Types of Nerf Dart

Different Types of Nerf Dart Explained for Nerf-Noobs

Nerf guns have many parts and things to go with them. And one compulsory part to it is the nerf dart. When you are buying nerf darts for your blaster or gun, making a wrong choice by choosing the improper type can be expensive, both price and effort-based.

Now how do you make sure not to fall into such a situation and get the right one for your gun? Well, learn about different types of nerf darts. Find out what’s their characteristics. And then you can definitely ensure a wrong choice is the last thing that can take place. On that note, shall we start our explanation slash discussion on this matter? It’s going to help hopefully!

Short Summary to Different Types of Nerf Dart

The categorization basically happens due to the shape, function, and outlook for darts. The most common types are for sure three major dart lines that were available under Nerf Line.

And these are the SuperMAXX, Mega & Micro Darts. Most of us are familiar with these three common categories. But apart from such hyped types, there are also conventional style darts, the ones that glow in dark, suction kind, and high impact round type. Not to forget Elite, Whistler, and Message darts.

All of these types serve different purposes, benefits, and shortcomings. And that calls for a detailed talk on each of them, basically what we’re planning to do next…

1. Traditional Style Darts – Easy to Shoot Darts That Travels Far

The most popular one in the market for all time has to be the Traditional style darts. These come with a very specific conventional design that helps shooters easily fire. Plus, the distance this dart type can reach is pretty long. Accuracy is also there and even with the impact, it’s not damage-causing.

However, in the case of close-range shooting, there are some chances of causing injury. And that is something you want to pay attention to seriously. The same goes for shots that are aimed towards one’s face. Don’t ever try something like that.

But then again, due to the darts being quite soft and in a certain shape, the damage is still manageably low. The body comes with the conventional touch that is now modified and changed by manufacturers pretty often. And that is one of the many reasons behind NERFers still appreciating a quality traditional-looking dart.

There’s also a lot of design variety going on with Traditional darts. And this is why choosing the dart according to one’s playing style is so much convenient. Anybody can find a suitable dart when routing for traditional style ones due to the variety.

The tip is usually hard with a body that’s a soft foam made. Because of the tip, it’s easier for balancing the body and deliver proper weight that makes the dart fly without any problem. Now just because the tip is hard, it won’t be super hurtful when someone gets hit accidentally.

The mega darts also come with such hard tips but the traditional one lacks the largeness. And that is why there’s less damage due to hitting inside the home. However, it’s still best to avoid the chances of hurting each other no matter what dart you are using.

2. Mega Darts – The More Intimidating Large Darts That Are Also Easy to Track

Now comes a type of darts that are way more intimidating compared to traditional ones and it’s due to their size. Mega darts are definitely not something you want to play in close range. As there’s a terrible chance of hitting someone and causing hurt to them.

But then again, due to its large size, finding the darts are easier. And that’s one of the many reasons why players love to use mega darts. Also compared to the traditional ones, this type will feel more like you are engaged in a battle.

Of course, you need a huge gun for this type of dart to fit in. And that also means there will be the extra weight you’ll need to carry and play with. Some find it troublesome while a few enjoy the heaviness that gives a realistic feel. Mega darts do come in a range of styles. But the range is not as wide as the traditional ones.

3. High Impact Round – The Hardest Hitting Type Meant For 14+ Old Players

You’ll see this more commonly used with nerf guns and the shape are apparently spherical rounds. Even if these are called darts, the high impact makes it something you don’t want to take lightly. At least after knowing the fact that this one will hit the hardest. And that means there’s more chance of injury when playing with high impact round.

That is one of the key reasons why a player must be at above 14 years old to play with this dart type. Also, one should strictly avoid aiming at the face with this dart. Durable foams are used for making this dart.

The balls travel very fast. And so, this quick shooting type is excellent for rapid-fire games. Now the glitch comes with their travelling distance. As it tends to travel not very far due to the weight and size. At least when you compare with the traditional darts.

Also tracking and finding these are hard. Because the rounds are more likely to bounce after landing. And it also makes playing a bit difficult. The high-impact round is also not capable of different series of guns.

4. Suction Style Darts – Easier to Control, Shoot & Aim With

By looks, you’ll get slightly confused as it matches the traditional darts. However, there’s a suction cup right on the end that will make all doubts clear easily. This cup serves the job of sticking to different surfaces. And that could be walls, cabinets as well as windows of your house.

The cup size is usually similar to the overall body size. And because of this, there’s a performance benefit as it becomes easier to shoot and aim with. It takes an even flight in the air. Also, you’ll find it simpler to control.

Usually, the air forcefully passes surrounding the tip. And that is due to the fact that suction cup tips have literally no holes in them. This design ensures a balanced trajectory that is also pretty smooth. And not to mention lessened distortion benefit.

But then again, this dart type will show quite a noticeable amount of drag. And that’s why it tends to slow down when travelling through air. Now, this can also be taken as a positive thing because such a feature ensures safety when played inside the home.

5. Illuminating Darts – Meant for Playing in Dark

Who does not love the fun of nerfing in dark? The thrill becomes ten times more visible when there’s no light going on. And that’s when glow-in-dark darts will help the most. This type is a wonderful addition to nighttime games as they come with glowing foam construction. Older verities were typically holding phosphorescent paper on their body that glows in dark.

The nerf dart also comes with a glowing top making it easier to see in the dark even when the body is almost invisible. The flying of such darts is very similar to regular ones. And so, you can use them during daytime games too.

Now when opting for this specific type, you definitely want to focus on grabbing high-quality ones. As there’s a lot of crap options available at the market that are hardly seeable in dark and just come with the tag line of glowing while they are not.

6. Message Decoder Darts – A Special Style of Nerf Dart for Passing Messages

Users can send each other’s messages and read later with one of the special types of nerf darts that includes a message decoder. The body comes with red dots while the head is basically a blue dart. Included special pen allows one to write on darts. And then the one reading it needs to use the decoder as the colour of the pen is supposed to make the message unclear.

With the pen, wiping or washing dart is possible and so, one can use it multiple times. Just make sure these are clean the right way and then there’s hardly any chance of smudges left behind causing reading difficulty.

7. Micro Darts – Sticks to Multiple Surface Even in Long Range

During the time nerf guns were first released, micro darts were crazy popular. And that was because of the strongly made tiny suction cup of it. This made it easier to stick on any surface both outside and inside of one’s house. And that was the case even when you shoot for long-distance.

However, due to the body being made of foam, these are quite delicate and break easily. So careful handling is a must with micro darts. The suction cup is usually the same size as the dart’s body. One should put great effort when choosing micro darts for nerf guns. As it needs to be the right size. Or else there will be a lack in ease of use as well as accuracy.

8. Whistler Darts – Takes a Flight with Whistling Sound

Right on top of the whistle dart, you’ll get to see a tiny opening. And this causes the dart to create a whistling sound whenever in the air. Players can get notified due to the sound and preparation thanks to the whistler darts. And this is a fun element that many loves for an exciting game match.

But then again, some really don’t prefer to use it for the sound effect only while there’s a lack of accuracy. And this happens due to the hole cut on the dart. You can however improve the accuracy by aiming with the opening part of the dart upward before firing. In this way, the dart works better with distance and range due to the help of an updraft catch.

In fast-pacing games, it can be a bit too frustrating to always concentrate with such aiming and firing rules. And so, some don’t prefer the whistler dart during their beginner days.

9. Elite Darts – Farthest Shooting Distance in Ideal Conditions

You can use Elite darts for Streamline clips and drums. These come with bright orange tips. While the whole body is colour blue. The design is definitely unique that making it easy to identify among other darts.

Due to their short tip plug, you can use it for many gun and blaster styles. And also, it helps to shoot farther compared to other options. Accuracy and range will however vary based on conditions and user skill.

But for ideal situations, it can go up to 75 feet which is awesome. However, there can be air resistance causing the dart to unbalance because of the tiny hole on the head.

A Few Things to Help You Choose the Right Dart Type

The type of blaster you use is the most important factor that directly connects with dart type selection. Each blaster type takes a different specific type of darts. So, you want to consider your blaster first and foremost.

Any nerf gun that uses discs usually comes with a drum. And that’s why they don’t go with the dart application. So don’t get darts for a gun that uses discs.

If you want to achieve more accuracy, go for darts that are a bit heavier. With extra weight, darts are more likely to have a stable flight and so there will be better chances of accuracy. However, such darts also come with a short flying distance, so that’s the price you’ll pay for accuracy.

If you want to choose the middle-ground option that is moderately good with both stability for accuracy as well as okay flight distance, then opt for darts that weigh around 1.22 grams.

Wrap Up

And we are now by the end of this discussion after covering around 9 types of nerf darts that are commonly used and loved by NERFers all around the world. Exploring the categories is definitely the best thing you can do when determining a certain type of dart that will go well with your shooting and playing style.

And that’s why such discussions are important. Hopefully, you were able to learn a few good notes about the Nerf Dart Universe that consists of so many fabulous options to try out. See You Soon on Some Other Fun Nerf Related Topic!

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