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The N-Strike Elite Nerf Retaliator Reviews 2023 (With FAQs)

Going through a lot of nerf retaliator reviews can make things either easier for you to take the decision. Or end up bringing you into a rabbit hole with lots of confusion. However, you still need to dig as deep as possible into the reviews and information when looking for capable and worth-money nerf guns.

The N-Strike Elite Retaliator is definitely a fabulous model. It’s been popular from when it was around. The greatest strengths of this specific model have made it a hyped option. Not just for die-heart enthusiasts but also for so many general NERFers out there. Let’s break things a little bit more to find out whether it has the potential to become your favourite as well.

Getting into Nerf Retaliator Reviews & Answering Some Frequently Asked Queries

Starting notes on nerfing n-strike elite retaliator is of course pretty positive. With compatibility to quite a few attack positions to being super easy at dropping and reloading, it has lots of strong parts that need an appraisal. The nerf retaliator blue and white variety are the two-colour range that is typically accessible.  Let’s go through its offerings, first impression report, and more below to decide on a practical verdict about it…

1. What Exactly Does the Nerf Retaliator Elite Offer?

nerf retaliator reviews
  • The darts are capable of firing from 90 feet distance.
  • There are 4 configurations that one can use to built-in the blaster.
  • The steady shot is available with a detachable stock benefit. A flip of a switch can help in removal.
  • Separately sold N-strike accessories are compatible with tactical rails. These are positioned on the top and bottom parts of the Barrel extension.
  • A stable handle is coming along for better mobility.
  • The package typically includes instructions, 12-dart reload clips, barrel extension, stock, 12 darts, and a stability handle.
  • White and blue colour variation.

2. First Impression with Unboxing

nerf retaliator reviews

With the blaster being pretty on the compact side, it’s not hard to tell that this is going to be a very easy-to-handle type. However, with the barrel extension and stock, it does look a bit larger.

The 12-dart magazine and darts are included with the package as well. And then you have the instructions for using it. Priming and firing are basically what it needs for working. And so, there’s no included battery with it.

It also has a release button that needs holding for magazine removal. You typically need to extend your middle finger to reach this button. Or using your free hand to trigger the button is what you can do otherwise. It’s pretty easy and fast either way.

3. How Handy It Is & Thoughts on The Design?

The fixed stock is pretty stable but for the cost of being quite short. Now, this could be enough for a few users. Especially those who are below 6 feet in height. For example, kids can find the stock very perfect. But someone who is above 6 feet in height may not feel the same way. However, after a long time of using it, you should outgrow the matter.

About the grip of the Retaliator, it’s very comfortable and nice to feel. The direct plunger blaster also makes the trigger feel pretty excellent. The grip’s butt area has some mounting points that sling. The solo tactical rail can feel a bit lacking to a few. However, with grip included barrel extension, you won’t feel the lacking very noticeable.

The blaster’s top has the priming handle which is a common positioning. However, you require letting the front handle go for priming. And that’s a bit awkward. This means you need to re-grip after prime and then finally fire. And this can feel a bit redundant of the front grip. If you can skip adding the extra tactical rails or don’t mind the look of the barrel, it’s best to not add it.

4. All About Firing & Loading

With the Retaliator, firing is quite fun and easy to handle. You simply need to pull the priming handle back. And then after squeezing the trigger you’ll see it fire. The reliable mechanism is pretty impressive. And also, you can use slightly worn darts without noticing many jam issues.

However, there’s an absence of slam fire. And this can make the whole firing seem a bit slower than usual. For a few, it can be a noticeable Achilles heel. However, if you are someone who likes regulating their fire, then this is actually going to be pretty helpful.

For this rate of fire, the 12-round magazine is convincing undoubtedly. But those who would want to go for the 18 dart magazines and drum, can definitely give it a try. However, the fire rate won’t be warranting it. The ranges and muzzle velocities were quite fine out of the box. Something very expected of Elite series blasters.

5. Does It Get Scores for Accuracy & Range?

The whole matter of accuracy actually depends largely on darts. Unless the situation has rifling in longer barrels. Retaliator does not fall into the category. So, dart type and the condition will highly define overall accuracy. Sometimes it can play as a limiting factor.

The muzzle velocity of the Retaliator is also standard if not best. It can provide you with around 71 feet per second of rate. With angling the barrel up and allowing darts to have a good arc, you can easily go for a 20m shot. However, with flat firing, you can expect the range to be 33 ft. But then again, looking at how not accurate Elite darts are at the such range, this is very much acceptable.

6. Like and Dislike


  • The firing mechanism is very reliable.
  • Weight is pretty light and easy to manage.
  • The accessories are super useful, especially stock and barrel extension.
  • The nerf retaliator mod is easy too.
  • There’s no need for batteries for operation.


  • Slam fire’s absence limits the overall potential a bit.

Frequently Asked Question

How should you use it?

Start by loading the 12 Nerf darts into the magazine. And then insert it into the retaliator. Then you need to draw and prime. Pull the trigger and it will start firing. You need to keep on drawing and priming for each fire. Also, you need to reload darts into the magazine.

Who Can Use the Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator Blaster?

The Retaliator Blaster will work for anyone who is older than 8 years old. However, if the proper safety measurements are taken, then any age player can play it. Ensuring the right safety and practising to target accurate are mandatory for younger players.

Does Using Not-Official Darts Make the Performance Poor?

Using the official Nerf darts is very important if you want it to last longer. Including flimsy darts can make things worse. Also, you need to change the darts once they seem to be worn out. As there can be jam noticeable due to too worn-out darts.

Final Thoughts

Reading several nerf retaliator reviews won’t be enough if you don’t know what sets of features are more important for your style of NERFing. In general, this blaster is definitely a great one to include in one’s collection as there’s excellent attacking capability with any position and also quite awesome 4 modes to work with.

The stock removal, moderately fine accuracy and range, nice ergonomics, manageable weight, and last but not least the nerf retaliator price, all of these combinedly make it a pretty solid choice. You can definitely give it a try as a beginner or simply when getting something good at a budget is what you want.

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