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Top 10 Best Nerf Guns Under $30 With Buying Guide

Living with the trend might be your thing but when it comes to nerfing showdown, everything becomes nostalgic and nobody is complaining. The fun and thrill of such battles will never go out of fashion. All those backyard and basement feel with colourful foam darts flying here and there, are till now loved and adored by kids. So, your hunt for quality and worth the money Nerf Gun is quite a common thing that’s happening with many.

Now, we are here, to help you find that right blaster by recommending the 10 best nerf guns under $30 that are popularly loved these days. Enjoy!

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Reviewing 10 Best Nerf Guns Under $30

Let’s start fresh by diving inside the complete reviews of the 10 recommendations that we have for you today…

1. Strongarm Nerf N-Strike Elite Toy Blaster – Best For Handy Tactical Design

best tactical design nerf gun under 30

With a very technical design and nice rotating barrel, the Strongarm Nerf N-strike surely got the looks and functions to be called one of the highly recommended nerf guns to try that is available under the thirty-dollar price range.

Highlighting Specs:

  • 6 official elite darts included.
  • Rapid firing.
  • The rotating barrel is high quality.
  • Darts are easy installation.
  • 90 feet shooting distance.

The Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm comes with a tactical benefit with its rotating barrel design. This enables it to perform with a better firing rate as well as the capability to hold more ammunition. The barrel itself is super simple to open. And also, you find zero difficulties with putting bullets in.

Also, the barrel is not just fine with its rotating outlook, it also works really fast. The Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm comes with rapid-fire technology. And so, it can very well shoot those darts and fly them away. The face is insane undoubtedly.

You can use one hand to operate the blaster. Also, it’s enough safe for kids to use it without any trouble. They can easily run around without fearing for anything. And due to its quite convenient weight and size, holding is easy.

That’s why the Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm is a pretty popular choice among all nerf loving kids. The slam fire feature is super neat. You can easily shoot all the 6 darts at once. However, the 6 darts can feel a bit too little for battling.

Suggestion – Try to get a 30 nerf dart pack so that you never fall short of darts. These are quite easily available in stores.

Also, this very typical style blaster that claims to provide 90 feet shooting distance. So, it should be a pretty good choice as an outdoor playing suitable blaster.


  • 6 darts at once.
  • Smart technology to fire.
  • One-handed use.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Installing darts is simple.


  • Too few darts.

2. NERF Zombie Strike Hammershot Blaster – Best For Compactness & Kid-Friendly Features

Most Compact Nerf Gun Overall

With a magnificent pull-back hammer blasting action, this blaster is named Hammershot on its highlighting point and we can already tell that it’s so much deserving of the title. With a fun stripe colour scheme and other fantastic features, you’ll get this amazing blaster for a very affordable price range.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Comes with 5 light Nerf Darts.
  • Capable of high range shooting.
  • One hand convenient operation.
  • Works well with small hands.
  • A classic pistol-like shape.

On average, guns are usually seen to carry at six darts for the very least. But with the Hammershot, you can hold only five darts at a time. And so, this can feel like the nerf gun is comparatively smaller. However, this also makes the gun appropriate for one-handed action.

As it is very lightweight and so, kids will find it super easy to hold and run around. Not to mention the efficiency of such design for a long-time battel. Kids usually give up too quickly when playing with a heavy nerf gun.

But with Hammershot the case is different. If your child is not interested usually in carrying the gun on nerf battle for a long time, then this can be a very solid option for him or her.

Also, the classic pistol-like design gives it a lot of vintage vibes. And some kids enjoy such outlook and feel. The gun uses universal nerf darts typically. But you can choose to go for a separate purchase of ammunition for use with the blast feature.

The innovative design with its compact size truly makes the Hammershot A1 in a one-hand operation. As a gift, it is just the right thing to go for.

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  • Very well made.
  • In a single go shoots 5 darts.
  • One-handed operation.
  • Comes with 5 darts.
  • Very compact.


  • 5 darts finish too soon.

3. NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor – Best For Beginners Who Prefer One-Handed Operation

best nerf gun For One Handed Operation

For a two-hand application, more accurate target aiming and highly stable performance, you need to know about the NERF N-Strike Elite Disruptor.

Highlighting Specs:

  • 90 feet accurate projectiles capability.
  • Dual molded plastic construction.
  • 6 dart firing at once.
  • A classic design.
  • Stable performance.
  • Dual handed operation.

For someone who prefers to hold their nerf gun with both hands, N-Strike Elite Disruptor will feel super right. It comes with a very friendly design overall that seems just the right weight for two-hand operation.

Not to mention how the use of both hands for getting a nice accuracy when targeting or aiming. Also, the whole experience will be much more stable than any one-handed gun. So, for beginners, it will be a lot handier.

Shooting the moving objects also is quite simple with this gun for the very reason. Especially if it’s for a kid, they will find shooting fun and easier. Also, a maximum of 6 darts can be shot with the N-Strike Elite Disruptor. Of course, shooting all at once is also possible.

Coming to the design of this gun, it’s somewhere between a classic pistol and a shotgun. Very vintage yet rough. And so, it does relatively well with kids as a balanced option and for those who are not very friendly with toy guns.

There’s also a rotating barrel with the N-Strike Elite Disruptor. This works at its full capacity when you go nerfing with the gun. And provides amazing results for beating opponents.

For close-range fights, the gun feels just the right thing. It does claim to reach 90 feet, but there’s a chance of miss shots. But even with that, the N-Strike Elite Disruptor is still a promising option with a fair amount of accuracy and noticeably less swing path.


  • Stability is high.
  • 6 darts are included.
  • Both hands usable for operating.
  • Easy to use and hold.
  • Moderately fine range.


  • Could feel a bit heavy when using one hand.

4. NERF Rival Takedown XX-800 Blaster – Best For Safety with Accidental Firing Prevention

Best Nerf Gun For Safety under $30

The whole single-shot fun with Rival Takedown XX-800 is truly what gets you in love with this amazing shotgun lookalike nerf gun. With a fast-travelling ball bullet, you get an even better experience with its specific design compared to regular Nerf darts.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Capacity is 8 rounds.
  • 90 feet per second speed.
  • Breech load.
  • Primes with pump-action handle.
  • Barrel top loads round.
  • Accidental firing prevented trigger included.

The Rival Takedown XX-800 will be a great option to include for high-intensity games. It comes with a nice pump handle feature that enables priming breach-load. And so, you get to enjoy firing 8 rounds in a row.

And that also means, with this nerf gun, you have only 8 round capacity overall. The gun uses official nerf rival rounds for firing. And one round fire with each trigger. The pump-action blasting makes this happen. There’s no use of battery for this.

The speed of Rival Takedown XX-800 is also quite impressive. It comes with 90 feet per second velocity which is quite good. However only real-life situations can tell how much it successfully reaches in terms of accuracy.

To avoid any happening of accidental firing, the Rival Takedown XX-800 also comes with a special trigger mechanism. It’s not a very bulky nerf gun, so holding it should be easy.

With quite a lot of good points to count, there’s not much to complain about Rival Takedown XX-800, maybe the weight can feel a bit bulky if planned to use for a long time. But for short intense sessions, it’s still a value providing the option to go for.


  • The reloading mechanism is simple.
  • The size is quite compact.
  • Fast traveling rounds are good.
  • Accidental firing prevented.
  • Beautiful design.


  • Could feel a bit heavy for a long time.

5. NERF N-Strike Elite Triad EX-3 Blaster – Best For Convenient Playing

Most Convenient Nerf Gun To Play Under $30

Both in terms of fun and convenience, the Elite Triad EX-3 is possibly the finest one out there and it shows with the popularity the nerf gun has managed to achieve. It’s one of the fantastic readily available beauty for nerfing.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Convenient small size.
  • 3 darts shoot at high speed.
  • Includes N-strike technology.
  • One-hand operation.
  • Multicolor outlook.

Elite Triad EX-3 comes with a very sleek yet portable design. It’s meant for easy carrying even with tiny hands. So very well suitable for kids and young nerf lovers.

Suggestion – It’s especially great for outdoor use, so on family trips, you can easily include it for your child. The size is compact enough for you to give it some space inside the luggage.

However, the portability does not limit its firing ability. The shooting power is very good, and you can have fun at a high rate with the Elite Triad EX-3. In fact, it’s good enough to face and beat opposing guns with pleasure.

The whole nerf gun being readily available is one keynote people like to have when buying nerf guns. And with Elite Triad EX-3 you are ensuring that as well. It’s a popular option in this segment. And users have praised it not just for the sake of fun but also for convenience.

The looks are promising too. The fun vibe does not seem too childish but it’s still not absolutely boring either. The multicolour concept will make your kids want to play with it for a good amount of time.

Overall, with an ergonomic build, solid construction, and small palm fitted size, the Elite Triad EX-3 is a star option anybody can get without thinking twice.


  • Easy to hold.
  • One-hand operation is simple too.
  • Works well for outdoor fun.
  • Portable enough to fit in luggage.
  • Solid range.


  • Darts are not enough.

6. Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster – Best For Hassle-Free Reloading

Best Nerf Gun For Hassle-Free Reloading Under $30

No matter if it’s for an adult, teen, or even small kids, the fun of N Strike Elite Strongarm is universal with a broad, useful, and as expected feature set.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Includes rotating barrel.
  • Slam fire available.
  • Includes 6 official elite darts.
  • 6 darts in a row application.
  • Easy dart loading.

The N Strike Elite Strongarm comes in a straightforward package that is recyclable, and this is surely praiseworthy. Opening and getting the thing started is a mess-free and stress-free chore.

There are 6 darts that are basically official elite ones. You can enjoy rapid firing with the N Strike Elite Strongarm. The included barrel is rotatable and it enables loading darts very easily. Also, the thing is hand-powered, so no need for batteries.

Talking about the slam fire experience, the 6 darts at great at rapid blasting. You basically throw a wave of darts at the target. And you do this by simply moving back and forth the included slide. Of course, the trigger needs to be held down while doing so.

The darts are of high quality. Something that makes shooting a distance easy and effortless. In terms of quality and performance, the foam made darts are very nice with hollow tips. Not to mention they’re amazing flexibility.

The N Strike Elite Strongarm comes with 90 feet shooting capability. Depending on how the player uses it and the shooting style, this claim will have a different reaction from you.

For newcomers of nerf wars, the N Strike Elite Strongarm will be a great pick all together with its afar attacking feature sets. Not to mention the speed and firing flexibility of the included foam made darts.

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  • Simple to load.
  • Included darts are great in quality.
  • Slam firing feels fun.
  • Hollow tips included in darts.
  • The packaging is eco-friendly.


  • 6 darts can feel quick to finish.  

7. NERF Zombie Strike Ghoulgrinder Blaster – Best For Aesthetic Looks

Best Nerf Gun For Aesthetic Looks Under $30

The unique aesthetic of Zombie Strike Ghoulgrinder with its satisfying popping sounds does make nerf battles more powerful and fun.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Rotating wheel with 10 darts.
  • Includes 10 zombie strike elite darts.
  • Suitable for adults, teens, and kids.
  • One dart at a time application.
  • Backup firepower is available.
  • Removable stock.
  • Attachment point included.

The whole look of Zombie Strike Ghoulgrinder is very distinct from regular designs of nerf fun. It comes with a unique grinding wheel tool resembling a 10-dart wheel that can also rotate. Very promising outlook to make you stand out in any nerf battle crowd.

Then there’s also the facility of one dart at a time firing. You just press the trigger and Zombie Strike Ghoulgrinder throws one shot. There’s also a bolt for moving and this enables priming. Then you basically press the trigger for firing.

As you prime, the wheel will work on indexing the next dart. There are a total of 10 zombie strike darts included with the gun. These are well known for being tested and performance-wise everybody totally loves them.

There’s also a backup firepower facility with Zombie Strike Ghoulgrinder. You get 5-dart storage onboard with it. Also, the available stock is detachable with the barrel including an attachment point. This means you have the flexibility to customize according to your shooting style.

Keep in Mind – The accessories you meant to use needs a separate purchase. As there’s no such thing as barrel extensions included with Zombie Strike Ghoulgrinder.

The zombie inspired design is not the only focal point of Zombie Strike Ghoulgrinder but also its overall feel. The popping sound somehow makes the whole nerf battle more real and thrilling.


  • Priming is easy.
  • There’s no need for batteries.
  • 5 darts are storable for backup.
  • Detachable stock is a great feature.
  • Looks very pleasing.


  • Needs superior skill for aiming.

8. NERF Ultra Two Motorized Blaster – Best For Advanced Beginner-Friendly Concept

Best For Advanced Beginner-Friendly Nerf Gun Under $30

With a fantastic distance performance, the right amount of speed, and fair enough accuracy, the Ultra Two does shine in quite a few areas.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Motorized type.
  • Speedy back reloading.
  • Users nerf ultra darts.
  • Cylinder with c6-dart capacity.
  • Back is open for inside transparency.
  • 120 feet max distance.

Ultra Two has a very cool feature called fastback reloading to make nerfing easier. Also, there’s the system of opening the back of the provided 6-dart cylinder. And this means you can have complete visibility of inside. So, when carrying a blaster for firing, you’ll find it easier.

The design ultimately provides two facilities. One you will always have a check on your available darts when in a battle. And also, you can reload quickly with the easy inserting of darts.

The blaster comes with a total of 6 darts. All are the official ultra darts that are compatible with the blaster. This is a popular choice for being a very far flying type.

There’s more to the dart story of Ultra Two. These are known for having an astounding flight tip as well as Aerofin technology. Also, the darts are very lightweight. These features make it a complete package to enable the best flying dart experience. However, depending on the actual scenario, the speed can vary.

Suggestion – For firing make sure to hold the acceleration trigger down. This will start the motor.

You get a trigger with Ultra Two that enables firing. It can shoot one dart at a time. When you press the button or trigger again, the second dart comes out.

This baster definitely makes a bold nerf toy that can take your game to another level. With some advanced level performance, it however fits beginners the best.


  • 36 meters of max distance is great.
  • The back is open that helps in easier reloading.
  • High-quality darts.
  • Feels nice to hold.
  • Easy firing mechanism.


  • The motor makes noise.

9. NERF Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 Blaster – Best For Customization & Budget

Best For Customization and Budget Under $30.

The Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 shines quite bright with some customization benefits, nice attachments that enable including stock and barrel extension, as well as provide usable and backup darts.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Comes with 12 darts.
  • The rotating drum capacity is 6-dart
  • Includes tactical rail.
  • Barrel attachment point included.
  • Stock attachment point included.

The Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 can travel quite a huge distance, almost 90 feet or 27 meters. Now, this can be slightly varying on what situation, surrounding, and style you’re working with when firing.

Next, the slam fire feature of Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 is a great benefit. It’s super simple to use and helps to get all 6 darts out at once. The rapid shots are not delaying and are quite a on point.

Keep in Mind – You need to pull the priming slide and then trigger for one dart shooting. The slide should go back and forth for proper priming.

The Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6 also offers flexibility to customize. You can take complete benefit of the available tactical rails. There are three in total. You can easily utilize the included barrel and stock attachment points too. However, there’s no extension included with the whole package.

With the Elite 2.0 Commander RD-6, you get a total of 12 official to nerf darts. Even if it’s all loaded with 6 darts. You can have the other six as a backup for quick reloading. In short, it’s a fantastic affordable option to try.


  • Easy to prime.
  • Loads quickly.
  • Large in size with huge grip guard.
  • Lots of fun possible with customization.
  • Play opportunities are wide-ranging.


  • Not very suitable as a sidearm.

10. Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster – Best For Fast-Firing

Best Nerf Gun For Fast-Firing  Under $30

Having the capability of shooting not five, nor six but a total of twelve shots at one go is a huge thing. And that has become possible after Zombie Strike FlipFury entered the game of nerfing.

Highlighting Specs:

  • Holds 12 nerf darts.
  • Slam shot included.
  • Convenient handle included.
  • High-quality construction.
  • One-handed operation.

The first thing that makes Zombie Strike FlipFury a different choice from others, is its capability to work with 12 darts at once. This means you can shoot all the 12 darts at once. And that’s a pretty huge number compared to other standard nerf gun options.

To give you enough flexibility of holding a lot of ammunition, there’s a double dart drum design. This also includes a convenient one-hand operation facility. Of course, those who feel using both their hand will get them better results can try that way.

Suggestion – For defence purposes, a one-handed operation will be quite handy.

There’s also a top handler. And so, carrying it with enough comfort and running from place to place will be easier. There’s no need for carrying extra dart packs too. As the thing would already hold double darts. It simply needs the user to flip to the full drum. The edge of being on a battlefield comes from this solid benefit no doubt.

Not to mention the construction of the darts. These are well made from high-quality foam, come in many colours, and also you can rest assured of their safe usage.


  • The one-handed feature is very handy.
  • Easy to hold.
  • Included 12 foam darts are good quality.
  • Blast shooting technology helps a lot.
  • The design is cool.


  • There’s some front tilting noticeable.

How to Choose Best Nerf Guns Under $30 – Factors to Consider?

Getting the right to nerf gun under your preferable budget consideration needs some careful steps. You cannot randomly pick anything that looks and feels like a nice nerf gun. But by keeping in mind some factors, you can make the decision so much closer to being the right one. Here are a few tips regarding making the most out of your budget and grabbing the best suitable option out there.

Comes with Good Capacity

Usually, nerf guns with more capacity are good for ensuring long time fun. So, when choosing a blaster go for the one that comes with the best capacity possible. Of course, since you have a budget restriction, it cannot be similar to a big expensive high capacity one. But still, try to confirm the available cylinder can store more than just a few.

Moderately Fine Accuracy

If it’s meant for kids, then know they don’t really bother if their shots are accurate or not. And with nerf guns, you cannot expect pinpoint accuracy. However, it’s still nice to have a whole real feel of using guns for fights. So, you may want to make sure the blaster comes with a fair amount of preciseness when shooting darts.

Never Compromise Quality

The market is full of weird items that are cheap and terrible with overall making and functions. Make sure you are not falling for such tricks. Always ensure the blaster you are about to invest in comes with good quality assurance.

Do check what the users of the blaster have to say and this will help you to get some idea of its actual quality and capabilities. Something that jams too often, or comes with a specific design error that obstacles in firing and similar problems should not be limiting the blaster you’re thinking to buy.

Avoid Poor Range Models

There are quite a few bad reputations holding nerf guns popularly available that claim of making to a huge distance only to end up not more than five feet.

If you believe the nerf gun, you’re willing to get has such comments or rumours from most users, it’s best to not take a risk. You may not experience the claimed range with a good nerf gun too. But it can’t be absolutely horrible. The actual performance must be near to the claim made by the makers.

Customization Flexibility

You can invest in your nerf gun in the future by accessorizing it. But for that to happen, you must grab a model that allows the customization. Something that provides flexibility to enhance its performance by adding different accessories should be in your consideration. So that if the budget is making you buy a cheaper blaster today, at least tomorrow you can spend some more to improve it.

Check the Dart Types

Certain nerf guns are only compatible with its recommended darts. And if that’s the case you must check the recommended dart’s price point. As you may have to later buy more darts when the existing one goes missing or worn out.

And if then you pay for some expensive ammunition type, the whole purpose of buying an affordable blaster will ultimately go in vain. Also, it’s good to find out if there’s any flexibility to use third-party bullets.

Design & Looks

Kids are surely going to care if the blaster you’re buying or gifting them is cool enough to grab their attention. Some kids like the feel of holding an eye-catching, powerful, and sniper-style fake gun in their hand. So, if they are the ones using it, you should pay attention to its overall outlook and design.

Frequently Asked Question

Are blasters under thirty dollars good?

The price is not the only factor that tells if a blaster is good or bad. It’s actually the whole making and so much more. Everything combined will decide whether a certain nerf gun is worth its price or not.

There are quite a few promising options under thirty dollars. But also, there are blasters that can be a total disappointment. And being wary of those by knowing qualities and features of proper affordable nerf guns that are not trash is what we are willing to achieve through this discussion.

What’s the thing you should never forgive when buying a nerf gun?

If nerf guns that prices very low because the construction is done poorly, then it’s better to avoid that particular option. The same goes for the blaster that is very prone to jamming again and again.

These are more like a burden rather than being any fun. Your kid will end up only getting disappointed multiple times while trying to make it work. Any nerf gun that drastically reduced the quality of performance is always included in the list of options you should avoid at any cost.

Are there under 30 dollars nerf guns that can compete with expensive options?

Affordable gems are everywhere. You just need to give effort into looking for it. And by that we mean, yes, there are a handful of options that can compete with high price ranging nerf guns too. However, do not anticipate a blaster that comes with a very low price tag. These are sure to cut a few features for reducing overall cost. We are referring to the mid-range options that are available under the 30-dollar range.

Wrapping Up

And on that note, our hunt to find the best nerf guns under $30 comes to an end. This enjoyable toy meant for both grownups and kids is gladly available in different price ranges. So, anybody with a certain type of budget can have something worthy with a little bit of research and careful consideration.

Hopefully, you will find at least one out of these 10 picks, something that resembles the nerf gun you’re anticipating for. If not, then too it’s completely fine as the market still has a lot of valid and good-to-go options you can find out about.

Take Your Time & You Will Certainly Find Something Good Enough in Your Budget.

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