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Nerf Regulator Review in 2023 | Read Before Buying

Along with its various Modulus components and the amazing select-fire feature, the Nerf Modulus Regulator is a popular nerf blaster for a reason. Apart from these, there are also other fabulous good things you probably have already heard about it.

However, when it comes to going for the ultimate fun firing performance, there’s always a doubt inside those who are less into nerf blaster matters. And so, getting a complete insight of this typical but popular nerf blaster sounds like just the right thing to do.

Today in this nerf regulator review we will be trying to make that happen for you. So that you can make the choice of getting it or not wisely.

Starting the Nerf Regulator Review with Its Feature Set

Nerf Modulus Regulator

Let’s start fresh with all the features that Nerf Modulus Regulator promises to provide coming up next:

  • Includes SwitchFire Technology
  • Comes with 3 modes to try.
  • Swivel handle to customize.
  • Includes 2 barrel scopes that are different and storage stock too.
  • Clip empty indicator included.
  • Two 12-dart clips are included.
  • 24 Modulus Elite Darts are included.
  • 4 C batteries are needed.

The Box Comes with a Bunch of Useful Stuffs

The very first thing about Modulus Regulator is its accompanying stuff that comes in nice packaging inside the box and needs you to use according to requirements. The blaster itself is there and it comes with a stock and carry handle. There are also two-barrel attachments.

You get 12 round magazines, two of them. And finally, there are 24 modulus elite darts provided. Not to forget the instructions on how you can work with it. Pretty comprehensive and looks like there’s nothing basic you’ll be missing with the Modulus Regulator.

Overall – Comes with all the necessary elements including stock, attachments, rounds of mags, darts, and handles for you to get started with the blaster.

A Solid Body That Holds All Crucial Elements

The very front area of the Modulus Regulator holds barrel attachment points for you to attach included barrels. Right beneath stays the front tactical rail and on top goes the sling attachment point.

There’s the jam clearing door on the back top part. You need to open this for getting the conveyor belt and clearing the jam. It needs to be close for firing once again.

Keep in mind – You need to use the lock and lift release for opening the door.

You can attach the super lead optics in the given tactical rails that are available further back along the top area. Includes stock will attach with the rear stock attachment point. There’s also a rear sling attachment point here.

Overall – The body holds tactical rails, attachment points, and also jam clearing doors in the right places that are easy to operate.

Smooth Comfortable Grip & Battery Requirements

Modulus Regulator comes with a much smaller grip, something we did not expect. If we compare it to Elite series norms, it’s for sure noticeably small. But that does not make it any hassle to work with.

This is pretty smooth and comfortable to feel. The trigger button is also a bit tinier. It requires a total of four batteries. For the battery installation, you need to get Philip to screw out and then detach the door to insert batteries. Don’t forget to close it before using it.

Keep in Mind – The batteries are not included; you need to buy them separately.

The Modulus Regulator needs C-style alkaline batteries. You will find the battery door right above the trigger that is located on side of the blaster.

Overall – The grip and trigger are smaller than expected but there’s no discomfort in using them, the batteries are also easy to install.

Great Velocity with Fun Firing

With Modulus Regulator, you don’t need to go for any different firing requirement than all other regular flywheel blasters out there. Also, it’s pretty fun to fire with. You can enjoy hard and fast firing with it that also seems to be a fairly good velocity.

Keep in Mind – There’s a need to select the mode for firing, this is the only thing that is different from another flywheel blaster.

To detect if a dart is fired, there’s also a sensor placed right in front of the Modulus Regulator. Also, the conveyor belt sometimes slips off track. And this can mess up with the fire rate.

Overall – The firing is fairly simple and fun with a little bit of an issue with the conveyor belt sometimes that may be due to some design fault.

Popular User Opinions

Most of the users have positive things to say about the Modulus Regulator. However, there are some notables that complain about jamming. The jam clearing door is that’s why a huge relief. Also, the darts don’t easily go through deformation and that’s a good thing according to many. There are also notes on accurate and far going shoots overall.

Pros & Cons

Things We Liked About Modulus Regulator:

  • Comes with all the necessary stuffs.
  • Firing is easy and good.
  • There’s a jam clearing door included.
  • Darts are great.
  • The grip feels comfortable.

Things We Didn’t Like About Modulus Regulator:

  • The conveyor belt has some issues.

Overall Thoughts on Modulus Regulator

Nerf Modulus Regulator

There’s no doubt the Nerf Modulus Regulator is a promising option to go for. Its fabulous select-fire feature, as well as reasonable ammo use, makes it a solid useful fake firearm to go for.

The ergonomic and layout can put some people go off about it. But for the price, it’s surely a whole package with all those necessary stuffs coming along. And that makes it obvious that the regulator is not a bad choice at all.

With that note, we are almost by the end of today’s nerf regulator review. Now it’s up to you for making a decision whether this nerf blaster deserves your purchase or not. Hopefully, with the above information, you won’t have much trouble making the choice.

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