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Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Review 2023 | Should I Buy It?

A very popular and classic design is what you get to remember when looking for the first time at Elite Strongarm. This has to be one of the highly anticipated Elite N-strike that had lots of expectations to fulfil after being launched at the time.

But will it be able to live up to these anticipations and show its worth for different styles of NERFing, that was the real question. Gladly, it did more than just expectation and easily made a spot in hearts.

Why and how are going to be a part of today’s conversation? We will be providing a Nerf Strongarm review that as a never-heard-about-it person, you would want to go through at least once. Keep on Reading…

Starting the Nerf Strongarm Review with Features & Offerings.

Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster with Rotating Barrel

It will be a good start if we talk about all the features that Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm comes with. So that the latter portion can cover whether or not the claims were true. Below are the features:

  • Very quick at firing darts.
  • Jam reducing slam fire with enhanced rotating cylinder mechanism.
  • The cylinder can hold only 6 darts.
  • The range is up to 60 ft flat typically.
  • With a 30-degree angle shot range is 90 ft.
  • Good accuracy scores with a nice range single shot.
  • Accessories are addable with one tactical rail.
  • Sling instead of the holster is possible.

1. The Body Is Appealing Indeed!

Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm Toy Blaster

The design of Elite Strongarm can feel a bit too common as it has been there for quite a while now. The shape definition reminds a NERF revolver. The whole outlook would seem to make you feel that the nerf gun must be heavy and chunky. But actually, it’s not.

Suggestion – If you like to sling instead of the holster, then the two strap points will help you achieve that.

There’s a tactical rail right on top. This is for ammo holders and slights. There are also two sling mounting points. You should see one on the grip’s butt. While others stay right on the priming handle’s end portion.

Because of such positioning, some users were questioning the benefits of the mounting points on the blaster’s moving piece. This isn’t a thing that causes any hassle but simply understanding the logic behind may keep you guessing. People usually choose to holster instead of slinging.

Overall – The whole Outlook Gives a Real Fire-arm Rough Look Without Being Too Heavy.

2. A Problem-Solving Priming Action Included Loading

There was a time when some nerf guns would come with triggers that feel woolly, causing frequent jams. However, with Elite Strongarm, you get a solution to such frequent crisis situations.

There’s the priming action involved here. It helps to make cylinder rotation. And so, once you pull the trigger, the chamber already is stocked with darts ready to fly. This mechanism is very friendly in terms of easy use.

There’s a release catch on the side that you need to flick for loading the Elite Strongarm. Then you can have access to all chambers as the cylinders slide out quickly. It’s indeed very helpful and praiseworthy engineering that was included in Elite Strongarm.

Overall – No More Jams Every Now and Then, Thanks to The Priming Action Rotating Cylinders.

3. But There’s Still the Regular Revolver Issue

With the typical style revolver loading action, things are boring and bothersome undoubtedly. You need to push the darts and that too with a very right amount of pressure. Guessing that the right pressure may make the experience a bit slower than you’d like it to be.

If you go for too much force, it will end up jamming. And if you push too little, the thing will slip out. Or perhaps the whole mechanism will fail. However, these scenarios are not very frequent to take place in reality.

Keep in Mind – There should be a warning of prime shown in the blaster’s end portion. You can check things easily through this feature.

After loading, you need to prime with the slider, pulling it backwards. Hold the trigger simply for a slam fire mode. Pulling the priming handle as speedily as you can is the key. A fun fact, the Elite Strongarm is the first springer sidearm to have this fantastic benefit.

Overall – Loading Can Be a Bit of an Issue as It Needs a Careful Amount of Pushing Force to Insert Darts.

4. The Range Seems Somewhat Fine at Not So Far Range

Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm

The muzzle velocity of Elite Strongarm is average we can say. It’s about 72 feet for each second. And that is an expected figure to get from Elite blasters. The range is also nothing different than its other siblings.

Keep in Mind – Giving the darts a good arc will allow you to get close with the 90 feet range claim. You simply need to angle the barrel upward for that.

However, expect most darts to not go further than an 80 feet range. That is true when you are not using any modification. With the modification, scenarios can be quite different. With direct pointing towards the target, expect a range of 50 feet only.

Overall – It’s Not the Very Best If You Are Highly Anticipating for Accurate Shot at Long Distance, Instead it’s Moderately Fine.

5. It Fits Comfortably in Hand Despite Being a Bit Less Ideally Balanced

The Elite Strongarm is not at all hard to fit inside the hand. However, by the first look, you may mistakenly believe that the grip will be uncomfortable. However, in terms of balance, it seems a bit off. The whole shape may feel a bit large for holstering, but still possible

Overall – Comfortable to Hold in Hands Without Any Extra Weight That for Some Reasons Looks Like a Lot.

6. Thoughts of Users

It’s the best-selling nerf gun that mostly has positive feedback from users. Third-party darts are what gives it a high accuracy with fewer jamming issue as stated by a few users. The soft plastic head with no foam is also a favourable point for many. It stands out in many battle parties and makes an excellent option for fitting in the holster

What Are the Good Points to Note?

  • Six darts fire in only two seconds.
  • Very durable and withstanding.
  • Beautiful design that looks cool.
  • A movable option to route for.
  • Slam fire capability included.
  • As a secondary, it has a good spec range.
  • Trigger action is easy and excellent.

What Are the Bad Points to Note?

  • Pulling the spring for prime needs quite a bit of effort.
  • 6 darts holding capability at a time.

Concluding Thoughts

Nerf Elite Strongarm

After being through each and every good and bad note in this Nerf Strongarm review, it’s not hard to say that it’s surely a strong replacement for even the classic Maverick. With fantastic capabilities and a nice mechanism that favours big battles, the Strongarm is surely impressive plus bang for the buck.

Maybe look-wise, there are many better alternatives to name for Nerf N Strike Elite Strongarm. But if we combine both look and performance, it’s surely a perfect combo to grab. As a secondary blaster, there’s no way you will be disappointed with a good range accuracy and fantastic ergonomics.

Also, rapid-firing is not just fun but also easy, and kids love that. Maybe using both hands with Strongarm will make you have double thoughts at first. But with passing time, it gets easier and you feel used to it. The build quality, performance, and overall impact seem to be enough for Strongarm to be called a value-for-money pick without any doubt.

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