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Nerf Stryfe Reviews in 2023 – N-Strike Elite Blaster!

Another popular name for nerf blasters is Nerf gun. Now you must be a bit nervous after reading the word gun. But hey, it’s a toy gun we are talking about. Your kid will love the feel of making those fake bullets hit the fake target by playing the role of a sniper. As children really enjoy such toys and playing shooting games.

Now you may have already decided to get your kid a Nerf Stryfe blaster but some sort of confusion is an obstacle in your way. As you don’t really know if the purchase will actually be worth the money. To make your dilemmas a bit less hassling, here’s a complete review of a very popular and widely known nerf Stryfe blaster. We are talking about the Nerf N-strike Elite Blaster!

From how this automatic pistol-designed Nerf gun works to its notable good sides, we will be talking about a lot of things in this one of the highly requested nerf Stryfe reviews. Keep on Reading…

Let’s Start with The Nerf Stryfe Reviews to Find Out If It’s Actually Worth It!

The nerf n-strike Elite Stryfe blaster is a fantastic one-handed option that allows targeting from 75 feet away. With super-fast fire blasting to reloading in a very short amount of time, there are a lot of good things about this. Some separate accessories can make the whole experience even more delightful. It will be very messy if we don’t discuss it in segments. So below let’s sectionize the whole thing and have a better reviewing experience.

1. What Features Does the Nerf Stryfe Elite Offer?

nerf n-strike elite Stryfe blaster

Starting off with the features set of this blaster sounds just the right thing to do. Have a look at what exciting things this fantastic gun has to offer:

  • For a delighting blast experience, the blaster comes with an acceleration trigger that is very well capable of providing an up-to-the-mark powering benefit.
  • If you manage separately available N-strike accessories, then the tactical rail would be able to pass the compatibility for it to be used.
  • 6 elite darts are available with the quick-to-reload clip. It works with all types of clip system blaster, fortunately. However, the purchase is separate and not included.
  • The darts are compatible with most of the genuine N-strike blasters. It also goes well with any N-Strike Elite Blaster. The purchase needs to be done separately, however.
  • Whole packages include instructions for use, 6 elite darts, and also a quick reload clip.
  • You need to purchase the clip separately and it is compatible with any clip system blaster.
  • The firing up range is around 75’.

2. A Bit Closer Look!

From the very first impression, it was obvious that this is one great blaster. It’s fun to use and a well-capable option for competitions. Since the blaster is a flywheel type, there’s no need for too much skill as well as works absolutely fine with batteries. And so, it is quite easy compared to springers.

One-handed usage is pretty comfortable. And with the 35-round drum, you would find things very interesting. As the firepower is surprisingly a lot even with the package that looks small and easy to use.

The price being on the cheaper side may make you wonder, perhaps the Stryfe have a lot of room for improvement. And that’s the reason behind the inexpensiveness. But nope, that’s not the case. Even with the reasonable price tag, it actually offers quite promising usage, features, and overall design.

The perfect sets of adjectives for nerf Stryfe would include kid-friendly and safe usage. The thing also is fantastic with fast firing and not to forget its reliability.

The fact that there’s pretty room for adding a variety of 3D printed components with it makes things even better. As of now, you have the choice to turn this blaster into your preferred NERF weapons platform. Talking about the stock performance and compactness, again we are impressed. The attractive design also includes 4xAA batteries. These batteries are super easy to access, another good thing if not best.

As a solid basis of loadout, we don’t see any reason why it won’t impress NERFers. A small package that includes such expanded performance surely seems promising. If we have to point out one con about it, then that’s going to be the tightness of the magazine. It is not that the magazine does not agree to drop straight out. But there’s a little bit of delay. And this can be a bit annoying to a few. However, some may find it useful as they won’t lose their mags.

3. The N-Strike Elite Stryfe Nerf Gun is Perfect For?

nerf n-strike elite Stryfe

Now technically saying, the series of Elite Nerf Guns are recommended for ages above 8 years. But in general, if you can ensure proper safety and some accurate practices, then anyone can enjoy the fun. Those who have never tried a Nerf Gun will find this Elite Stryfe very easy to learn and adapt with.

For automatic usage to even defensive purposes, it works pretty well for kids. Even for those who are competitive NERFers, it can work as an excellent secondary gun. With attachments upgrading, you can make this your primary NERF gun as well.

If you don’t want to depend on making a count with the only 6 shots available, it’s best to go for a magazine up-gradation first of all. And slowly you can bring your attention to furthermore.

4. Checking If It’s Worth the Price

The fact that the blaster provides a pistol-styled design that can also fit many attachments makes it already a solid choice. If that was not enough, the gun allows attachments both on top and bottom.

You can have an additional sight option on top. While the bottom can hold any extra attachment that you want to fit for getting your shots in a better way. The easy motorized firing style makes it super simple for you to trigger and get one Nerf Dart at a time.

Adding many ways to win is what the wide range of options helps in with this specific Stryfe blaster. Including barrel attachment adding, stock addition, and of course, upgrading the magazine. We see no reason to not call it worth the price.

Frequently Asked Question

Can It Work as A Single Shot Silent Attach Weapon Like Jolt Reskin?

No, this is completely different stuff. The Stryfe comes with a semi-automatic system. This means you need to pull the trigger for firing and this thing does it without any reloading. Also, there’s 6 round mag or clip coming along. Along with that, you however have the option of using the 20,25,35 round drum mags. Now to mention the 12 and 18 mags.

Is the Nerf Stryfe Blue in Color?

Well, typically this is an orange-coloured nerf blaster. But there’s also a blue variety available that some users complain of receiving without notice. However, you can ask for a refund if that’s the case and there should be no problem.

Sometimes you also get the option of keeping the blaster along with a refund. Also, pay note that there can be a pre-mentioned warning of colour varies. In that case, you should think beforehand if this will be an issue or if you’re okay with it.

How Fast Does It Shoot After Pulling the Trigger?

There could be things that block the trigger from shooting fast. You need to take those out. Also, there’s a need for the mod. Watching a tutorial can help if you don’t know how to do the thing.

About the obstacle, there’s a tiny switch made of plastic noticeable inside the gun. Specifically, where the clip travels at the right top inside the jam door. When there are no darts, the switch can hold back the trigger from moving. This can also reduce the firing speed if you are going a bit too fast. However, even with this, the speed is still pretty good for the price.

How Should You Use It?

Start by getting the battery cover out. Then you need to insert the batteries and close the cover. Inside the magazine, you need to load six nerf darts next. You are ready to target and aim after this.

To warm up the motor a bit, you need to hold the bottom trigger down. Try firing one dart at a time by pulling the trigger gradually. After trying 4 to 6 times, it will need a reload. If the motorized firing power seems off, change the batteries.

Wrapping Up – Final Notes on Nerf Stryfe Elite Blaster.

If you have already read a lot of nerf Stryfe reviews, then you may already have your own final opinion on the elite blaster. The whole series is definitely a flagbearer of getting the job done as fast as possible. And at the same time, making it simple and easy for even beginners. If we have to cut things short, then the whole picture is something like this.

Adding some attachments to the Elite Stryfe Blaster can definitely make this a very worthy purchase. Those who are very expert, may even not need upgrading and get the job done with those 6 darts.

Still, with attachments, you’ll be able to enjoy the complete potential of this gun. It’s a useful option for quite a few situations. It’s a fantastic inexpensive blaster for close to mid-range firing that you can think about purchasing along with some go-to attachments. So Definitely Give It A Try If Not Already!

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