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Nerf Rival Artemis Review in 2023 If You Plan to Buy It!

The Ergonomics Are on Point with Clever Design

If you are familiar with the shape of SMG, then by looking at Artemis you are going to remind that. Because with that grip meant for two hands, it’s maybe not exact but similar. Due to the grip being a bit on the heavier side, some will definitely enjoy the balance that Artemis comes with. While few may not really love the idea of a top-heavy point with it.

Also, if you look behind of trigger, there should be a safety lock button placed. This one is very well in terms of locating. As it’s easy to access quickly. You just use your thumb to press. On the top part of Artemis, you will notice a rail. This is neither a tactical nor Picatinny variant of rail. Don’t confuse due to a similar shape.

Overall – The body holds more weight on the top part, which could be a good or bad thing depending on the personal preference of the player.

Simple Looking Reload Mechanism That’s Actually More When You Use It

You would expect to experience a typical plug-play scenario with Artemis just from the first glance. But that’s not the case and it’s actually a bit more than so. On the very top of the blaster, you get integrated magazines. And there are three of them. With each of the mags, you get 10 rounds to hold.

Keep in Mind – You cannot use Nerf Darts with Artemis. Only Nerf Rival Ball Rounds will be compatible.

The reloading holes should be hidden with a plastic shroud right on top. And it basically slides back to expose the holes. Here you can feed solo rounds inside the mags directly. The spring gets pulled back by this shroud too. And so, there’s no tension that can make it difficult for balls to freely slide within the mags.

Overall – Reloading isn’t hard at all; just needs you to know how to do it. The compatibility with only a certain round can limit you from buying darts or other ammunition.

No Accidental Ball Falling with Valve-Like Holes Inclusion

The design of Artemis is for sure something you ought to find impressive. The holes we were just talking about also have a neat function that you’ll definitely notice. And that’s these are meant to work like a valve.

Once you load the ball in (which itself is an easy process), there’s also no problem with accidental falling. Sometimes when you mistakenly tip the blaster this is what happens next.

The same goes for scenarios when a blaster unintentionally flip upside down. But due to the valve factor of Artemis, this scene is very rare to happen. In midgame, such features prove to be very helpful, especially during a reloading session.

However sometimes feeding balls one after another inside the mag, players may find the task a bit cumbersome. This isn’t a very popular opinion, but some believe the reload could have been more efficient like other blasters out there.

Overall – Due to the holes playing the role of valves, there’s no tension of balls falling around while you are trying to fully engage in the game.

Integrated Ammo Storage, Needs No Repeating Adjustment

Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 Red

So, the ammo storage is basically those clear tubes you can see on the back. There’s no detachable mag concept going here with Artemis. And it’s basically an integrated magazine situation with the blaster.

Suggestion – Sliding back the cover on top of the magazine, you can simply discover the little opening that allows loading.

There’s also no spring compression. And this means while loading the balls you are basically compressing the spring already. So, no fiddling around and forcing things are necessary with the ammo.

Independent mags are three in total and that’s why you see basically three holes for the loading mechanism. Instead of filling one mag entirely, you can share the loads in three. That works better rather than loading again and again.

Overall – Because you get the mag integrated and it’s not detachable, the ammo storage becomes simpler.

Slam Firing is Fun Within Confined Space

Artemis also has a glowing slam fire ability that for obvious reason will be something anyone would expect of hardcore performance. For confined areas, the mechanism is for sure fabulous.

There’s no need for you to aim dedicatedly for such areas. And the fun of slam fire will be only there for you to enjoy instead of such thoughts that are more like burdens. The speed is also decent.

Keep in Mind – You must hold the trigger, and pump-priming hand, and then expect those foam to fly at high speed.

However, the whole slam-fire fun won’t last any more than half a minute. That however is pretty regular with any other blaster performing slam fire. However, locks can be a common issue that creates trouble with such fast firing.

Overall – Small areas work best for enjoying slam firing with Artemis which also includes a simple mechanism for the whole trigger pulling and priming steps.

Speed Could Have Been Better While Muzzle Velocity Do Impress

Artemis comes with pretty decent muzzle velocities if you compare it with the N-strike ranges. But when it comes to speed, the results are a little bit down, to be honest. There’s room for improvement here with the Artemis.

But this does not by any means refer that the blaster is bad. Because the issue after all is actually not huge. Since you are still having the high-impact round ammo working for it. And the consistency is no joke. Hitting a ton is still a very much possible scenario when playing with the Artemis.

Overall – The speed is somewhat less impressive, but considering the existence of high-impact ammo, Artemis is still not disappointing to be fair.

Misfiring is Possible as Well As Somewhat Lack of Accuracy with Too Violent Shots

Anybody who tries a few shots with the Artemis will definitely find it pretty cool. The prime leading barrel to make a rotation for taking one round from a mag is smooth and efficient for sure.

However, there’s still a chance of misfiring if somebody chooses to play a bit violently. The Artemis needs clever operation when playing with it. Nerfing nerds will be able to handle that part pretty well.

The accuracy is also a bit questionable when you are trying to slam fire with Artemis. However, that’s a common scenario to take place whenever the game gets a bit intense. As in the heat of the moment, it’s pretty obvious to throw some inaccurate shots anyway.

Priming a bit too hard with the handle going back and forth can also call upon such a scenario of less precision. But a person who is not inadequate in maintaining coordination when playing will rarely face this.

Overall – The accuracy is missing somewhat with slam firing and too violent priming also brings less precession but clever players will still find it easy to operate.

Popular Opinion of Users

Nerf Rival Artemis

According to maximum nerf players trying Artemis, the blaster itself is really cool looking with a bit of exaggeration on engineering and design but in a good way. The feel and look when gripping the Artemis are also highly praised. There’s hardly any major complaint about the overall functioning and the mag also seems to impress, just maybe not during long game periods.

Pros & Cons

What We Liked About Nerf Rival Artemis:

  • Reloading is simple.
  • There’s no need for batteries.
  • Accuracy is moderately good.
  • The range of Artemis is nice.
  • Ammo capacity is pretty decent.
  • Easy to carry around.

What We Didn’t Like About Nerf Rival Artemis:

  • Adding stock is not possible.
  • Missing precision when slam firing.

Overall Thoughts on Artemis

And we are done with today’s nerf rival Artemis review. Time for a statement on whether it’s a good one to grab or simply something you can toss to look for another option.

Well, the design itself is very cool and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, the impact-providing round does a pretty good job and so those who prefer darts will also not mind the switch. The supply of ammo is also not disappointing at all.

Easy reloading takes some time however and firing feels fun within closer range. Considering most of its features and performance accordingly, it does quite similar to what it claims to. And if you feel the features set of Nerf Rival Artemis goes quite well with what you prefer for nerfing, there’s no big issue that should stop you from getting it.

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