concept is new. So, there’s no way wholly you will find the Elite Centurion Blaster a terrible option but rather a good one for a more snipper-like feel.

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