How to Fix a Nerf Gun That Won’t Shoot

Discussing How to Fix a Nerf Gun That Won’t Shoot or Fire

Nerf guns are not something recently getting in the hype. It’s actually precious and adored by many for quite a while now. But one thing that can soon become a glitch in your way of having absolute fun with nerf guns is when there are firing issues.

To be honest, nerf guns are quite prone to face a few problems every now and then. Especially when they are in use for a good long time. And one of the major issues noticeable is when the gun denies to fire or shoot at all.

Today, let us talk about how to fix a nerf gun that won’t shoot, and specifically, we are going to target N-Strike & Elite series nerf guns. Keep on Reading…

Today’s Discussion on How to Fix a Nerf Gun That Won’t Shoot Will Cover:

  • Fixing firing issues of Hail-Fire nerf gun.
  • Solving the shooting problem of Strongarm gun.
  • Maverick’s firing issue solution.
  • The solution to Retaliator’s shooting problem.
  • And FireStrike’s troubleshooting for firing issues.

1. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Not Firing

Some users do find the N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire sometimes not allowing fire operation. And this could be due to many reasons.

  • First and foremost, you want to check if there are darts still available.
  • Another thing that can happen is not pulling the trigger enough backwards.
  • Another reason for firing issues could be due to a dead motor.
  • There can be also a possibility of a jam in the lever junction.
  • And finally, it could be due to the main barrel obstruction.

Inserting Darts

Being out of ammunition in the cartridge is the bare basic reason for the nerf gun not shooting. Make sure there’s still a dart inside for firing.

Trigger Not Pulled Back Enough

You need to apply a good amount of pressure so that the trigger is pulled back far enough. And if it’s not this way, the nerf gun can end up not firing. However, if you try your best and still cannot manage to pull the trigger backwards enough, it could be due to a defect. Replace the trigger in such a case.

Replace Nonfunctional Motor.

Sometimes the motor becomes nonfunctional, maybe there was a bad electrical connection or because of the dead batteries. There can also be physical damage to it. The nerf gun won’t fire under such circumstances until you replace the motor.

Fix Lever Jam.

Did you notice the gun cartridge is not rotating after pulling the lever? Then most likely there’s a jam causing trouble to the rotating mechanism. An ideal solution is clearing the jam before trying to shoot.

Clear Barrel Obstruction.

Don’t press the trigger and try to look at the barrel. Can you see some sort of obstructing situation going on there? If yes, then get the gun shell out and have a closer look at the barrel by removing it. You need to get rid of the obstruction and reassembly to check. The problem should be no more there.

2. If the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm is Not Firing.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm is an extremely popular nerf piece that may show up certain firing issues. If you own this nerf blaster, then here’s what the shooting err could come from.

  • First of all, you want to confirm that the cocking mechanism is well primed before attempting to fire.
  • Sometimes the misalignment of cocking spring can also lead to poor firing results.
  • Leaking of air from chamber.

Properly Prime.

If the trigger mechanism feels loose then that’s something not letting it to fire. It could be out from its original place. or maybe there’s damage. You need to carefully disassemble the device and fix that mechanism by replacing it

Spring Aligning.

The cocking mechanism needs to latch the piston. And pull it backwards. So that the cocking spring is set in place. Due to spring misalignment that takes place inside the piston chamber, the blaster can have difficulty with firing. You need to align the components so that things can go back to their place.

Replacement of Chamber.

You may also need to go for a chamber replacement if there’s a leaking of air. As it is highly responsible for preventing the darts to come out of the blaster. And eventually obstructing the firing system.

3. If the Nerf N-Strike Maverick Is Not Firing.

With the widely known N-Strike Maverick, there can be two issues that might stop the gun from firing. And these are,

  • Misalignment of plunger.
  • A bad seal.

Reposition the Plunger.

If there’s a plunger misalignment then you need to disassemble the device. And then simply reposition those misaligning plungers. So that the airflow can continue towards the barrel. And this should solve the problem.

Replace O-Ring.

However, in case of bad sealing in the plunger, you need to replace O-ring. This is basically the part that stays between the inner and outer tubes of the plunger. And it works on focusing the air to maintain the right direction for flowing.

When the seal damages, there’s a disturbance with the air lacking pressure and this makes it unable to reach the bullet. You just need to visit a local home centre or get an appropriate size O-ring replacement online. A short-term fix can be a rubber band.

4. If Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Is Not Firing.

The N-Strike Elite Retaliator is a nerf gun that hardly faces problems when you use it. But there can be firing issues due to a few reasons. And usually, these are pretty basics. For example, darts getting stuck inside the clip or barrel as well as using the improper size of darts. The other reasons are:

  • Sometimes due to improper loading, the problem arises.
  • Slider is not completely forward.

Load Dart Properly.

Dart should not be at an angle when loaded. Another common reason is having debris inside the barrel. Dissembling is necessary in such a case. You will use a tweezer to get rid of the unnecessary dirt out. You want to clear out all of that before reassembling.

Pull Slide Right Way.

Having to pull the slider entirely back and then letting it come forward for a proper prime is necessary too. Sometimes when the slider is not completely forward, N-Strike Elite Retaliator faces a firing issue. Another reason is having a broken trigger. If you prime it properly and still there’s no sign of shooting, it’s probably the cause behind it.

5. If the Nerf N-Strike Firestrike Is Not Firing.

Last but not the least, let’s talk about the Nerf N-Strike Firestrike having firing issues. Potential causes can be:

  • Broken or dirty trigger.
  • Broken O-ring or Plunger.

Replace Trigger & Clean.

The majorly common one is stuck or broken triggers. A simple replacement will be enough solution. Also, use some soap and water for getting that dirt beneath the trigger out while you work with replacement.

Replace the O-ring or Plunger.

Having a cracked or broken O-ring can also lead to cocking mechanism failure that eventually disrupt the firing process. Go for a replacement and remove the old O-ring. It could also be the plunger itself. You can simply replace that part too. And by doing so, the problem with Nerf N-Strike Firestrike that’s not allowing it to fire or shoot properly will eventually vanish.

Wrap Up

And those were some short helping guides on how to fix a nerf gun that won’t shoot or fire based on the model. We all know all nerf guns or blasters are different. So, the underlying cause of what’s not allowing it to shoot or fire will most probably be different too.

That is why it’s always a good idea to get some knowledge on fixing the issue by going through each model. There are more than just these few that we talked about, but we tried to generalize the entire issue.

Maximum of the causes behind a firing mechanism failure were included in today’s piece of writing. You can also do a specific search mentioning your nerf gun model and find exact information on how the shooting problem can be solved. You can also take the gun to a nerf expert who has knowledge of dissembling the device and identifying problems. Have a Nice Day!

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