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A Neutral Review Of Nerf Tri-Strike To Check Before Buying it!

The world of blasters that are well capable of firing multiple ammo types isn’t very huge. And the first blaster ever that was able to fire with 3 varying types of ammo is what we will be reviewing today. It’s the Nerf Tri-Strike Blaster, one of the most interesting and exciting releases of the year it came to light.

The three different ways of blasting attachable clip of 10-dart, barrel extension for mega darts and not to mention the missile launcher included separately. Everything seems too good to be true, but it could be. And that’s what we will be found in this nerf tri strike review that shows no biasing, only facts.

Starting the Nerf Tri-Strike Review with Its Features Set.

What do you get with the Nerf Tri-Strike Blaster, let us have a look at those right below:

  • No need for a battery.
  • Missile launcher combines usage available.
  • 3 different ways for blasting.
  • Suitable for 8 years or older users.
  • Comes with 10 elite darts and 4 mega darts.
  • 2 pieces bolt included.
  • Elite dart blaster, missile launcher stock, and missile included.
  • Also comes with missile launcher stock and instructions.

Includes All Necessary Things with Easy Assembly Instructions

All components of Tri-Strike are separately included inside the box. So that you can very well have a look at its modular design and feel. You get quite a few things inside along with the main blaster. There’s a 10-shot magazine and a mega-dart extension included. Also, you get 10 elite darts, 4 mega darts, and one missile with the missile launcher.

Keep in Mind – The 10-shot magazine is for standard darts from NERF. While for using four Mega darts you need the 4-shot extension included.

Assembling is simple. You fit bolt into the gun, slap loaded magazine, attach other parts and it should be reading for shooting. Proper alignment is necessary when you fix the pump-action attachment for shooting Mega darts.

Overall – Well-provided stuff inside the main box and simple-to-follow assembly system.

A Cool Missile Launcher That Can be Slightly Complicated Design

There’s a flexible air hose that connects two pieces of the missile launcher. And that may seem like a complicated design to a few. There is an accessory rail on blaster tops for sliding barrels onto it.

The rear of the blaster holds the launcher for doubling into shoulder stock. Pretty simple to fit however bit of a task to remove. The two-part missile launcher however connects together looking like a weapon itself and that’s pretty cool. We wish the same could be true about the mega dart attachment but it’s not very flexible to grab on its own.

Overall – Air hose joints are both parts of the missile launcher that can be a weapon on its own.

Sturdy Construction, Useful Jam Clearing Hatch & Accessory Rail

Even with the plastic construction, the Tri-Strike feels stable and sturdy enough. It comes with a fun design that kids would efficiently love. There’s a tiny slide-back hatch for clearing jams. You can find it on the top.

However, with the missile launcher, there can be some noticeable obstacles. There’s only an accessory rail on top. And so maybe not all your choice of accessories can find room in it.

Overall – The included hatch helps to clear a jam but might not be the best when a missile launcher is fitted and also there’s only an accessory rail.

Manual Operation is Fun with Tad Bit Tricky Reloading

The elements of Tri-Strike are manual and operatable. There’s no additional expense of getting batteries. However, this also means you won’t experience automatic firing. Both sides protruding bolts are well suitable for lefty and righty users.

The bolt protruding needs loading from the front and back for cocking and once you pull the trigger it fires. Simple!

Slipping the mag into the gun with it being full of standard darts is easy. However, the clip ejection for reloading is somehow tricky. Especially for smaller players with tiny hands.

Overall – As a manually operated blaster it’s pretty easy to load and trigger, but reloading could have been better.

Easy to Fire & Fun to Slam Fire

The use of a missile launcher needs you to give effort for sure. But the results are satisfying enough to not mind. It needs the pulling of rearrest parts of stock and then pumping forward as fast as possible. It needs quite a force and results in arcing missiles through the air.

In terms of range and accuracy, the standard darts work better than the mega ones. Also, there’s rapid firing achievable by using a trigger and priming handle together. This also knowns as slam fire provides better fun.

Plopping short with one out of four mega darts is usually the scenario and that’s not bad entirely.

Overall – The missile launcher is not the most effortless mechanism indeed but surely gives a worth-it playing experience and provided standard darts are good at accuracy plus range however mega darts are just fun and not best at being accurate.

Pros & Cons:

Things We Liked About Tri-Strike:

  • Standalone use of missile launchers is possible.
  • Additional accessories are included.
  • Accuracy and range with standard darts are good.
  • Projectiles augment the feel and fun.
  • Good for rapid firing.

Things We Didn’t Like About Tri-Strike:

  • A bit tricky mag release mechanism.
  • Jam doors can have trouble due to missile launchers.

Overall Thoughts on Tri-Strike:

And we are already by the end of this nerf tri strike review and looks like, there’s a clear conclusion on the matter of whether you should consider getting it or not from our side.

No doubt the Nerf Tri-Strike Blaster will be a wonderful unit for those who demand lots of foam-dart popping fun. The degree of appeal with its 3 distinct projectile styles is quite high. And the standalone missile launcher seals the deal even better. Maybe buy refill packs for the missile to make it even fun to do. With the mega attachment, standard darts, and thrilling fire session, there’s no way won’t recommend nerfing tri strike.

So, what are your thoughts after reaching the end of today’s topic? Are you convinced to get one or is it something you believe is still lacking in terms of your expectation? We hope you are well able to decide for yourself.

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