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Nerf Hammershot Review – Does It Lives Up to Expectation?

Anybody who wants to enjoy the actual feel of a one-handed sidearm would love to come across the Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster. It’s one fantastic secondary sidearm blaster to grab that stands out with its pretty orange design scheme.

Not to mention the fabulous-looking details that scream zombies. After hearing such good words about this extremely compatible style blaster, you must want to know more about its other performance perspective.

Such as accuracy, handling, range, loading, firing, and so on. To make you view the whole picture of what’s coming with this nerf gun pick, let’s hold a complete nerf hammer shot review for today. Keep on Reading…

1. Starting the Nerf Hammershot Review with Its Features

Nothing speaks better than the list of features that a certain nerf gun comes with. Here’s the one for Hammershot:

  • Comes with the exclusive Hammershot firing mechanism. This system makes the whole one-handed springer sidearm experience one-of-a-kind. So that there’s a complete potential dual wield facility.
  • Includes moulding on the grip.
  • Cool design with the wood effect like paint style.
  • Up-to-the-mark accuracy benefits as well as range capability.
  • Hammer acting blasting supported sidearm.
  • Zombie strike darts supported, can hold up to 5.
  • Includes instruction and stencils too.

2. An Aesthetic Involved Design That Catches Attention

The first thing to notice about Zombie Strike Hammershot is its amazing design concept with the faux, wood wrapping on the handle. This gives it a very rough look along with the coolness of a Z-logo that reminds me of graphite. The surface detailing is also quite impressive. The solid construction along with its design looks just like how a Veteran NERFers would prefer it to be.

Usually, with some models, you can get disappointed with both side design not equally being impressive. But with the Zombie Strike Hammershot, this is not the case.

There’s a strap point with handle-mounting. Also, you’ll find an opening right beneath the cylinder chamber. This is for huge strap hook accommodation probably. To attach the ammo holder, you get a solo tactical rail on top too.

3. Loading is Moderately Fine, But a Bit Difficult for Smaller Hand Folks

The whole matter of loading with Zombie Strike Hammershot is fairly like any other regular blaster. From the front, accessing each chamber is very simple. However, if you give the bottom two rotations, access can be even quicker and easier.

Pushing the darts is where you can feel a bit disappointed. As with too much pressure, there’s a chance of causing a slight jam. While if you are very weak with pushing darts, it can come out in a matter of moments. However, these are very uncommon problems that have made users give up on zombie Strike Hammershot.

After loading, you need to pull the hammer down. And that will prime it. At first few attempts, this can feel a bit tough. But with the passing of time, you’ll feel comfortable with it. Larger hands won’t have issues with this loading system. But it can be a bit painful to work with for those who have slightly smaller hands.

4. The Fun with Fan-Firing

You don’t get any small-fire features with Zombie Strike Hammershot. However, the pretty same effect can be achieved with a little practice. As it includes fan-fire once you trigger and prime. The few first attempts will be disappointing. You just have to not lose hope with those. Also using your limited 5 shots can make you think as it’s a waste of ammo.

Another good thing about the zombie Strike Hammershot is its spring fire mechanism. This helps to reduce the occurrence of any jams. Also triggering mechanism feels much easier with it.

5. Then Comes Its One-Handed Wonders

Undoubtedly the one-handed priming ability of zombie Strike Hammershot is very promising. Especially when compared to its competitors. But do keep in mind that the open muzzle can lead to a bit of an issue with carrying ability with other gear. Apart then that, the zombie Strike Hammershot quite very well meets the expectation for one-handed usage.

6. Moving onto The Speed in Usage

There are many revolver-style blasters out there. But in terms of providing a nice balance, many NERFers would opt for Hammershot undoubtedly. However, the fact that it comes with a bit long and stiff hammer action is also there.

The forward motion of the hammer is also noticeably less, due to the presence of an air restrictor. So, in the case of full-range shots, it is going to be a bit delaying. You can speed up by fanning the hammer. However, this will cause a drastic decrease in range. A full crooked mechanism is necessary for maximum range.

7. Solid Performer in Terms of Range

With the Hammershot, you get an average distance of 50 to 53 feet when the fire is flat and done from shoulder equal height. You should not face any difficulty with the upper-60-foot range too when firing in a 30-degree arc. The maximum range here can be up to 69 feet.

To outline a figure, expect it to give 6 shots every 5 seconds. The rate of fire however has a bit slow reading period. The same goes for the time needed on hammer return. The accuracy is however pretty fine for those who have experience with using Elite-Series blaster. Overall, not bad.

8. The Feel-to Hand Is Comfortable

Now coming to the feel that Hammershot leaves when you hold it. There’s no doubt that it’s quite comfortable. With the grip being enough large, you can easily grab it. But then again, some may not love the moulding of the rag or bandage on the grip.

While squeezing the shot off, the trigger feels comfortable too. The position of the priming hammer is also quite impressive. This is one great reason why the Hammershot shines with its one-handed uniqueness. Due to the good positioning, you can easily execute shots without having much difficulty. Those who want to include scopes, sling mounts, and gizmos would love the included tactical rail.


  • One hand priming facility.
  • Jam issues are quite rare to occur.
  • Easy and quick front-loading benefit.
  • The range is pretty good.
  • The trigger action feels nice.
  • Similar to slam-fire, there’s fan-fire.
  • Can use worn darts too.
  • Compact outlook for comfortable one-handed usage.


  • The capacity for darts seems a bit low.

9. Overall Thoughts on Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster.

After going through all its features and talking a bit about them, you should already have a thought lingering on your mind about getting it or not.

We feel like the blaster will surely make a promising secondary blaster with fabulous one-handed priming ability. Plus, its nice front-loading capability. The compact design feels fine to hold and use. It won’t be false to say that this one has the potential of becoming a favourite spring-firing sidearm of many involved NERFers out there.

Maybe if they improve the 5-shot cylinder and grip moulding things, it can become an excellent blaster that lives up to every expectation. It gets strong points for reliability, performance, and design as well. And on that note, we have come to the very end of today’s nerf hammer shot review. See you with something similar soon!

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