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Nerf HyperFire Review | Why Should You Buy Nerf HyperFire?

If we have to call a few names for fast-firing to nerf funs, no way that HyperFire won’t be included on that list. It comes with a lit 25-shot drum magazine and an amazingly powerful battery-powered motor drive.

Each second you get to enjoy the spitting-out performance of five foam darts. And there is more good news to come with this one-of-a-kind nerf gun. We will be talking about the most astounding ones today, in this carefully designed nerf hyper fire review.

Should you go ahead and make a purchase or skip to the next choice of your list, hopefully by the end we will get an answer.

Starting Off the Nerf HyperFire Review with Its Features & Offerings Talk

Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire Blaster comes with some fun, exciting, and energy-driven features to talk about. Let’s put them short so that you can catch a quick glance. In the next few segments, we will be breaking down each to talk in a bit more depth.

  • Known to be the fastest firing blaster to exist.
  • Comes with 25 elite darts.
  • 90 feet maximum range facility is included.
  • The whole dart blasting is motorized.
  • 25-dart drum supported.
  • Each second with 5 darts.
  • Needs 4 batteries to operate.

1. Getting Out of The Box & Having Initial Design Thoughts

First of all, with the nerf gun you do not need to involve in any sort of assembly. You just need to slot around 4 D-type batteries into the stock. Two crosshead screws should be screwed under a door. You get a drum mag as well inside the box. And also 25 elite darts packed inside.

Keep In Mind – you need to buy the 4-D type batteries separately as it’s not included with the blaster.

The body of the Elite Hyperfire feels quite stubby. It’s also a lot chunky and the whole outlook is similar to a submachine gun. On the barrel, there is an accessory rail, and also you get a thumbhole stock. Right below of barrel is a substantial handgrip. It’s quite plastic all over with orange and blue going around mostly.

There’s also a sliding catch included hatch secured right on the back of accessory rails. So that you can avoid jams and similar issues easily. There’s no too wide opening noticeable with the hatch. And maybe that’s why we feel it won’t help very much with jams.

The 4 D-cells including Elite Hyperfire is completely automatic. On fresh batteries, you can expect to shot five in each second with a maximum range of 27. We will get on that a bit later.

Overall – Out of The Box, Elite Hyperfire is a complete killer with an automatic performance, nice positioning of parts, and also, a real-like submachine gun design.

2. Quite Impressed With Its Ease of Use

Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire

The loading of Elite Hyperfire is very simple and usual. Into the very top of the mag, you need to dart in the right direction. Then you can check if the batteries are in place and finally slide the magazine into the slot. This should be right beneath the gun. And that’s all for firing next.

Suggestion – If you are not sure in what direction the darts should go, check on the side. There should be an arrow sign to let you know the right flow.

Through pulling the trigger, it instantly starts popping darts. However, with your middle finger, you need also to work with the secondary trigger. This one makes sure the motor is spinning up. And then you need to trigger the main one.

Overall – Easy to Insert Darts with Instant Popping at Trigger.

A Stable Pace with Pretty Effortless Handling Capability

Talking about the pace and accuracy, it’s quite steady and decent, to be honest. The whole expecting is more fun so you won’t be bothered by a tiny lacking, even if there’s not much usually.

With fresh batteries, it can spread 20 inches at a 20 feet distance. As an ammo sprayer-style stuff, it’s actually a very interesting distance that seems impressive overall. Now the Elite Hyperfire claims of max 27m range. And it does manage to get there.

Keep In Mind – Within the max range, there’s some inconsistency. And you would definitely notice that. Any shot out of this max range is a sure zero at providing accuracy.

Because of the batteries pulling the mass towards the shoulder, you will feel it’s quite easy to handle. This makes things pretty balanced and so, the blaster is actually excellent for any type of player to easily handle.

Overall – Stable at Pace with Decent Impressing Accuracy, The Range Feels Promising Too.

3. Slightly Disappointed with Being Quickly Out of Ammo

Here comes one thing that has made us a bit off about Elite Hyperfire. But for the price range, that’s quite acceptable actually. At first, with a 25-dart mag feature, it would feel like a very generous thing to have. But once you realize that each second wastes around 4-5 shots, things quickly seem the opposite.

Suggestion – This can be easily fixed by getting some mags to back it up. Not to mention the ease of swiping those out that makes the solution even legit.

Pull the drum down a bit and push the button in front of the trigger. And that would allow the mag to quickly drop out. There can be a very tiny amount of resistance, but that’s highly ignorable. Even younger kids won’t face any trouble with such little resistance.

This makes us quite convinced about giving the Elite Hyperfire a near-solid score for the rate of fire. Because even if the ammo runs out shortly, there’s also this one-of-a-kind feature that allows you to shoot 25 darts in only 5 seconds. That’s Very Fast Firing!

Overall – Superb Fast Firing Performance. But Feels Out of Darts Too Soon & That Can Be a Bit Irritating Unless You Back It Up with Some Mags.

4. About the Noise & Battery Accessing Problem

The motor and flywheel have a whirring issue. And this is another downside that you might notice clearly with the battery-powered blaster. The problem with this is it kind of allows a warning to your foe, not a long one though. Probably for a split second. But the fact is, noise is there and it’s not entirely silent.

Coming to the battery of Elite Hyperfire. No doubt is a sword-like beast that can last you ages. And you won’t need to go for frequent changes too. However, the other side to this is a bit complicated.

The batteries of Elite Hyperfire are pretty less common to access easily. These are not your regular ones lying inside the drawer. Kids won’t love the fact that they need to wait until the weekends. So that you can have some time in finding stock of DD cells. This however may not be a problem if you choose to have those batteries always available in case the operating ones run out.

Another thing is that with a bit of worn-out darts, you can experience some jamming issues. With the batteries getting old, the problems also start becoming more obvious. These batteries are also comparatively a bit expensive, also quite larger. And so, the change sometimes will feel heavy on the budget. You can, however, go for rechargeable ones by upgrading them.

Overall – A Noticeable Amount of Noise with Batteries That Are Long Lasting but Expensive & Time-Consuming to Change.

5. The Noteworthy Belt System

With a very innovative belt system, the Elite Hyperfire makes dart flinging easier and better. It comes with tabs to grip darts. The thing basically pulls darts from the drum to keep them in place.

Until you are ready to start firing. With a pulled trigger, this conveyor belt that is motorized will start to spin. And this makes it pass the darts to the flywheel. So that the darts can fling out instantly.

Overall – Clever Conveyor Belt System Implemented in Elite Hyperfire.

6. Slanted Flywheels Are Another Applause Deserving High Point

The Elite Hyperfire also comes with slanted or canter flywheels. So that spinning darts can come out of nerfing gun. And attach the opponent at the most speed.

The cool spinning effect provides the exact same feel as rifling with a real-life firearm. And this makes it quite easier to predict your results, plus tighter grouping is possible.

Overall – Real Life Firearm Rifling Feel Due to The Flywheel Design of Elite Hyperfire Being Slanted.

7. Pros and Cons

What We Find Good About Elite Hyperfire

  • The firing rate is super rapid.
  • Loading and reloading are quite easy.
  • The size is manageable and easy to balance.
  • Accuracy is not bad and predictable for the price.
  • Wholly automatic.

What’s Problematic with Elite Hyperfire

  • Not so stealthy motor whirring.
  • Battery costing is not convenient.

Final Verdict

Nerf Hyper Fire Blaster

And we have hit the very last segment of this nerf hyper fire review. Do we recommend this nerf gun considering not just its fast-firing benefit but other aspects as well? Yes, we do! But then again, there still can be a group of NERFers who may have needs and requirements that some other nerf gun is better at providing. And so, the final decision should not be based on only our recommendation but also on your own understanding of this whole matter.

If a faster and real-life rifling effect seems like the features you want to have in your blaster along with a stepped-up accuracy then surely the fire covering of Nerf N-Strike Hyper Fire Blaster will be a value of money for you.

But do take note that the awesome engineering and boosted inner mechanisms still can’t entirely hide its tendency to jam often. And this becomes even more noticeable with old and worn darts. If that can be an issue you may not enjoy dealing with, go for another option.

Overall, the Elite Hyperfire can be a highly satisfying defence role taker that provides complete auto blasting benefits with excellent technical performance while lacking a tad bit of practicality.

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