Nerf Laser Ops Pro Review

AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Review–Is It Really Worth It?

From no mess to ruin your mood to having an easier pick and play support, there are a few extremely powerful pointers about the AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Toy Blaster that make it a favourite of many blasting enjoyers.

You get to enjoy both the fast and simple mechanism with it. And this makes the games more involved-into type that is actually pretty fun. Now, what are those extremely powerful features that make this toy blaster a well-priced and fun-to-play option for any age player?

We will be talking about those strong good notes today in this nerf laser ops pro review. From the claimed features to breaking them down to find more in-depth data, we’ll be talking a lot hopefully. Stay till The End!

Starting the Nerf Laser Ops Pro Review with Its Feature Set

AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Toy Blaster
  • It requires 8 batteries that are not included in the package.
  • Up to 225 feet single-shot IR beam firing available.
  • Customizable blaster with Nerf Laser Ops Pro Application.
  • Holds a smart device with 2 armbands included.
  • Compatible with AA Alkaline batteries only.
  • Feature sound and light effects.
  • Quick reload button included.
  • Unlimited ammo support included.
  • Teams, ammo, and health indicators included.

1. First Impression Is Solid

The AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Toy Blaster is a pack of two single-hand beasts. The simple mechanism also comes with emitters. And this is on the barrel. Not to forget the top-placed receivers.

No separately worn chest piece is there. The blaster will contain everything itself. And also, you don’t have to go through a terribly long process for it to be ready for play. Just pop inside four AA batteries and the AlphaPoint will be prepared for some action. You need a total of eight batteries for both blasters. Also, this blaster is compatible with Alkaline batteries.

Keep in Mind – You need to separately purchase the batteries as those are not included with a blaster.

The plastic-free packaging makes our environment-loving side happy. Also, there’s storage for keeping both blasters safely. To load batteries, you need a regular tiny Phillips screwdriver basically.

Overall – The design is impressive with simple and plastic-free packaging as well as the fact that it requires no complicated preparation ritual.

2. Modes Are Fascinating with Easy-to-Play Setup

The AlphaPoint comes with impressive Laser Tag technology. This will help in easier hit registering plus there’s score tracking too. Also, the lights included are very fascinating. There’s no need for one to go and look for ammo as it’s a pure electronic blaster.

You can play by choosing three fantastic modes. These are free-for-all, team, and solo modes. There are lights on blasters that will allow you to start the play right away. And this does not require any smartphone. However, with the application, you’ll be able to truly enjoy some advanced playing features that make the whole thing more fun.

Overall – the modes are very easy to adapt to and useful for any type of game mood, also it’s a genuine electronic blaster that needs no ammo.

3. Easy Reloading & Outdoor/Indoor Modes Switching

AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro

To reload with the AlphaPoint, you simply use the button that stays right on the handle’s base. You simply need to press it with your hand and the blaster will be ready to shoot again. There’s also the power button here. Other things that are located in this spot are the switch for indoor/outdoor mode and the team indicator.

Suggestion – You can simply slam the AlphaPoint against a surface for gaining energy to blast once again.

Now with the indicators, you can have the vital health and AMMO check constantly available for better play. The blasters back come with a light-up display. And this makes the game straightforward for sure. For both indoor and outdoors, the AlphaPoint works pretty well and is similar.

Overall – It’s simple to reload with the button available, switching indoor-outdoor modes is also simple for the switch and there are also helpful ammo and health indicators.

4. A Brilliant App Support & Fun with Smartphone Attachment

To extend the experience and get more involved with a fun, using the phone app is just the right thing to do when playing with AlphaPoint. Quite similar to a console game, you get the ability to gain experience through the app. Also, there’s scope for level-up.

With continuous play, you’ll earn fantastic gains such as more ammo to play with or health to keep on with the game. There’s also an armband that comes with each kit. This is to allow your phone for mounting right on your forearm.

Keep in Mind – Armbands are not there to protect the smartphone, so being careful is important.

And with your phone connected, it makes the whole blasting experience more engaged and competitive. Glancing down while being careful from attacks becomes so much easier as well.

Overall – With the app and smartphone inclusion, the games become even more thrilling and fun to play.

5. The Included Rubber Bands Are Good

With the package, you should get 2 rubber bands for attaching the smartphone to both blasters. It’s quite rubbery and gives a sticky feel that is very obvious. The flexibility and softness help with extra grip too. On top of the fabric, these bands last quite well. However, if you wear them on bare skin, then there’s a chance of experiencing hair pulled out when trying to take it off.

Most of the phones are capable to fit in the band. You may feel a bit uncomfortable while putting them on, but that’s not too bad to seem irritating. Also, they are quite secure but still a tad bit of fear that the smartphone will drop remains there.

Overall – The included rubber bands are well made, but it’s best to be careful with the smartphone attached.

Popular User Opinions

It’s definitely a great purchase according to most users with the application making the fun double. But some however shared how difficult it was for them to download the app while a few failed.

Then again, even without the app quite a few users still love the accuracy and good distance performance. The making was also a notable pointer about Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint. However, there were also complaints about people receiving it without a few parts or included items, which is for sure a disappointing thing to happen.

Pros & Cons:

Things We Liked About Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint:

  • Very suitable for adult children.
  • An affordable set to get for play.
  • Reflects through wonder and mirror which looks fascinating.
  • Long-range is nice.
  • Linking lots of guns is possible with it.

Things We Didn’t Like About Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint:

  • Missing items are often the case according to a few people.

Overall Thoughts on Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint

So, we are done with the nerf laser ops pro review for today. What do you think? Here’s what we feel like.

This is true that guns without foam darts are often less fun and more boring to many blast lovers. But with the Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint, it does not feel like that. You are still going to find it pretty interesting to enjoy laser tag. The box is simply free for all mode is fun. And so is the phone-controlled team battle. Plus, the pricing makes it a solid budget purchase for a toy blaster.

Overall, there’s less space to complain about and more things to love and enjoy. This leaves us with no choice but really adore Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint and recommend it to anyone who loves spending hours inside or outside playing with a fun toy blaster.

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