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Nerf Mega Mastodon Review – Yay or Nay?

The fun of having Mega darts including ultimate bigger springers and not to forget huge plungers. It’s now a trend quite everybody who’s into Nerfing love to go for. And the Nerf Mega Mastodon with its captivating full-automatic flywheel has grabbed a reputation of being a solid behemoth blaster.

But how much of the features, facilities and fun are for real, should you bother giving it a try and further thoughts going around your head could be sorted after going through this complete nerf mega mastodon review. Yes, that’s what we plan to do for today!

Starting the Nerf Mega Mastodon Review with Its Features Set

Nerf Mega Mastodon

What do the Nerf Mega Mastodon claim to offer? Here’s the list:

  • The rotating drum of 24-dart is included.
  • Comes with 24 Mega Whistler darts.
  • Up to 30 meters of firing.
  • The drum comes in 3 pieces.
  • There’s also a drum cage and two covers.
  • Includes strap, handle, and instructions.
  • Sperate purchase of 6 D batteries is required.

1. A Huge Beast That Comes with a Purposeful Design Indeed

Looking at the pictures of MEGA Mastodon, you will have no idea how really big this thing is. Only when you actually get it in your hands, do you feel the beast by its original size. The one main piece however still needs a tad bit of assembly.

It needs the non-removable revolving cylinder to go first. You should get the details in the instructions and the assembly is nothing too hard honestly. However, the point of providing two dark ash colour canopies feels a bit unknown to us. You need to use a slot-head screwdriver for popping batteries in.

Keep in Mind – It needs six D cell batteries to operate.

The overall design somehow makes you want to get serious about nerfing. It’s very purposeful in the outlook for some reason. The swivel handle is there for carrying the behemoth. An adjustable nylon shoulder strap is also available for optional use.

Overall – the huge design is very convincing, with super simple assembly & you need extra screwdrivers for replacing batteries.

2. Provided a Jam Door & Enough Tactical Rails

There’s a slide-back jam door at the left-hand side when you look up and fore towards the cylinder. The MEGA Mastodon surprisingly does not jam often.

Suggestion – For some reason, if the motor drive enables it to whirr up, check the jam door. Sometimes when the door is not fully closed, it tends to disable the motor drive.

There are three tactical rails you get with it. Below the barrel, there’s one. The other two sit on top. Some may feel there’s no need for three rails. However, there’s no loss in having more but there’s definitely a problem with not having enough. So, kudos.

Overall – Includes a jammed door to sidestep troubles and three nice-to-have tactical rails for adding further capabilities.

3. Easy-Peasy Loading with Tricky Yet Doable Aiming

Coming to the lading process with MEGA Mastodon, it’s super simple. Just need you to locate the opening of the cylinder front and push some mega darts inside. Use your hand for rotating the cylinder if it needs to.

If it’s not for someone less in height, there’s no need for a shoulder strap. But for a kid, the straps are fantastic to provide extra support while carrying. But someone taller can simply hold it a bit in front for good aiming. Waist level can provide better results as MEGA Mastodon is not a sighting at cheek height type of blaster.

Overall- Moderately fair easy with aiming while loading is super simple and needs very little effort.

4. Spinning Mega Darts & a Fair Enough Range to Praise

The first few darts coming out with the spinning motor drive is for sure a thrilling experience for anyone. The MEGA Mastodon proves to be serving with power and domination when you hold it. The mega darts are fun in that way.

But for accuracy, it’s still not good as the smaller Nerf darts. The spread is moderately fine. With fresh batteries, you can get accuracy at 20 inches when at 20 feet. The good covering is there as the firing rate is 2 darts each second. Pretty fast even for the storming position.

However, when it comes to ground-level parallel firing, the MEGA Mastodon is a bomb! It definitely excels with the Mega Darts in this area. As the range is around 40 to 50 feet. You don’t have to aim high. And there are no darts arcing down too.

Elevating the barrel for sake of increasing distance, however, adds maybe 20 feet maximum. That’s quite off when you think about elite darts capable of 50 feet in such a scenario. And so, it’s quite sayable that MEGA Mastodon is not for sniper-style or long-range fun.

Overall – Great to rule short to medium distances with wowing Mega darts that spin super-fast.

5. Kinda Sad About the Batteries Though

The Mastodon is undoubtedly better than smaller blasters when it comes to whirr of the motor as there’s no trouble of not being stealthy. However, the six D cells are definitely sad news that spoils the fun of the motor drive.

But then again, the performance drop is barely noticeable with Mastodon. You activate the motor drive with a given secondary trigger right below the main one. Using your middle finger should help you rev up your motor while the index can work for fire darts,

Overall – The choice of batteries is a bit upsetting but then the whirring of the motor makes us feel better, as there’s no issue of destroying being stealthy.

6. Pros & Cons

Things We Find Good About:

  • Very handy to use.
  • Super fun for any age.
  • Loading is simple and stress-free.
  • The ammo feed is quite reliable.
  • No shortage of tactical rails.

Things We Don’t Like About:

  • Batteries are expensive.

Overall Thoughts on Mastodon

Nerf Mega Mastodon

The hard-hitting and nice huge feel made us a fan of Mega Mastodon from the beginning. And if that was not enough, it came up with an extraordinarily fun medium-distance performance. The fact that it’s not super long-ranged for some reason does not upset us.

The only glitch could be those expensive batteries. But buying third-party darts can easily sort the trouble too. Overall, we definitely recommend the Mega Mastodon for a thrilling, powerful and fun nerf battle session.

So, what are your thoughts after reading this nerf mega mastodon review? Does it seem like the nerf fun you’re looking for? Hopefully, you can answer for yourself without any doubt!

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