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Nerf RapidStrike Review & Breakdown in 2023

Finding the most readily modifiable nerf blaster that also comes with a value for money engineering, sounds like a much-wished-for dream to come true. Yes, there are promising options today when we look at the popularly available options.

But most would start going downhill after a few days of use as there’s no solid internal quality to those. But one nerf blaster that proved to have all key upgrades was a total hit right from when it entered the market. We are talking about the Nerf N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike.

Faster shooting, nice consistency, and a less complicated gearbox make it already a fine piece of nerfing fun to include in one’s collection. But what are the other factors that truly make it a must-have item? We will be talking about those in this non-biased nerf rapid strike review.

Starting the Nerf RapidStrike Review with Its Solid List of Offerings

Nerf CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike

So, what are the features that you get to enjoy with the Nerf CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike? Let’s check out right below…

  • Holding capability is 18 elite darts.
  • Rapid firing is possible with an acceleration trigger that the motor uses for power.
  • 90 feet firing of elite darts with the Rapidstrike.
  • Comes with a clip to hold the darts and is see-through.
  • There can be noticeable jams when not using Hasbro Nerf darts.
  • Closing the jam-clearing door will allow this blaster to further function.

1. The First Impression Was Solid & Strong

After getting the best gun out of its box, you should find also the clear magazine with 18 rounds. The unpacking will also lead you to 18 darts in total. And not to forget an instruction manual telling you what to do and what not.

Keep in Mind – The included 18 darts will go with any true N-strike Elite Blaster you have. These are not limited in any way to use only for the included Rapidstrike.

If you look at the very front grip, there should be four C batteries mounted. These are there for allowing power to flywheels. Just below the muzzle, work with the screwdriver and you’ll have access.

Suggestion – To access batteries, you are going to need a Philips screwdriver. You need to buy the tool separately. If you are thinking of giving the blaster as a gift to your kid, make sure to buy these additional things too.

You need to press down the release button for mag change. Use your free hand for getting the mag out then. You can simply extend your middle finger for holding down the trigger. And the other hand can reach out. Both manners are nothing terrible or complicated, in fact, these are quite easy.

Overall – Provides Mag, Darts, Instructions with The Blaster Itself While User Needs to Buy Battery Accessing Tool. Changing Mag is Simple to Understand & Do.

2. A Robust Stock That Goes In & Out with Front Bulking Balance.

Generally, the RapidStrike is not more than 2 feet in length. However, when you are extending the stock, it gets taller. There are two positionings with the stock. It can be fully in. Or you can have it with fully out positioning.

Usually, extendible stocks are huge failures in terms of durability. But the ones with RapidStrike are surprisingly very solid. Even in an engaged and heated battle, it creates zero issues with giving way.

The batteries of RapidStrike are positioned right beneath the barrel. And due to this, there’s a feel of front-heavy balance. This can be a bit problematic. But not usually. Because with the grip positioning, the balance actually feels pretty right. So, from that point of view, it’s not a terrible thing.

Overall – No issues with extended stock, compared to most other stocks, it is solid and the front-heavy balance feels not very bad due to grip positioning.

3. Lots of Tactical Rails & Sling Mounting Points Are There.

Now one thing with RapidStrike is that it comes with more than just a few tactical rails. Maybe a few won’t even come to your use as generally there’s no need to go for so many of them. The design will seem like the rails were fitted anywhere they found a space.

There are many sling mountings points too. The carry handle has one. While the top of the muzzle area also has one. The grip’s butt area also comes with it. So that’s pretty a lot. For those who find it better to lessen the range a bit, the barrels are addable. It can be more unwieldy when there’s a need.

At the very end of the barrel, you can find an iron site to flip up. While looking through the angle, you basically try to aim. This feels cool honestly and gives a rough vibe.

But from a practical point of view, you may not really understand its function. As we all know, the elite darts have a reputation for flying off, almost all over the place. And so, getting them closer to target will be a tough thing to do even if you bring the finest sight available in the world.

Overall – Too Many Tactical Rails May Feel Overly Done, Comes with Several Mounting Points & The Flip-Up Iron Site Looks Nice but Hardly Useful.

4. Specifically, Achievable Rate of Fire

Nerf Elite Rapidstrike

Lay-down cover is when you can work with a high rate of fire with the RapidStrike. When you try to throw a controlled burst at your foe while both pulling into the shoulder, there’s no discomfort. At the same time, it also feels light enough for you to easily wave around corners and go for spraying. It would highly depend on what type of goals you’re trying to achieve.

Suggestion – Due to the wrong choice of darts or an underlying issue, there can be jam occurrence. In such a case, check if the jam-clearing door is wholly closed. This usually solves the problem.

If we go a little bit backward, then the fact that a blaster comes with three rounds each second was amazing and something to be surely applauded on. However today, this is a common thing to have and nothing very wowing. Especially for a full auto nerf gun.

Then again, you need to consider the fact that a whole auto system will be too quick to eat away the ammo. And holding the trigger for that much time is not terrible, to be honest.

You already tagged a certain foe and then again discover them tagging. And this eventually tells that no more teammates there are left with anything. So, a few darts for each second slower is not a very big deal.

Overall – Comfortable Firing That is Also Controllable, Feels Light Enough to go into Corners and Spray, The Saga of Whole Auto Being Fast.

5. Priming Flywheel Performance with Easy Loading & Firing

Loading with flywheel blasters is nothing new to those who are into NERFing for quite a while now. Spinning the flywheels at first and then going for a grip-located button are the typical two steps you need here. Spinning into full speed may take a bit of time for the flywheels. Not a very unexpected thing with stock batteries and motors to be honest.

If getting the best range is your goal, waiting for it to spin at full speed is ideal. You can fire before that but the other way is better. As soon as the spinning is right, go for the trigger and see those darts flying. A remarkable note on RapidStrike has to be the fact that this is the first blaster ever to include a flywheel with dual speed capability.

This means the flywheel goes half-speed at first once you pull the spin button. After that, you pull the trigger and it starts accelerating up. So that the battery drain can be minimized. Also, to shorten the time required for spinning up. Smart!

Suggestion – If you specifically want to enjoy the best accuracy with any type of elite series nerfs blaster, consider getting the AccuStrike Darts. As these are better at giving accuracy with the spinning action.

Simply hold the flywheel trigger down for a single shot. Briefly squeeze the main trigger next. If you keep on holding, all the darts will run out shortly. More specifically, you will lose all 18 darts in 6 seconds.

The usual case scenario has always shown that a springer is more reliable compared to a flywheel blaster. But the RapidStrike is a completely different story. It’s definitely pretty good and even works just fine with old darts. However, if the batteries start to get weak, you will notice issues.

Overview – Dual Speed Flywheel is Great at Minimizing Battery Drain as well as Spinning Time, Quite Reliable Surprisingly as it Works Very Well with Old Darts.

6. Pros and Cons

What We Liked About RapidStrike

  • Comfortable and well-balanced body design.
  • In full auto mode, you can use 3 darts each second.
  • Value for money is there.
  • Customization is possible and encouraging.
  • As a Flywheel blaster, quite reliable.

What We Didn’t Like About RapidStrike

  • The rate of fire could have been better.
  • There are slight noise issues.

Final Thoughts

And after a pretty long nerf rapid strike review that was maybe a bit here and there due to both good and bad notes, we have come to a point. Well, in the beginning, we already told you this thing has a lot of fans, and we are included. It’s for sure a fantastic and go-to full auto to try, especially in engagements that are meant to be chaotic.

The Nerf CS-18 N-Strike Elite Rapidstrike lets you enjoy upgrading freedom if the 3 darts each second is not enough. The well-balanced and okay rate of fire will be good enough to give decent covering fire. It also shines in terms of fire short bursts. Not to forget the comfort and reliability factors are also there.

On the whole, we don’t see a reason to not recommend this excellent blaster choice for those who can surely ignore a few weaknesses in exchange for some notable strong points.

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