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Nerf Desolator Review 2023 | Should You Buy It or Not?

Because of its unique design and very desirable aspect sets, it’s been in talks from the time it got launched. We are talking about the NERF Desolator Doomlands Toy Blaster. This fine piece of nerf beauty has totally captivated many hearts and maybe has the potential to win you too.

But don’t jump right to the conclusion and get one on that piece of thought. Give some time reading our today’s topic which is the complete nerf desolator review where we will walk through its good and bad points.

And hopefully, that will encourage and guide you better to make a decision that benefits you specifically. Keep on Reading…

Starting the Nerf Desolator Review with Its Feature Set.

nerf desolator

The claimed features of NERF Desolator Doomlands Toy Blaster are given below so check those out before entering the actual review:

  • The rapid shooting of 10 darts with the motorized mechanism.
  • Includes 10-dart clip for in-a-row firing.
  • Includes 2 tactical accessories.
  • Official darts are included that come with foam construction.
  • The inner mechanism is visible through a clear area.
  • The acceleration button and trigger operate firing.

Easy Firing & Reading Ensured with the including of Motorized Design

The fact that some people love motorized blasting more than manual mechanisms has a reason behind it. And that’s not because one is superior to another. It’s just that the act of reloading and firing becomes a lot easier. And that’s the case with Desolator too.

Keep in mind – there’s an acceleration button you need to press for the motor to power up.

The inclusion of a motorized blasting mechanism makes Desolator surely an ideal choice for beginners as the main operation is clear and less confusion is there to interrupt.

Plus, it’s super simple to stay engaged for the whole game without facing much trouble. And you do not have to be an expert with this nerf gun.

Overall – The main act of firing and reloading seems easy enough for even beginners and that’s a strong first thing to notice about Desolator.

Transparent Clips That Make It Easy to Have Constant Visibility of Ammo Condition

Being left with no ammo at all when you are wholly surrounded by enemies is not a fun thing to happen in nerf battles. And that problem usually comes from the fact of not being able to witness the remaining ammo. So, you need some time to figure things out before reloading.

Guess that’s not the case with Desolator as there are transparent clips coming along. The whole purpose of this very useful part is to keep you noted of how much ammo you are left with. So that keeping track is easier and there’s no chance of getting in such a worse scenario of no ammo in hand. It also comes with two tactical rails for you to add accessories and double the fun.

Suggestion – There are no accessories included with the package, so you should purchase a few speedily to not feel like missing out on the benefits.

Rather than the trigger, using transparency on the clip definitely gives Desolator extra scores from us. It’s for sure a very beneficial feature for those who are barely beginning with nerf battles. The ammo capacity is also fair enough to keep you sorted for a game. The clip system allows you to have better firepower and the small clips make reloading simple too.

Overall – transparent clips are highly useful for beginners and surely is a key feature to highlight, the fair amount of firepower is also appreciable.

Surprisingly No Jamming Even Though It’s a Motorized Mechanism

With the motorized mechanism, nerf guns usually have a bad reputation. And that’s regarding the poor jamming experience that players face often. But Desolator for some reason does not disappoint even though it is a motorized blaster. There’s no tangled-up issue when you go for quick dart shoots with this plastic weapon.

Keep in Mind – The Desolator uses official nerf Doomlands Elite Darts.

However, with passing time, this can occasionally show up. It actually depends on how much you’re going to use it and the overall time of operation the blaster goes through.

Overall – there’s no significant jamming issue with Desolator which is surely a good thing.

Captivating Design That Turns Up the Mood

Getting your hands on a refreshing design included blaster is definitely one great thing to do. And with Desolator that wish will come true most probably. Yes, it’s not the wildest design to go for nor does it come with a very hugely noticeable change.

But overall, the looks are promising and good enough to captivate one’s attention. And in a nerf battle that’s a sure thing anybody would enjoy. Holding something cool enough will automatically send a signal to your enemy that you are not someone to mess with.

And that whole imagination is fun, to be honest. Kids love such feelings! From that perspective, the Desolator will surely not disappoint.

Overall – A one-of-a-kind design that feels refreshing and fun at the same time comes with the Desolator.

Range Is Somewhat Lacking Though

And finally, something to rant on. The Desolator comes with a lot of fantastic things no doubt. But when it comes to range, the 50 feet’ reachable distance could sound a bit off. Because it’s a motorized blaster and so it’s supposed to provide somewhere close to 90 feet.

But then again, the look and feel will somehow balance the game and maybe this one error of range will seem not so bad Afterall considering those good notes.

Overall – The range is surely not impressive, but considering its other fabulous notes this error is still ignorable.

Popular User Opinions

NERF Desolator Doomlands Toy Blaster

According to the users, the Desolator is surely a good fast nerf gun that is also great in terms of providing safety. As the speed is not too much to cause hurt when kids are playing. The range matter was not a big issue to many and some even called the distance good enough.

Pros & Cons:

Things We Like About Desolator:

  • Fun new design to get.
  • Quite a good ammo capacity.
  • Full display of ammo through the transparent clip.
  • Jamming is not a problem.
  • Easy to fire and load.

Things We Don’t Like About Desolator:

  • The range is a bit disappointing.

Overall Thoughts on Desolator

Now that we are hitting the very end of this nerf desolator review, you should be already having thoughts on whether to get it or not. If you ask us, there’s no way we won’t recommend this quite exceptional design, easy firing & reloading, and safe reliable nerf blaster.

The range might not be what we expect, but with its other aspects, it still makes a good impression to be called a great buy. And so, if you are having double thoughts just because of the range thing, we’ll suggest you not because that would feel easy to sidestep for its other fabulous offerings.

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