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Top 10 Best Nerf Gun Accessories & Attachments + Buying Guide

If you are an expert nerf battler and have a lot of guns under your tutelage, the next thing you might do is install certain auxiliary accessories to these guns. These accessories range from small key chains to increase the aesthetic of your gun, to muzzle extension or scopes.

If you are going to boost the performance of your gun, the accessories will be able to more than help you attain that. In this article, we will be covering a comprehensive detail on the best nerf attachments you should be buying for your nerf gun.

Things to Consider When Buying The Accessories

There are quite a lot of factors that you should keep in mind before buying the accessories. However, it doesn’t mean that an item might excel in all the factors. That’s why you need to do a lot of research on the item you want to buy before buying it. Below are four of these factors that you should consider.

The material it is made from 

Most extensions are either made of plastic or some metallic alloy. While plastic has its advantages, it also has disadvantages. For instance, most plastic that is used to manufacture these attachments tends to be soft plastic and will wobble quite easily.

On the other hand, while accessories made of alloy will not show any weak structure, it has not been made with keeping the weight in mind and so might be a lot heavier than you would expect. The type of material that the accessory is made from depends on your preference and need.    

Tactile rail

Most nerf guns come together with their tactile rail which is a rail used to attach the accessory too. This also means that not all attachments might be fit for your nerf gun. Before you buy the extension, check whether it will fit your gun properly.

Price and value

This factor depends on how much you are willing to spend on a certain accessory and whether it will be able to provide the service befitting your money. Instead of finding out if it would look great in your gun, ask yourself whether the accessory you are eyeing is worth your money.


One of the most important factors that you must consider before buying accessory is how the extra attachment will help improve your play style? Is it simple for the aesthetic of your gun or will it serve some purpose? Will the attachment be a sinning factor in your game or will it be a burden by only increasing the weight of your gun or making it unstable?

Top 10 Best Nerf Accessories You should Buy

Here is the list of top nerf accessories in our research. These accessories will enhance the capability of your nerf gun and thus will help you to win nerf battle!

1. Nerf Tactile Vest

If you want to get the most out of your gear without having to worry about getting hurt, tactile vests might be your best friend. It is a simple clothing accessory that you wear over your clothes to protect your selves from the impact of the darts as they hit you. Although they have been designed for maximum defense and mobility, they can be further modified for a few more perks up your sleeve. 

 POKONBOY 2 Sets Tactical Vest Kits

best nerf tactical vest

If you are looking for an all-in-one defensive kit, this product might be the one you might end up buying. It includes a set of 2 Vests, 2 Dart Pouches, 2 Face Masks, 2 Protective Glasses, 2 Wrist Bands, and 2 Storage Bags. In addition, there are 2 reload normal clips, and 80 refill boxes so that you can get the most out of this box. 

The vests are made of twice thicker fabric that is both breathable and washable. This means that the vest will be able to provide great mobility with maximizing your defense efficiently.  


  • All-inclusive kit
  • Double knitted clothes so definitely provides great protection.


  • Does not last very long since it is not durable.

Why Do We Recommend This?

If you are a combatant who often gets hurt because you are shot at, this tactile vest set could be perfect for you. Because it is made from double knitted fabric, it will be able to protect you from any shots no matter how much impact the shot has.

2. Nerf Dart refill

If you are a frequent nerf combatant, you will often find out that you are missing a few darts. The only way to replace this missing dart is to buy refills for them. Do note that each nerf gun has its specifications. So you must make sure that the dart you are buying will be usable for your gun.

POKONBOY 1200 Pack Refill Darts

These darts are compatible with all large size nerf blasters. Even if you are feeling a bit feisty and want to use a lot of the darts without worrying about running out of darts, you will be satisfied to know that this pack comes with 1200 darts each 7.2cm X 1.3cm in size.

All the darts are soft and hollow with holes on the warhead, which help reduce the impact on the body when shot.


  • Lots of darts in the same package.
  • Dart quality satisfactory.


  • Darts are hollow so might affect accuracy.

Why Do We Recommend This?

If you are a reckless shooter, who keeps shooting darts and often loses them, you should buy more darts in advance. Since there are 1200 darts in this product, there should be more than enough for you even if you lose a few. 

3. Nerf Goggles

Safety goggles are must wear during combats. Though the darts don’t hurt much on impact, if it comes in contact with the eye, it might cause the cornea to be damaged. To avoid such problems, safety goggles are mandatory for all intensive nerf battles.

Impresa Products 2-Pack Foam Gun and Blaster Face Mask 

best nerf mask goggles

This brand of goggles provides one of the most comfortable eye protection. It is made from durable plastic which means that while it is light and sturdy, it will not break easily. It utilizes slits to allow the air to get inside, while a god shield helps you see through the fog at all times.

In addition, it comes with elastic bands which will allow it to fit any type of face without any hassle while internal foam structure ensures maximum comfort.


  • Internal Foams for comfort
  • Package comes with both mask and goggles.


  • Might not fit your fashion preference.

Why Do We Recommend This?

While the chances are low, the probability isn’t zero that a dart might hit your eye by mistake. Therefore as long you want to protect your eye from any potential danger, you should purchase this product.

4. Nerf Target

If you are someone who doesn’t have many friends to play with or even if you are a very good shot, nerf targets could be something that you might benefit a lot from. There are many types of nerf targets; they are all great accessories for target practising.

NERF Elite Digital Target

best nerf target accessories

As long you keep your aim sharp and practice hard, this elite digital target could be useful to help you improve your aim. It measures 9.25″ tall x 11.75″ wide and makes use of 3 AA batteries to keep the target rotating. 

In addition, it is also useful to keep scores even if you go for solo or duo practices. If you decide to throw it out, then you do not need to worry about it much since this product is completely recyclable. 

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  • Rotates to increase difficulty.
  • Automatic score keeping.


  • Doesn’t come with any batteries.

Why Do We Recommend This?

For those who want to simply improve their shot accuracy while not having the hassle to count the score, this product could be the answer to all your problems. It is also great for target practices whether you are alone or with your friend.   

5. Nerf Scope

Nerf scopes are one of the most useful auxiliary items that could be attached to your gun. Many factors determine a good scope. Whether the scope you buy has magnifying lenses and whether it will provide daylight or night sight will depend on the type of scope proximity barrel that you are going to choose.

 Nerf Modulus Day/Night Zoom Scope

best nerf scope accessory

If you are looking for something that would give you both day and night visions then we have the perfect scope for you. The Nerf Modulus scope comes together with 7 unique LED lights which are powered with infrared. So it doesn’t matter if there is a lack of any light, as long as you have this scope you will be able to find your target through the witching hour.

You could also easily switch to daylight mode without waiting for long. It also has an anti-refectory shield which is used to prevent the glare from the sunlight from creating any distortions, when you lock on your target while making sure that there is ample light to support a smooth precise vision.  

Do be prepared to buy 4 AA batteries, before you can use this scope since they don’t come together when you are going to buy the product.  


  • Prevents glare.
  • Great LED quality


  • Doesn’t include any batteries.

Why Do We Recommend This?

For the best ‘similar to the battlefield’ effect on your combat time, the nerf modulus scope could be the keystone to your victory. Anyone who wants a greater focused view on your target should opt to buy this product.

6. Nerf Walkie Talkie

Communication is a key part of tactical warfare. The same is the case in nerf combat. If you are having a shoot-out in a team PVP match, these walkie-talkies could be a key strategic point that could lead you to victory.

Currently, two types of walkie-talkies are sold. The difference between these walkie-talkies lay in the range distance that they have.

Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies for Kids

best nerf walkie talkie

The great thing about this walkie-talkie is that since it has been made to be used by kids in mind, you do not need any license to operate it. It has a compact and ergonomic design which means that it offers great mobility without having to constrict you.

It comes together with a 2.5mm headphone connection and a VOX button which can be sued for emergency purposes. In addition, it also has the lock function so that you could lock them out if you are not using certain frequencies. 

It uses 3 AAA batteries which means that you can use it for a long time without having to charge them each time. However do note that no batteries come together with this product, so you will need to buy the batteries externally. 


  • A large radius
  • Emergency button to contact help in case you get lost.


  • Not batteries included in the product.

Why Do We Recommend This?

If you need a walkie-talkie that is cheap and offers the best functions that any walkie-talkie could provide, you should consider buying this product. It will last a long time without breaking down. In addition, it could also be used for camping trips.   

7. Nerf Magazine

Nerf magazines will come particularly handy if you need a lot of bullets for quick reloading. You could set the magazines up beforehand and use them after replacing them with the empty ones. In this way, you will not need to use much time reloading when you are out battling.

However, do note that nerf magazines can only be used with the bigger blaster guns since the smaller ones do not offer external cartridge options.  

Nerf N-Strike Elite 18-Dart Quick Reload Clip

best nerf magazine

This product comes together with space for N-Strike Elite Darts and is compatible with any sort of N-Strike Elite gun. Since N-Strike Elite guns are one of the most popular guns right now, you shouldn’t face any problems if you have one of these guns in your possession. 

As an extra point, you do not need to refill it beforehand since it already comes together with 18 darts all in their places ready to be loaded into the gun and shot whenever you are going to shoot. The magazine itself is made from plastic and so will not affect the balance or weight of your gun.   


  • The magazine is compatible with all elite guns.
  • Lightweight.


  • Flimsy and breaks easily.

Why Do We Recommend This?

If you do not like to load the darts one by one into the cartridge, you should consider buying this magazine. It’s cheap and you won’t have to spend much time loading darts on the battlefield if you fill the magazine beforehand and use it when needed. 

8. Nerf go-Kart

While the go-carts would not fit you, if you want your child to enjoy the game that you are playing even as an adult, you could consider buying them a go-cart. The go-carts can be considered a miniature version of a modified tank and come with built-in shooting guns so that your child and his/her teammates will have a key victory point over their opponent.

Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart

 best nerf go-kart

If your child doesn’t like the color of the go-cart you bought, you don’t need to worry since this product comes in three other colors. Your child is guaranteed to like this go-cart. The go-cart comes together with placeholders for Nerf blasters. 

This product can be quite heavy but it offers great mobility and speed while ensuring the safety using an easy to maneuver control. Do note that it doesn’t come together with any built-in blasters and you will have to install them on your own. 


  • Helps in transportation
  • Easy to maneuver.


  • No built-in blasters or guns.

Why Do We Recommend This?

If you want your child to experience something more unique and win over his opponent in their next game of nerf battle, you should gift this to him/her. Of course, this is considering that you have enough budget since this product is slightly expensive. 

9. Wrist Ammo Holder

While you don’t have to keep a wrist ammo holder with you, having one will help you store all your darts in a single place. Even when you are in an emergency and need more ammo to shoot, you could simply reach out for your wrist and take them from there. This fluidity and efficient storage make wrist ammo holders very efficient.

Wrist Ammo Holders EVA Soft Bullets Gun Wrist Belt

best nerf ammo holder

This wrist storage is a part of a package that comes together with 20 packs. Each of these can store 10 darts and what is more even has compartments so that you do not have to waste time to organize them.

Since these wrist belts are made of nylon, you do not need to worry about them tearing easily since they are resistant to all types of weather and will not show signs of tear easily. The elastic strap means that you will not have to struggle to fit the band to your wrist.


  • Elastic bands help in easy attachments.
  • Lights and portable.


  • Cannot store more darts than there are compartments for.

Why Do We Recommend This?

For storage purposes, this wrist ammo holder could be a great buy. It is cheap considering other products considering the value with this package and will also last a long time.

10.  Pivot Grip Upgrade

Another great item that could help you gain an extra mile over your opponent is provided by the pivot grips. If you have a good pivot in your gun, you will be able to hold stable ground and shoot at your opponents with ease.

Nerf Modulus Stealth Upgrade Kit

best nerf upgrade

The Nerf Modulus Stealth Ops kit comes together with a 3 in 1 kit which can be used to modify your gun to be upgraded beyond its current capabilities. The kit includes a magnifying scope barrel for greater proximity, a pivot grip for greater stability, and a red dot sight to help you focus on your target.

While the best point of this scope is the fact that it has a zoomed sight within the scope, it is disappointing that you cannot control the amount of magnification. Of course, if you are okay with this, you can also use the red line sight to find and focus on your target before shooting him from the back.


  • All-inclusive kit
  • Magnifying lenses


  • No day vision.


While this product is a set that comes together with the pivot as well as a few other upgradable extensions it is worth it. The new upgrade that your gun will receive will increase your combat ability by a few notches.


What type of scope would be best for you?

The type of scope that you will be using depends on your usage. If you battle in the day, a day view scope would be the best choice. For combats in the night, night view scopes are better.

Will the extra accessory increase the weight of your gun?

While the extra accessory will increase the overall weight of your gun, this weight is worth it since it will also increase your performance.

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