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Nerf Sling Fire Review & Breakdown in 2023 (The Old School Nerf Gun)

How would you feel if suddenly an old lever-action Rifle shows up? Pretty nostalgic and amusing right? That’s the feel you get with the phenomenal design owner Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster according to many users.

A simple swing with a lever to fire is all it takes thanks to the old-school lever blasting action and people are loving that. Not to mention how robust it is made with quality engineering plus the accessible parts of this blaster are impressive.

Altogether, is it really worth making a move and getting this popularly admired Nerf blaster with quite a few notable unique features? We are about to find that answer in today’s nerf sling fire review.

Starting the Nerf Sling Fire Review with Its Feature Set

nerf sling fire
  • An all-age appropriate blaster.
  • Materials are safe.
  • Quality and durability tests are completed.
  • Comes with a fascinating lever-action blasting mechanism.
  • Includes a clip for 6-dart.
  • Provides a total of 6 Zombie Strike darts.
  • Instructions are also included.

1. The Look & Feel Both Leaves Strong First Impression

The first and foremost element of Zombie Strike Slingfire has to be its uniquely done paint on the plastic body. A gorgeous work of white, brown, black, green, and orange will surely catch your eye.

The design itself is not just impressive due to this unique paint scheme but also because of how fantastically lightweight the Zombie Strike Slingfire is. Not too small nor too big, it’s just the standard size for nerfing.

Talking about the building, the Zombie Strike Slingfire is very well made, and it’s pretty solid. The package feels as well as an in-hand experience, both tell you about the rigidity. Sturdy value is quite high undeniably.

Overall – The Zombie Strike Slingfire gets credit for amazing craftmanship with an industrial design that looks advanced and sleek.

2. The Lever Action is User Friendly for Most Types of Players

Lever action needs more force than usual and this is no secret to nerf players. In the prime position, it’s pretty hard to crock. With the lever being closer to a finger-operated trigger, the operation of Zombie Strike Slingfire seems pretty nice. Also, there’s less fear of any breaking mishap, as the thing is made super solid that won’t crack even with great force.

Keep in Mind-bending towards the right can be noticeable with the lever but there isn’t any breaking fear still.

Being familiar with the lever action will need some time, however. Also, to take the mag out and in, it needs to point down and forward. Smaller players may feel it a bit tricky to handle. The priming lever needs to go completely forward to make the clips unlock. Also, try to not leave the blaster primed when unused.

Overall – Solidly made lever action that’s easy to operate for most, a little less for small players though.

3. Feels Free to Use Trigger Area

With zero obstacles and blocks, the trigger space is really well designed to make less worry take over you when playing. There’s no strong hindrance that can be problematic for you to fire freely. Also, the iron sights are built-in. And these works really fine with enough support for shooting. Two strap mounting points are also there. And you’ll also get a tactical rail up top.

Keep in Mind – You need to purchase the accessories separately for adding in the tactical rail.

The blaster feels easy to hold too thanks to the grip that’s snuggly. Both left- and right-handed players will have ease in triggering.

Overall – The Zombie Strike Slingfire comes with components in right place to aid in freely firing.

4. The Notable Three Trick Shots Are Amusing

nerf sling fire review

The Zombie Strike Slingfire has one of the coolest features for those who want to get their nerfing skills to the boss level. And it’s the three-trick shots. Terminator is the first one and it simply needs you to use your middle finger for triggering. While you are holding the gun’s front part. Spinning around your finger and start firing to kill the trick shot fantastically

Suggestion – To really nail the shots, a player does need some time to adapt with practice.

The second one needs you to crock and then trigger. It’s super simple too. To utilize the third shot, you simply forward plus backswing, and then prime.

Overall – A bit of patience in practice with the three trick shots can really make the whole concept more fun and less boring.

5. Popular User Opinions

To the maximum users, the Zombie Strike Slingfire was adored for its amazing built-quality that can take lots of abuse. Also, people appreciated the lever action while mentioning it could have been better if smaller kids could easily adapt.

Good range, rapid pace darts, and jam-reducing tiny doors were notable features users fell in love with too. However, some find it annoying that in a moment of jams, removing darts is tricky. Also, the magazine was small according to a few users.

6. Pros & Cons

Things We Like About Zombie Strike Slingfire:

  • Lever action is easy to understand.
  • Well-working tactical rail.
  • Feel is very realistic.
  • The design is really beautiful.
  • Made very rigid.

Things We Didn’t Like About Zombie Strike Slingfire:

  • The magazine is quite small.

Overall Thoughts on Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster.

And we are by the very end of today’s nerf sling fire review. Now is it worth the price and should you consider buying it? Here’s our thought.

Considering all its features, you may have already noticed the blaster comes with pretty notable design benefits, lever-action, and quality making amusing trick shots that we don’t usually get to see. And also, it’s a very suitable cool-looking nerf gun that works for all ages. For the uniqueness and user-friendly experience, it’s pretty sure most people will love it rather than not like it.

Now you can make the choice for yourself if the offerings of Nerf Zombie Strike SlingFire Blaster seem like a legit list of features you won’t mind paying for.

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