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Welcome to my tiny website about nerf guns. I started this website with the vision of helping nerf community.

Playing with Nerf guns is a trend among urban modern young children. The age of video games, social media, or watching Netflix is to some extent obsolete to modern guys. They want seriously enjoyable games like nerf games.

Nerfing is not only enjoyable, but it is also important for children to make friends, have Physical exercise, and gather creative ideas by brainstorming for winning battlefields.

Best Nerf Gun

Choosing the right Nerf gun among hundreds is not easy. Read all of my Latest roundup articles here

Best Nerf Sniper

Top 10 Best Nerf Sniper Rifle Guns Review 2022 + Buying Guide

Being a very popular activity for both kids and adults, Nerf Blasters has made a special place today for each ...
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best nerf gun to modify

8 Best Nerf Gun to Modify & Take the Game to Another Level

If you’ve been into the Nerf Craze then you probably know there are so many routes to take when the ...
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Best Fully Automatic Nerf Gun

Top 10 Best Fully Automatic Nerf Guns Review with Buying Guide

There’s no hassle of paying extra attention to cocking, pumping, or any manual function. Your entire attention will be well ...
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best laser tag guns

Top 10 Best Laser Tag Guns & Sets Review + Buying Guide

Reducing the screen time for your kid is a big challenge right now and if there are games that make ...
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best nerf scopes

The 5 Best Nerf Scopes & Sights With Buying Guide [Updated 2022]

Ever played with a nerf gun as a child? Do you still enjoy it? Fun fact: it was between 1935 ...
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best nerf magazine

Top 5 Best Nerf Magazines To Win Nerf Battle 2022

One thing you need most besides your nerf gun in war is bullets. For holding extra darts, You need to ...
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Nerf Gun Reviews

I am regularly writing specific nerf gun reviews. Check my latest reviews here

nerf stryfe reviews

Nerf Stryfe Reviews 2022 – N-Strike Elite Blaster!

Another popular name for nerf blasters is Nerf gun. Now you must be a bit nervous after reading the word ...
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Nerf Hammershot review

A Neutral Review Of Nerf Tri-Strike To Check Before Buying it!

The world of blasters that are well capable of firing multiple ammo types isn’t very huge. And the first blaster ...
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nerf rival artemis review

Nerf Rival Artemis Review 2022 If You Plan to Buy It!

Holding a trigger with easy pumping to enjoy a fun slam firing seems to be your thing. Then it’s no ...
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nerf hyperfire review

Nerf HyperFire Review | Why Should You Buy Nerf HyperFire?

If we have to call a few names for fast-firing to nerf funs, no way that HyperFire won’t be included ...
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nerf centurion reviews

Nerf Centurion Reviews in 2022 | One of The Most Anticipated Nerf Guns

Whistling through the air and making a huge entrance with huge mega darts, that’s what comes to our mind we ...
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nerf rapidstrike review

Nerf RapidStrike Review & Breakdown 2022

Finding the most readily modifiable nerf blaster that also comes with a value for money engineering, sounds like a much-wished-for ...
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My Blogs

I am writing tips and tricks for the help of the nerfer. Check my latest blog here

How to Win a Nerf War

Learn How to Win a Nerf War by Improving Your Strategies

It getting really competitive with nerf wars as everybody is so hooked up with their blasters and guns to play ...
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how do nerf guns work

Not Sure How Do Nerf Guns Work? (Check This)

Kids, teens, and even adults are super into the fun of nerfing and there’s no surprise in why the craze ...
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How to Make a Home Made Nerf Gun

Learn How to Make a Home Made Nerf Gun the Right Way

So, you are all hyped up after reading about nerf guns and blasters, want your kids to give it a ...
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History of Nerf Guns

The History of Nerf Guns 2022 | The Origin of Nerf Gun Industry

The colourful and thrilling history of nerf guns is something NERFers would at some point want to learn about. Maybe ...
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How to Make Nerf Darts

Learn How to Make Nerf Darts All by Yourself 2022

DIYing stuff has become a phenomenon thing nowadays as it's helpful to get you to save some good money that ...
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nerf gun injury

Nerf Gun Injury: What Happen If You Shot in the Eye with a Nerf Gun?

Kids playing with nerf guns are a common occurrence since these guns are indeed very popular. However, while it has ...
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